1851 Census Extracts for Sedgley
Folios 1 to 18

NOTE. Unless otherwise stated, born in Sedgley, Staffordshire. If no county stated then assume location to be in Staffordshire.
All names appear as interpreted/as appears on film.
Once a surname appears at an address, it is not repeated unless a different surname intervenes.
If any people following a surname have an unqualified surname, then it is to be taken as the last mentioned surname that appears before it. Also, surnames appear in upper case.
Until a different address name appears, it is the same as the previous one.
Households will be separated by a series of full stops (including households within 1 building).
I apologise for any omissions/mistakes and obviously take no responsibilities/liabilities for them.

This information very kindly transcribed by "Anonymous"


f1/page 1

Towns and House

Charles Kemp Homer.H.M.56.Landed Proprieter.Worcs.Dudley.

Ann Mary Do.wife.M,56.Devonshire.

Charles Henry Do.Son.U.27.Glasss Manufacturer.Worcs.Stourbridge.

Thomas Keeling Do.Son.U.24.Annuitant.Staffs.W´Ton.Mary Bond.serv.U.37.Cook.Do.

Elizabeth Hatton.serv.U.27.House Maid.Salop.Long.

Richard Fletcher.serv.13.Footboy.Do.Alveley.

High Street.

Thomas Blun.H.M.34.Gardener.Worcester.

Ann do.wife.M.31.Do.

Hannah do.daur.12.Do.

William do.son.1.Sedgley.

Thomas Marson.H.M.60.Proprieter of House.

Rosetta do.wife.M.56.Worcs.Mitton?

William Henry do.son.U,20.Puddler.Sedgley.

Cornelius Darbey.H.M.27.Stone Mason..

Hannah do.wife.23.

Francis Chantry do.son.4.

Charlotte do.3.

Joseph do 1.

Martha Smith.serv.13.

F5/Page 2

High Street.

Anthony Tamlyn.H.M.67.GeneralPrctioner in 1810.Devonshire.Tawstowe?

Jane do.wife.63.Medical man's wife.

John Dullam do.son.U.35.Chemist & Post Master.

John William Thompson.Apprentise.17.Hampshire.


Mary Eliza Brodie.serv.19.Middlesex.

Henry Haden.H.U.41.M.A.E.T.E.U.L.A.C.L.(In General Practise.Staffs.

William do.visitor.U.42.Nail Factor.do.

Mary Bennett.serv.U.50.do.

John Williams.serv.U.10.Groom.Salop.Bridgnorth.

John Elwell.H.M.65.Nail Master.Staffs.Walsall.

Ann do.wife.60.Tipton.

Arthur do.son.U.23.Clerk.

Jane Hendrick.serv.U.20.Cook.Codsall.

Hannah Jones.serv.U.25.Herefordshire.

Martha Fisher.visitor.65.School Mistress.Tipton.

Ann Wright.serv.M 49.Brewood.

F5/Page 3

High Street.

John Hilton.H.M.40.Carpenter.

Mary do.wife.38.

Jane do.daur.13.

Maria do.daur.10.

John do.son.7.

Mary Ann do.daur.5.

William Miller.H.M.25.Farm Lab.Brewood.,

Sarah do.wife.24.Staffs.

Jane do.daur.1.Moseley.Staffs.

John Jones.H.M.66.Blacksmith.Tettenhall.

Sarah do.wife.65.Wombourn.

John do.son.U.23.Blacksmith.

Sarah Short.Granddaur.15.

Elizabeth Newall.Granddaur.11.

Ketura Brookes.Granddaur.2.

William Gough.serv.U.22.Blacksmith.Wales.Burford.

Bull Ring.

Mathew Leech.H.M.51.Butcher.Worcs.Dudley.

Ruth do.wife.45.Staffs.

F6/Page 4.


William Beaman.H.Wid.52.Crocer & Draper..Worcs.Dudley.

Elizabeth do.Daur.U.20.Shop Waiter.

