1851 Census Extracts for Sedgley
Folios 19 to 47

NOTE. Unless otherwise stated, born in Sedgley, Staffordshire. If no county stated then assume location to be in Staffordshire.
All names appear as interpreted/as appears on film.
Once a surname appears at an address, it is not repeated unless a different surname intervenes.
If any people following a surname have an unqualified surname, then it is to be taken as the last mentioned surname that appears before it. Also, surnames appear in upper case.
Until a different address name appears, it is the same as the previous one.
Households will be separated by a series of full stops (including households within 1 building).
I apologise for any omissions/mistakes and obviously take no responsibilities/liabilities for them.

This information very kindly transcribed by "Anonymous"


F19/Page 30.

Gospelend St.

George Lamb.H.M.39.Stone Miner.Salop.Claverley.

Sarah do.wife.38. ††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† do.†† Edgement.

Mary Ann do.daur.16.

John do.son.14.Stone Miner.

Joseph do.son.12.Lab.Iron Works.

Sarah do.daur.10.

George do.son.8.


Martha do.daur.2.

Thomas Higgins.H.M.36.Stone Miner.

Eliza do.wife.32.Nailer.

Sarah do.daur.10.

Mary Ann do.daur.6

William Turner.H.M.26.Mine Lab.

Mary Ann do.wife.30.Nailer.

George do.son.2.

Julia Ann do.daur.8 months.

F 19/Page 31

Gospelend St.

Anthony Cox.H.M.27.Nailer.

Sarah do.wife.26. do.

Frederick do.son.5.

Anthony do.son.2.

William Brown.H.M.50.Cordwainer.

Mary do.wife.43.Kingswinford.

Thomas do.son.17.Cordwainer.

Sarah do.daur.14.

William do.son.12.Lab.Foundry.

Rich,d do.son.9.

Mary do.daur.6.

Samuel do.son.4.

Richard Sharwood.H.M.36.Farm Lab.Salop.Wirwell.

Mary Ann do.wife.42.

Ann Newton do.daur.2 weeks.

Henry Prichard.lodger.U.24.Miller.Herefordshire.Puddlestow.

Sarah Ann Turner.visitor.U.18.Dress Maker.

George Harrison.H.M.31.Bellows Maker.

Mary do.wife.28.Wolverhampton.

Elizabeth do.daur.4.

F 20/Page 32.

Gospelend St.

James Spurrier.H.Wid.58.Nailer.

John Whale.lodger.M.72.Lab.Penn.


Mary do.do.U.25.Dress Maker.

Richard do.do.Wid.23.Bagging Weaver.

Peter Law.do.U.42.Cooper.

Job Wakelam.H.M.42.Nailer.

Hannahn do.wife.38. do.

Reuben do.son.13.Lab.

Sarah do.daur.10.

Nancy do.daur.8.

Mary do.daur.4.

Thomas Wilkinson.H.M.70.Pensioner Chelsea.

Sarah do.wife.55.

Elizabeth do.daur.U.23.Nailer.

William do.son.U.19. †† †††††do.

Isaiah Slater.H.M.34.Lab Iron Works.

Mary do.wife.34.

F20/Page 33.

Gospelend St.

Benjamin Johnson.H.M.31.Lab Iron Works.

Ann do.wife.31.Nailer.

Samuel do.son.11.Lab.

James do.son.7.

Hannah do.daur.5.

Harriet do.daur.4.

Mary do.daur.2.

Eliza do.daur.5 months.

Sarah Newey.Mother in law.Wid.62.Formerley Nailer.

Thomas Smith.H.M.25.Coalminer.Warwickshire.

Maria do.wife.21.

Mary do.daur.2.

Thomas do.son.1.

Hall Street.

Amelia Sheldon.H.Wid.41.

John do.son.9.

Sarah Ann do.daur.7.

One house uninhab

F21/Page 34.

Hall Street.

John Sheldon.H.M.59.Locksmith.

Elizabeth do.wife.68.Tipton.

William Newman.lodger.U.33.Carpenter.Bidford.

Thomas Addis. Do.U.21.Painter.

George Living.visitor.U.31.Painter & Decorator.Middlesex.

Gospelend St.

Sarah Hill.H.M.50.Tailoress.Salop.Booington.

Sarah Gibbons.daur.10.

William do.son.U.22.Pudler.Oldbury.

Susanna do.daur.5.

James Turner.H.M.44.Wheelwright.Salop.Aveley.

Appolina do.wife.39.Staffordshire.

Cornelius do.son.U.19.Wheelwright.

Martha do.daur.9.

Susanna do.daur.6.

Galies do.son.5.

Joseph do.son.3.

Maria do.daur.1.

F21/Page 35.

Gospelend St.

Charles Bennett.H.M.31.Cordwainer.Trysall.

Eliza do.wife.23.Handsworth.

Masry Ann do.daur.8.

Phebe Elizabeth do.daur.2.

Hall Street.

Elizabeth Haden.H.Wid.75.Worcs.Dudley.

Stephen do.son.U.46.Bagging Maufacturer.

Frances do.daur.U.34.

Prudence do.daur.U.32.

James Mitchell.H.M.28.Iron Chart Maker.

Ann do.wife.29.Nailer.

Elizabeth do.daur.11.

Timothy Jevons.Father in law.60.Nailer.

Hannah Thomas.H.U.32.Weaver.

Elizabeth do.daur.U.19.††††† do.

William do.son.16.Pudler.

Hannah do.daur.13.Nurse.

Sarah do.daur.11.††††† do.

Mary Ann do.daur.6.

Eliza do.daur.4.

Jane do.daur.1.

F22/Page 36.

Duck Lane.

John Hill.H.M.60.Hand Loom Weaver. Staffs.W.H.

Phebe do.daur.U.26. do†††† do†††† do.

John do. G-son.5.

Mary do.G-daur.1.

George Tomloinson.lodger.U.23.Pudler.Hintley.

John Wilkinson.H.M.62.Nailer.

Martha do.wife.60. ††††† †††††††do.

Rose do.daur.U.18. ††††††††do.

Thomas Jone.son in law.M.28.Stone Miner.

Hannah Jones.(added an s to Jone)lodger.M.25.Nailer.

Sarah do.G-daur.7.

Jane do.††††† do.1.

John Baker.H.M.60.Lime Man.

Sarah do.wife.61.

Henry do.son.U.37.Lome burner.

Joseph do.son.U.30.Carpenter.

John do.son.U.22.Carter.

F22/Page 37.

Duck Lane.

Joseph Watters.H.Wid.45.Bolt Maker.

Joanna do.daur.U.20.House Keeper.

Sabina do.daur.13.

John Slater.lodger.Wid.75.Pauper.Lime Burner.

George Timmins.H.M.71.Pauper.Mine Lab.

Esther do.wife.66.Washer Woman.

Elizabeth do.daur.U.46.do†† do.

Hannah do.daur.U.44.†††† do†† do.

Emma do.daur.U.20.mine Lab.

George do.G-son.16.Coal Miner.

Hannah do.G-daur.6.

Sarah Hughes.H.Wid.80.Pauper.Worcs.Dudley.

Joseph Growcutt.lodger.U.47.Bricklayer.

Mary Tomlinson.H.U.29.Nailer.

John Bennett.lodger.U.30. do.

Joseph Short.H.M.40.Farm Lab.

Elenor do.wife.39.Wombourne.

Joseph Jones.Brother in law.U.34.Blacksmith.Claverley.

F23/Page 38.

Bull Ring.

John Briscoe.H.M.35.Coal Miner.

Esther do.wife.34.

Edward do.son.14.Coal Miner.

Job do.son.12.Mine Lab crossed out.

Solomon do.son.2.

Mary Lockley.H.Wid.45.Nailer.

Maria do.daur.15.Brick Maker.

Elizabeth do.daur.8.Nurse.

Jane do.daur.8.

Mary do.daur.7.

James do.son.5.

Sarah Flavell.lodger.U.64.Nailer.

Court House.

John Ebery.H.M.53.Inn Keeper & Mailster.Salop.Bridgnorth.

Betsy do.wife.56.Somerset.Selworthy.

Elizabeth Ann do.daur.U.21. do Minehead.

William so.son.U.17.†††††††††††† do†††††† do.

Julia do.Mother.Wid.83.Salop.Worfield.

Elizabeth Higgins.serv.U.20.Salop.Newport.

Esther Slater.serv.12.