Cecily do.daur.18.do

Anne do.daur.14.do

Thomas do.12.

Lucy do.8.

James do.6

William F do Grandson.5.Liverpool.

Elizabeth Welsh.serv.U.18.Salop.Al??ley.

Dudley Road.

John Webb Phillips.H.M.33.National School Master.Sattfs.Coldwich.

Elizabeth do.wife.25.do do do Mistress.Wolverhampton.

Elizabeth Mary do.daur.2.

Elizabeth do.Sister.13.Colwich.

Isaac Collins.H.M.36.Nailer.Gornal.

Mary Ann do.wife.36.Nailer.

Hannah do.daur.12.

Isaac do.son.10.

John do.son.4.

F6/Page 5.

Dudley Road.

George Jones.H.M.21.Sawyer.Liverpool.

Fanny do.wife.20.

Elizabeth Cox.Sister-in-law.U.27.

Harriet do.Sister-in-law.10.

Charlotte do.Sister-in-law.8.

Henry Bullock.H.M.31.Labourer.

Caroline do.wife.30.Nailor.

Sarah do.daur.4.

Charles do.son.1.

Daniel Wilkes.U.22.Nailer.

Job Wilkes.U.18.Nailer.

James Screen.H.M.27.Coal Miner.

Leah do.wife.22.

F7/Page 6.

Dudley Road.

George Church.H.M.51.Wheelwright.Salop.

Hannah do.M.36.

Sarah Church.daur.5.

Esther do.2

George do.son.1m.

John Scriven.serv.U.26.Wheelwright.Salop.

Thomas Tyson.H.U.67.Catholic Preist.Tipton.

Catherine Attwood.neice.U.32.House Keeper & Teacher.

Ann Jones.serv.U.25.Brewood.


Thomas Chesterton.H.M.66.Sexton.

Mary do.70.

Elizabeth Bradley.H.Wid.76.

John do Grandson.U.22.Packer.

John Scolfield.H.M.32.Lime Lab.Worcs.Holt.

Mary do.wife.26.Salop.Hopton.

F7/Page 7.


Simeon Slater.H.M.42.Nailer.

Ann do.wife.57.do

Maria do.daur.U.22.do.

Thomas Harrison.son-in-law.U.24.do.

Stephen Slater.son.16.do.

Thomas do.Grandson.2.

Elizabeth Newton.H.Wid.48.Proprieter of Land & Houses.

Henry Skidmore do.son.U.24.

Barbara do.daur.U.21.

Mary do.daur.U.19.

Elizabeth Box.H.Wid.45.Nailer.

Sarah do.daur.U.20.do.

William do.son.14.do.

Charles do.son.11.chainmakerís lab.

Elizabeth do.daur.8.

Thomas Bradford.H.M.23.Blacksmith.

Ann do.wife.23.

John do.son.3 weeks.

F8/Page 8.


Isaac Baines.H.M.53.Nailer.Worcs.Dudley.

Winifred do.wife.53.Nailer.

Joseph do.son.U.25.do.

William do.son.U.19.do.

Mary do.daur.15.do.

George Hamlett.H.M.39.Farm Lab.Wolverhampton.

Ann do.wife.34.Salop.Beckbury.

Mary Ann do.daur.8.Pattingham.

Thomas Monkton.son in law.12.do.

Benjamin Cooksey.H.M.40.Painter.Boventon.

Rebecca do.wife.40.

William do.son.13.

Emila do.daur.9.

Sarah Ann do.daur.6.

Thomas do.son.14 months.

F8/Page 9.


Richard Staddard Parkes.H.M.32.Register of Births & Deaths.

Susanna do.wife.41.Devonshire.Athersley.

Sarah Ann do.daur.17.

Charles Edwin do.son.15.Roll Turner.

William Henry do.son.13.

Richard Stoddard do.son.11.

Jospeh Josiah do.son.8.

Susannah Schofield do.daur.5.

Alfred Bennett do.son.3.