Two pages turned by mistake by Thomas Fieldhouse.

And wrote Why ? -Because !

F24/Page 41.

Gospelend St.

John Newey.H.M.35.Lab.Iron Works.

Caroline do.wife.32.

James Williams.H.M.43.Highway Lab.

Elizabeth do.wife.36.Salop.Applebury.

John do.son.U.20.Highway Lab.

Joseph do.son.8.

William do.son.5.

Maria do.daur.11.

Edward Slater.H.M.48.Limeburner.

Phebe do.wife.47.Nailer.

Isiah do.son.U.23.Iron Chestmaker.

Edward do.son.U.20. do †††††† do

Joseph do.son.18.Lab.

Julia do.daur.16.Nailer.

Simeon do.son.11 +.Lab.

Maria do.daur.9.

Thomas Baker.H.M.26.Nailer.

Mary do.wife.24. ††††† †††do.

William do.son.1.

F25/Page 42.

Gospelend St.

William Harris.H.M.61.Victualler & Maltster.Worcs.Helmly Lovett.

Elizabeth do.wife.47.Derby.

William do.son.U.27.Maltster.Warwickshire.Birmingham.

Ann do.daur.U.22.

Edward Law.serv.U.48.Maltster.

Sarah Brittain.serv.U.22.

Church St.

Thomas Lee.H.M.32.Tailer & Draper.employ 2 men.Tettenhall.

Violetta do.wife.27.

Joseph do.son.8.

Mary Jane do.daur.4.

Joseph Wolverson.appren.15.

Jane Cole.visitor.U.20.

Charles Bouker.journeyman.U.34.journeyman.Tailor.Potteries.

Thomas Morgan.do.M. do do.Hereford Town.

Daniel Fullwood.H.M.41.Butcher.

Eliza Perry.daur in law.U.17.House Keeper.

Joseph Fullwood.son.6.

Sarah Lockley.lodger.U.16.Nailer.

One house uninhab

F25/Page 43.

Church St.

William Cresswell.H.M.36.Carter.

Ann do.wife.45.

William do.son.15.Coal Miner.

John Higgs.H.M.39.Boot Maker.Trysall.

Matilda do.wife.24.Stay Maker.Bilston.

Catherine do.daur.4.Bilston.

One house uninhab.

Stephen Sheldon.H.M.35.Fire Proof Safe Maker.Bilston.

Martha do.wife.35.Oxford.Middleston.

John William do.son.6.

Jame H do.son.4.

Edward do.son.2.

Levi Carrier.H.M.40.Farm Lab.

Mary do.wife.32.Nailer.

Sarah do.daur.18. do.

Benjamin do.son.11.Chain Makerís Lab.

Levi do.son.9.

Mary Ann do.daur.10 months.

F26/Page 44.

Church St.

Sarah Cresswell.H.Wid.59.Washer Woman.

Ann Perry.daur.Wid.27.Nailer.

Henry Cresswell.son.U.21.Pudler.

Sarah do.G-daur.13.Nailer.

Elizabeth Stanley.H.Wid.55.Proprietoress of Houses.

Ann do.daur.U.33.

Sarah do.daur.U.25.Dress Maker.

Elizabeth do.daur.14.

Thomas Fieldhouse.H.M.50.Parish Clerk of Sedgley.

Mary Ann do.wife.38.Worcs.Kin????

Matilda Whatwood. Do.daur.4 months.

Ann White.H.Wid.72.Independant.Worcs.Dudley.

Mary Davies.daur.M.27.

Alfred John do.G-son.2.

Jane Perry.serv.U.16.Pattingham.

Samuel Smith.H.M.72.Retired School Master.

Elizabeth do.wife.71.Organist.Worcester.

Eliza do.daur.U.32.Infant School Mistress & Organist.

Caroline Bunn.G-daur.13.

F26/Page 45.


William Lewis.H.M.54.Vicar of Sedgley.Worcs.Halesowen.

Jane Matilda do.wife.44.Warwickshire.Birmingham.

Susan Matilda do.daur.16.

Louisa Jane do.daur.14.

Mary do.daur.11.

William Alfred Howel do.son.10.

Charles G Montgomery do.son.8.

John Edward do.son.6.

George Herbert do.son.4.

Sam l Girdleston do.son.2.