John Francis do.son.1.

John Perkes.H.M.53.Writing Clerk.

Elizabeth do.wife.42.

Albina do.daur.11.

John do.son.9.

Henry do.son.8.

Ellen do.daur.4.

Emma do.daur.2.

2 U Houses.

F9/Page 10.


William Chesterton.H.M.38.Servant Man.

Elizabeth do.wife.27.

Eliza do.daur.6.

Thomas do.son.3.

Vicar Street.

Jeoffrey Backhouse.H.M.70.Cordwainer.Lapley.

Hannah do.wife.49.Nailer.

Mary do.daur.U.24.do.

Joseph do.son.15.Lab.

Jane Elizabeth do.daur.8

Daniel do.son.10.Lab Iron Works.

James do.Grandson.5.

Charles Jeoffrey do.Grandson.2months.

F9/Page 11.

Vicar Street.

Richard Harrison.H.M.36.Nailer.

Martha do.wife.38.do.Salop.Benslout.

Edwin do.son.8.

Seth George do.son.5.

Henry do.son.3.

Maria do.daur.6 months.

Rebecca Bennett.Lodger.U.34.Nailer.

Joseph do. Do.8.

Sarah do.do.13 months.

Maria Slater.H.Wid.63.Nailer.

Benjamin do.son.U.44.Lab Iron Works.

Isaac do.son.U.39.Lab do do.

Sarah do.daur.U.23.Nailer.

Elizabeth do.daur.U.20.do.

Gospelend Street.

Thomas Reynolds.H.M.40.Cooper.


Ann do.daur.U.19.Servant.

Thomas do.son.13.Lab Iron Works.

Susanna do.daur.9.

Mary do.daur.7.

F10/Page 12.

Gospelend Street.

Benjamin Flavell.H.M.31.Stone Miner.

Mary Ann do.wife.32.Nailer.

Elizabeth do.daur.11. do.

Allice do.daur.9.

Thomas do.son.6.

Fanny Hill.H.U.22.Nailer.

Julia do.daur.2.

Mary Ann do.daur.1 month.

Elizabeth do.Lodger.16.Nailer.

Mary Flood.H.M.45.Launderess.Limerick.

John do.son.11.

Winifred do.daur.8.

James do.son.5.

Elizabeth do.daur.4.

Thomas Carrier.son-in-law.U.20Puddler.Quebeck.

F10/Page 13.

Gospelend Street.

Mary Ann Darbey.H.Wid.53.Proprieter of Houses.

Hannah do.daur.U.26.School Mistress.

Joseph Wesley do.son.U.22.Stone Mason.

Charlotte do.daur.U.18.Dress Maker.

Mary Ann do.daur.16.

Alfred do.son.13.

John Deakin.H.M.62.Cordwainer.Oscal?

Mary do.wife.63.Bilston.

Elizabeth Harper.H.Wid.62

James do.son.U.34.Whitesmith.

John do.son.U.25.do.

Joseph Harper.H.M.32.Lime Burner.

Rebecca do.wife.30.

Joseph do.son.10.

Thomas do.son.8.

Mary Ann do.daur.6.

Henry do.son.4.

Richard do.son.2.

F11/Page 14.

Gospelend Street.

Benjamin Slater.H.M.68.Limeburner.

Nancy do.wife.67.

Samuel do.son.U.25.Moulder.

Herbert do.son.7.

Solomon do.son.wid.27.Pudler.

Mary do.daur.3.

Francis Rhoden.H.M.24.Bricklayer.

Mary do.wife.23.Nailer.

Mary Ann do.daur.5 months.

Richard Astley.H.M.39.Mine Lab.Gospelend.

Eliza do.wife.32.

James do.son.U.18.Sawyer.

John do.son.16.Mine Lab.

William do.son.13.Carter.

Joseph do.son.11.

Edwin do.son.8.

Elizabeth do.daur.6.

Eliza do.daur.3.

F11/Page 15.

Gospelend Street.

Joseph Brittain.H.M.40.Sawyer.

Harriet do.wife.35.Nailer.

Eliza Jane do.daur.9.

Samuel do.son.2.

Thomas Johnson.H.Wid.50.Mine Lab.

William do.son.15. do do.

John Britian.H.M.51.Sawyer.

Ann do.wife.37.

Joseph do.son.U.20.Lab.

John do.son.17.do.

Henry do.son.14.do.

Mary Ann do.daur.8.

William do.son.1.

Martha Worton.H.Wid.42.Nailer.

William do.son.U.18.Pudler.

Triphena do.daur.16.Nailer.

Eliza do.daur.12.

Benjamin do.son.7.

Louisa do.daur.5.

F12/Page 12.

Gospelend Street.

John Meridith.H.35.Nailer.

Elizabeth do.wife.33. do.

Fanny do.daur.13. do.

Hannah do.daur.7.

Joseph do.son.5.

William do.son.2.

Eliza do.daur.1 m.

John Hughes.H.M.38.Stone Miner.

Elenor do.wife.41.

Esther do.daur.13.

Hannah do.daur.10.

Sarah do.daur.7.

John do.son.5.

Henry do.son.3.

Mary Bradley.H.Wid.66.

William do.son.U.37.Moulder.

John do.son.U.23.Mine Lab.

Josph do.Grandson.14.assistant Moulder.

F12/Page 17.

Gospelend Street.

Thomas Harrison.H.Wid.42.Nailer.

James do.son.U.17.

Triphena do.daur.U.16.Nailer.

Thomas do.son.14. do.

John do.son.12. do.

Mary Ann do.daur.6.

Edwin do.son.4.

Maria do.daur.3.

Hedar Wilkes.H.M.42.Mill Furnace Man.

Mary do.wife.39.

Mary Ann do.daur.16.

Sarah do.daur.14.Nailer.

Moses do.son. 12.Tipton.

Sophia do.daur.10.Nurse. Tipton.

Susanna do.daur.8.

William do.son.6.Oldswinford.

Hedar do.son.3.

Drusilla do.daur.6 months.

F13/Page 18.

Gospelend Street.

John Brittle.H.M.66.Sawyer.

Mary do.wife.64.E??vil.Staffs.

Ann do.daur.u.19.Dressmaker.

Joseph Hughes.H.M.47.Nailer.

Mary do.wife.46.

Amelia do.daur.U.32.Nailer.

Ann do.daur.8.

Joseph do.son.4.

Richard Hickman.H.M.23.Nailer.

Ann do.wife.26. do.

Richard do.son.1 month.

Joseph Baines.Father in law.60. do.

One house uninhab

James Baker.H.Wid.40.Lime Burner.

Sarah do.daur.13.

Henry do.son.12.Chain Makers Lab.

Joseph do.son.8.

James do.son.5.

F13/Page 19.


John Hickman.H.M.55.Nailer.

Mary do.wife.37.

Elizabeth do.daur.U.20.Nailer.

Thomas do.son.U.19. †††do.

Edwin do.son.U.17.Bricklayer.

Cornelius do.son.15.Chain Makers Lab.

James do.son.12.††††††† do††††††††† do.

John do.son.9.

Hezekiah do.son.6.

John do.son.son. 9 months.

Thomas Williams.H.Wid.47.Gardener.Salop Eastop

Gospelend Street.

Jeoffry Harper.H.Wid.63.Lime Burner.

Thomas Thompson.Grandson.13.

Sarah Harper.daur.U.22.Nailer.

William do.Grandson.3.

Henry Christian.H.M.50.?oap boiler.

Mary do.wife.55.

Ann do.daur.18.Nailer.

James Hughes.H.M.50.Nailer.

Mary Willetts.Lodger.U.40.

F14/Page 20.

Gospelend Street.

Joseph Bennett.H.M.34.Lab

Sarah do.wife.36.

John do.son.13.