Jane Birch.teacher.U.25.Salop.Broseley.

Ann Hands.serv.U.28.Salop.Woofield.

Sarah Ann Perry.serv.U.19.Cook.Worcs.Dudley.

Gospelend St.

Mary Ann Cox.H.U.39.Screwfinisher.

Ann do.daur.17.Nailer.


John Johnson.H.M.67.Governor of the workhouse.

Eliz h do.wife.67.Matron of workhouse.

Eliz h do.daur.U.23.Govenors daur.

Ellen Addenbrook.visitor.5.

F27/Page 46.


Thomas Hartill.Pauper.U.54.Miner.

John Jones. ††††† ††††do.††† U.63.Weaver.Oldswinford.

Benjn Bannister. do.U.64.Screwforger.Worcs.Dudley.

George Hickman.do.U.78.Nailer.

William Prkes.do.U.30.Idiot.

Joshua Bissell.do.19.Idiot.

John Hill.do.62.Screwforger.

William Ball do.Wid.82.Farm Lab.Worcs.Norfield.

Daniel Fletcher.do.Wid.69.Millman.

John Stanton.do.Wid.63.Farm Lab. K.N.

Thomas Hobson.do.Wid.81.Nailer.

Jonathan Wynn.do.Wid.75.Miner.K.N.

Joseph Baker.do.Wid.72.Nailer.Worcs.Hanbury.

James Russell.do.Wid.75.Millwright.Denburgshire.Churk.

Thomas Fellows.do.U.58.Boatman.

Samuel Wall.do.U.34.Pudler.

Zachaua Jones.do.Wid.51.Coalminer.Salop.Broasley.

Thomas Hopson.do.Wid.54.Coal Miner.

Thomas Cartwright.do.Wid.59.Coal Miner.

Richard Wilkinson.do.Wid.61.Nailer.

Thomas Bevan.do.Wid.61.Farm Lab.Salop.

F27/Page 47.


Ann Turner.Pauper.Wid.74.

Sarah Westwood.do.U.53.

Phebe Southall.do.U.53.

Ann Southall.do.U.33.

Mary Southall.do.U.22

Eliza Morris.do.18.K.N.

Mary Mills.do.28.Idiot.K.N.

Sarah Garbett.do.Wid.30.Warwickshire.New????

Hannah Waterhouse.do.Wid.39.Tipton.

Esther Davies.do.Wid.71.Wombourn.

Catherine Bowyer.do.47.Idiot.

Fanny Fletcher.do.26.Idiot.

Ann Westwood.do.U.20.serv.

Sarah Harris.do.U.26.Nailer.

Ann Harris.so.2.

Lucy Jenkins.do.Wid.69.Salop.workhouse Rowley.

Martha Hickma.do.30.

Elizabeth Baker.do.wid.79.K.N.

Esther Elwell.do.U.66.Screw????.

Mary Price.do.M.39.

Hannah Johnson.do.M.50.

Sarah Marsh.do.M.24.Nailer.

Samuel Mrsh.do.4.

Marths Marsh.do.1.

Hannah Bradley.do.Wid.58.

Mary Bradley.do.U.32.Staffs.Workhouse.

Mary Tranter.do.M.34.Wolverhampton.

Mary Evans.do.U.40.

Emma Smart.do.U.20.Idiot.

Sarah Jane Hopson.do.U.21.

William Hopson.do.1 week?.Workhouse.Sedgley.

Hannah Hopson.do.2yrs. †††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††

Louisa Grainger.do.13.

Martha Hale.do.M.46.

Emma Jones.do.U.22.Salop.Wellington.

F28/Page 48.


Amelia Jones.Pauper.1.

Maria Cooper.do.M.34.Tinpolisher.Tipton.

John Cooper.do.10.

Sarah Cooper.do.7.Tipton.

Rosanna Cooper.do.2months.Worelsey.

Moses Whale.do.Wid.76.Glassblower.Tettenhall.

Joseph Davies.do.Wid.76.Glassblower.Worcs.Dudley.

John Webb.do.U.69.Farm Lab.Worcs.Dudley.

William Woodhall.do.U.59.Boatman.Worcs.Dudley.

Michael Mc Avoy.do.K.N.68.Occ K.N.Ireland.