Isaac do.son.7.

Thomas Cresswell.H.M.24.Nailer.

Ann do.wife.28. †††††††††††††††††††††† do

Mary do.daur.3 months.

Mary Thomas.H.M.27.Nailer.

David Evans.H..61.Farm Lab.Whales.Montgomery.

Elizabeth do.wife.54.Nailer.

Thomas do.son.U.18.Lab Iron works.Wombourne.

Elenor do.daur.16.Nailer.

John do.son.11.

Isaac Cox.H.M.36.Mine Lab.

Ann do.wife.39.Chare Woman.

John do.son.12.Lab.

Thomas do.son.7.

Winifred do.daur.3.

Samuel Legge.H.M.24.Bricklayer.

Elizabeth do.wife.25.Nailer.

F14/Page 21.

Gospelend Street.

Thomas Slater.H.M.46.Coal Miner.

Ann do.wife.52.

John do.son.15.Coal Miner.

Josiah do.son. do †††††††† do

David Round.H.M.44.Bricklayer.Worcs.Dawley.

Ann do.wife.33.Scholar.

David do.son.18. do.

John Scott.Son in law.10.do.Middlesex.

Emily Harriet do. do do.6. †††††† do

Ann do.daur in law.4.London.St Georges

Charles Round.son.7 months.

John Hughes.H.M.22.Pudler.

Eliza do.wife.18.

Sarah Ann do.daur.1y 7 months. Nailer (thatís how itís wrote)

Sarah Bradford.Sister in law.12.

Thomas Bradford.Father in law.Wid.49.

Joseph Bradford.H.U.21.Nailer.

Jemima Slater.Lodger.U.35. do.

Jane†† do.†††††† do. 10.

George do.†††††† do. 4 months.

F15/Page 22.


Hannah Hughes.H.Wid.63.

Benjamin do.Grandson.14.Lab.

Isaac do. †††††††† do. 13. †††††††† do

Elizabeth do.†† Grandaur.11.

Mary Ann do.†† †††† do.8.

Ann Badger.Lodger.Wid.70.Nailer.At the Atlantic

Isaac Hughes.H.M.34.Mine Lab.

Rhoda do.wife.32.Nailer.

Richard do.son.1.

Joseph Baines.Lodger.14.Mine Lab.

John Hughes.H.M.41.Lab.

Mary do.wife.41.Nailer.

Joseph do.son.9.

Phebe Carrier.neice.U.23.Nailer.

One house Uninhab

F15/Page 23.

Gospelend Street.

William Cox.H.M.48.Mine Lab.

Catherine do.wife.47.

Fanny do.daur.17.

Joseph do.son.17.Furnace Lab.

Ezra do.son.12.†††† do †††††do

Titus do.son.10.

Heziah do.daur.8.(thatís what it sayís daur)

Elizabeth so daur.4.

Thoimas Davies.H.M.48.Coal Dealer.

Ann do.wife.40.

Hugh do.son.14.Moulder.

James do.son.13. do lab.

Alfred do.son.1.

Thomas do.son.6.

Thomas Bowyer.H.M.30.Lab.

Sarah dp.wife.27.Nailer.

Alfred do.son.2.

F16/Page 24.

Gospelend Street.

Thomas Astley.H.M.53.Mine Lab.

Emma do.wife.29.

Isaac do.son.11.

James do.son.9.

Elizabeth do.daur.7.

Edward Worton.H.M.26.Nailer.

Mary do.wife.23. †††††††† do

Sarah do.daur.1.

John Bunn.H.M.30.Miner.Tipton.

Maria do.wife.27.Nailer.

Jane do.daur.6.

Hannah do.daur.4.

Mary Ann do.daur.9 months.

Mary Haywood.H.Wid.75.

Lousia Slater.Grandaur.12.

Samuel Bennett.H.47.Nailer.

Elizabeth do.wife.47. do.

Emma do.daur.15. do.

Samuel do.son.10.do.

Richard do.son.2.

F16/Page 25.

Gospelend Street.

Titus Jevons.H.Wid.47.Nailer.

Joseph do.son.15. †††††† do.

William Slater.H.M.26.Sawyer.

Hannah do.wife.26.

Jane do.daur.4.

Elizabeth do.daur.3.

Phebe do.daur.16 months.

John Slater.H.M.36.Mine Lab.

Maria do.wife.32.Nailer.

Sarah Jane do.U.18. do.

Ann do.daur.16.

Mary do.daur.9.

Harriet do.daur.5.

Thomas Sheldon.H.M.64.Victualler & chest filler.

Ann do.wife.64.

Esther do.daur.U.23.Bonnet Maker.

Thomas do.son.U.20.writing clertk.

Edwin do.Grandson.U.20.Moulder.

William do. do.17. †††††††††††††††††† do

Mary Blakeway.serv.U.22.

F 17.P26. Gospelend St.

James Wickstead.H.M.52.Nailer.

Corree/Cornee? Do.wife.68. do.

Margaret Pugh.H.Wid.46.Launderess.Trysall.

Catharine do.daur.11.

Mary do.daur.9.

Edward Cox.H.M.48.Nailer.

Mary do.wife.46.

Ann do.daur.13.Nailer.

John do.son.9.

James Johnson.H.M.48.Stone Miner.

Ann do.wife.49.Nailer.

William Whale.H.M.33.Excavator.

Harriet do.wife.28.

Jospeh do.son.9.

Elizabeth do.daur.5.

John Merrick.visitor.U.45.Excavator.Yorkshire.

F17/Page 27.

Gospelend Street.

Thomas Baker.H.M.52.Victualler.Lime Master.Farmer.occu 80 acres.

Ann do.wife.53.Brewood.

John do.son.U.30.Farmer & Lime Burner.

James do.son.U.24. do ††††††††††† do

Phebe do.daur.14.

Mary Ann do.daur.10.

John Tombs.H.M.30.Pawn Broker.Bilston.

Amelia do.wife.28.

Ann Maria do.daur.5.Bilston.

Sarah Fellows.serv.13.

Joseph Green.H.M.24.Butcher.

Sarah do.wife.23.

Sarah Jane do.daur.1.

Isaac Slater.H.M.66.Mine Lab.

Nancy do.wife.70.Warwickshire.

John Bennett.Grandson.U.23.Mine Lab.

David do. ††††††† do.18. †††††††††††† do†††† do

Ann do.Grandaur.14.

Henry Slater.Grandson.3.

F 18.P28.Gospelend St.

Richard Cox.H.M.56.Grdener.

Elizabeth do.wife.52.

John do.son.18.Farm Lab.

Mary do.daur.15.

William Bennett.H.M.42.Lab.

Mary Ann do.wife.39.

Martha do.daur.U.19.Tailoress.

Joseph do.son.17.Boatman.


Uriah do.son.8.

Nathan do.son.6.

David do son.2.

Sarah do.daur.14 days.

James do.Father.Wid.73.

F18/Page 29.

Gospelend Street.

James Screen.H.M.53.Nailer

Mary do.wife.51. do.

Frederick do.son.U.19.do.

Simeon do.son.15. do.

Job do.son.13. do.

Herbert do.son.10.

James Screen.H.Wid.27.Nailer.

Phebe Ann do.daur.7.

Matilda do.daur.5.

Pamela do.daur.3.

Joseph Guest.H.M.64.Nailer.

Ann do.wife.66.Spinner.

Eliza do.daur.U.28.Nailer.

Selina do.daur.8.

Francis Joseph do.son.3.

Hannah Pope.H.Wid.73.Proprietress of House.Arley.Staffs.

Thomas do.son.U.40.Farmer.Kinfare?.Worcs.

Mary Waklem.H.Wid.74.

John do.son.U.45.Mine Lab.

Joseph do.son.U.29.Lab Iron Works.

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