Catherine Mc Avoy.do.M.81?.Hawker.Ireland.Dublin.

Peter Burnes.do.5.Worcs.Dudley.

Richard Edwards.do.M.64.Bricklayer.Montgomeryshire.

Joseph Smith.do.Wid.70.Lab.Mines.

Thomas Langston.do.Wid.64.Victualler & Farmer.Cork.Bandire.

William Bray.do.U.27.Coakman.Tipton.

David Morris.do.M.72.Pudler.Kingswinford.

John Southerton.do.M.66.Mine Lab.Salop.Chester??.

Henry Fletcher.do.Wid.75.Forge Maker.Tipton.

John Matthews.do.U.40.Nailer.Tipton.

William Jackson.do.Wid 79.Boatman.Warwick.

William Ralph.do.Wid.66.Lab.Salop.Wellington.

Abraham Aston.do.U.21.Boatman.Tipton.

Joseph Fisher.do.U.30.Whitesmith.Tipton.

Thomas Ryley.do.Wid.37.Bricklayers Lab.Ross ?????.

Ann Badley.do.Wid.77.Tipton.

Sarah Jukes.do.U.47.

Ann Willis.do.Wid.62.Radnorshire.

Stephen Priest.do.M.71.Nailer.Salop.Rowley.

Elizabeth Freeman.Wid.71.Tipton.

Thomas Thompson.do.U.44.Pits ???.Worcs.Dudley.

James Priest.do.U.40.Staffordshire.?????????.

Maria Hartill.do.U.21.

Enumerator from here is James Fullwood, and the writing isnít so good.

F33/Page 2.

Tipton Road.

Thomas Foster.H.M.25.Nail Worker.Worcs.Rowley.

Eliza do.wife.21. ††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††do †††††† do

George do.son.2. †††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††do †††††† do

Joseph do.son.1. †††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† nothing wrote.

Thomas Reynolds.H.M.26.Journeyman.Carpenter.Salop.Cleobury.

Anne do.wife.29.Gloster.Bisley.

Henry Smith.H.M.31.Lab.

Maryanne do.wife.26.

Charles do.son.5.

Joseph do.son.4.

Sarah Jane do.daur.2.

Henry William do.son.3 months.

Seth Pugh.H.Wid.31.Saywer.

Richard do.son.4.

Elizabeth do.daur.3.

John do.Father.M,60.Stone Miner.Salop.Worthen.

Elizabeth do.Mother.M.61. ††††††† ††††††††††† do.††††††† do.

William do.Brother.21.Stone Miner. Stafford do.

F33/Page 2.

Tipton Lane.

William Ashcroft.H.M.29.Journeyman.Whitesmith.

Lydia do.wife.28.

Thomas do.son.11?.

Joseph Bradley.H.M.28.

Mary do.wife.25.

Ann do.daur.4.

Thomas Davis Wid.69.Land Proprieter.

Thomas Bowyer.H.M.38.Iron safe maker.

Sarah do.wife.38.

John do.son.19.

James do.son.16.

Thomas do.son.12.

Joseph do.son.9.

Lottie do.daur.6.

Thomas Broom.H.M.33.Wheelwright.Hereford.?

Maryann do.wife.32.Monmouth.???????.

Eleana do.daur.9. †††††† †††do †††††† ††††††††††† do.

Thomas do.son.8. †††††††† †††do †††††† ††††††††††† do.

F33/Page 3.

Tipton Road.

Thomas Elwell.H.M.25.Gardener.Worcester.???????.

Sarah Ellen do.wife.21.Kingswinford.

Alfred do.son. age ?.

Thomas Yale.visitor.25.serv.Bilstone.

Edward Jasper? .H.M.44.Iron Moulder.West Bromwich.

Mary do.wife.44.Worcs.Dudley.

Edw d do.son.9.†††† do†††††† do

Edw d Carwright.H.M.27.Nail weigher.Wombourne.

Eliza do.wife.21.Worcs.Dudley.

Caroline do.2.daur.

Mary Eliza do.1.daur.

Anne Whitehouse.H.Wid.52.Wombourne.

Mary do.daur.21.Salop.Stottesdon.

Henry do.G-son.1.

F34/Page 4.

Tipton Road.

Michael Liddell.H.M.37.Stone Miner.Salop.Bridgenorth.

Elizabeth do.wife.50.

Thomas do.son.9.

Sam l do.son.6.

John Beardmore.son in law.27.Coal Miner.

James do. son in law.23.white Smith.

Rueben Jea??n. son in law.M.21.Briclayer.

Hannah do.daur in law.M.25.

Caroline Mill.H.24.Dress Maker.Worcs.???????.

Daníl do.visitor.M.53.Horse dealer.Oldbury.

Margaret do.do.M.64.Salop.Wellington.

Joseph Richards.H.M.27.Book ?????.

Mary do.wife.M.29.Dress Maker.

Herbert Brookes.H.M.23.Iron Moulder.

Elizabeth do.wife.27.

?????? do.daur.2.

James do.son.?.

F34/Page 5.

Tipton Road.

Thomas Brettle.H.M.30.Sawyer.

Rebecca do.wife.34.

Elizabeth do.daur.12.

Joseph do.son.5.

Thomas do.son.2.

Barn ???? House.

John Millard.H.M.30.Coal Master & ? Brick Maker.Tipton.

Anne Collett do.wife.30.Hansworth.

Joseph Poulton.M.23.Groom.???wick.Budbrook.

Maryann Scales.serv.20.Leominster.

F35/Page 6.

Woodsetton Road.

Daniel Hughes.H.M.64.Broom? Maker.

Sarah do.wife.64.

David do.son.23.

Martha Caddick.visitor.12.

Noah Bradley.H.M.20/Lab.

Mary do.wife.20.

Maryann Reay.daur in law.2.

Benjamin Hickman.H.M.38.Bricklayer.

Elizabeth do.wife.38.

Hannah do.daur.11.

Job do.son.9.

Mary do.daur.7.

Benjamin do.son.4.

Elizabeth Poulton.visitor.M.25.Warwick.Cl?????.

John Smith.H.M.30.Whiesmith.

Elizabeth do.wife.29.

John do.son.5.

Walter Josiah do.2.

Jubal do.son.1.

F35/Page 7.


Thomas Smith.H.M.57.Whitesmith.

Sarah do.wife.53.America.

Thomas do.son.23.Whitesmith.

Rhoda do.daur.19.Tailoress.

Sarah do.daur.17.†††††† do.

Ber?? Do.son.14.Iron Moulder.

Martha Jane do.G-daur.5m.

1 House uninhab

F36/Page 8.

Dudley Road.

Arthur Wise.H.M.60.Stone Miner.

Elizabeth do.wife.60.Nail Maker.

Joseph do.son.24.

Catherine do.daur.17.

Richard Davies.H.M.36.Waggoner.Salop.Wellington.

Anne do.wife.26.

Betsy do.daur.2.

Mary Jukes.H.M.48.Teacher at day school.

Sarah Hall.sister.52.Teacher at Infant school.

Lennard Hughes.H.M.45.Lab.

Sarah do.wife.43.

Alfred do.son.14.

Samíl do.son.10.

Mary do.daur. 6

Thomas do.son.12.dodo.

Sarah do.daur.6.††† dodo.

F36Page 9.

Dudley Road.

? Fullwood.H.M.35.Commercial Traveller.Bricks & Iron.

Maryann do.wife.M.33.

Isaac do.son.5.

Mary Eliz do.daur.4w?.

Ellen Price.niece.14.

John Fereday.H.44.Plummer.Painter.

Mary do.sister.46.Housekeeper.

Thomas do.nephew.17.Printer.

Sarah Cox.serv.21.House serv.

Tresa? Lucy Thompson.H.Wid.29.

Liesa Mercy? do.daur.8.

Louisa do.visitor.13.

F37/Page 10.

Dudley Road.

John Lane.H.M.41.Corwainer employing 1 man.? Appretices

Elizh Lane.wife.42.Bonnett Maker.

William Lane.son.17.

Rosina do.daur.14.

Anne do.daur.11.

Eliza do.9.

Samuel do.son.7.

Francis Mary do.daur.5.

Esther do.daur.3.

Benjn Hampton.step?????.20.Cordwainer.Penn.

John H Smith.do.16.do Cordwainer.†††† ††††††††††† do.

Stephen Cox.do.13.do.Cordwainer.†††† ††††††††††† do.

George Pope.H.M.30.Butcher.Bilstone.

Hannah do.wife.28.

F37/Page 11.

Dudley Road.

John Hartland.H.M.26.Bricklayer.

Mary do.wife.25.

Sarah do.daur.7.

William do.5.

Joseph do.3.

Susan do daur.1.

??? R?????.serv.12.Kingswinford.

Thomas Marsh.H.M.22.Butcher.

Hannah do.sister.35.D††††††††††† ress Maker.

Daniel do.brother.14.Butcher.

Richard do.brother.8.Butcher.

Selina do.sister.11.

Eliza Rabould.serv.18.

Francis Linney.H.61.Retired Draper.Salop.Shriff Hales.

Elizabeth do.wife.49.Hartes Hill.


James Fulwood.H.M.69.Colledge of Layers & Lords.Bromsgrove.

Elizabeth Hayes.serv.23.Birmingham.

Joseph Wilde.serv.17.Stable Boy.

F 38.P12.Dudley Road.

George Hollis.H.M.27.Gardener.Oldbury.

Hannah do.wife.35.?????? not Sedgley.

Ellen do.daur.5.????????. do.

William do.son.4.?????.do.

Mary Hannah do.daur.2.

Sarah do.daur.3wks.

Robert Young.Lodger.38.Carpenter.??.Durham?.

James Guest.H.M.45,Clerk in Nail Warehouse.Stafford.

Elizabeth do.wife.40.

Mary Law.H.Wid.84.Annuitant.

Anne do.daur.58. do.

James Cooper.H.M.24.Cordwainer.Salop.Cleobury.

Catherine do.wife.22.

George do.son.3.

Anne do.daur.1.

William Toy?.Apprentise.15.Cordwainer.Wolverhampton.

F38/Page 13.

Dudley Road.

Edward Milner.H.M.69.Butcher.Salop.

Mary do.wife.57. ††††† ††††††††††† †††††††do.

Mary do.daur.23.

Rachel do.daur.20.

Sarah do.daur.16.

William Evans.H.M.39.Cooper.

Anne do.wife.38.

Elizabeth do.daur.7.

Susannah do.daur.5.

Mary do.daur.3.

Benjamin Egginton.visitor.56.Lab.

Joseph Brown.H.M.37.Corwainer.

Jane do.wife.38.Hereford?

Mary Addis.H.M.39.Milliner.

Ann Hickman.Sister.23. do.

Joseph Brownhill.H.M.23.B???& ? Maker.Tipton.

Sarah do.wife.19.Bonnet Maker.West Bromwich.

Elizabeth Highway.Wid.78.Dudley.

F39/Page 14.

Dudley Road.

John George?.H.M.36.Maltster.Harbourne.

Anne do.wife.33.

Hannah do.daur.11.

Barnel Smith.Lodger.M.50.Maltster.Himley.

Thomas Evans.Brother in law.26.Porter.

George Smith.H.M.35.Furnace Man.??????.not Sedgley.

Sarah do.wife.39.

Selina do.daur.9.

George Henry do.son.1 month.

Eliza Webb.niece.15.

James Reay.H.M.50.Stone Miner.Salop.

Sarah do.wife.44.Nail Maker.

Jane do.daur.8.

James do.son.6.

Marths do.daur.3.

John do.son.9 months.

John Davenport.H.M.46.Lab.

Sarah do.wife.48.

George do.son.23.Bricklayer.


F39/Page 15.

Dudley Road.

Thomas Goodman.H.M.29.Stone Miner.

Hannah do.wife.27.Nail Maker.

Thomas do.son.10.

John do.so.8.

Samíl do.son.6.

Mary do.daur.5.

George do.son.2.

Betsy do.daur.2wks.

Charles Johnson.H.M.28.Miner.

Reziah? do.wife.31.Nailer.


Samuel do.son.8.

George do.son.5.

Sarah do.daur.6m.

John do.visitor.M.65.Lab.

Joseph Davenport.visitor.25.Lab.

Joseph Cooper.H.M.53.Wheel Wright.Penkridge.

Anne do.wife.56.Salop.Albrighton.

Joseph do.son.25.Carpenter & Joiner.

Edwin Charles.visitor.29.Carpenter & Joiner.

F40/Page 16.

Dudley Road.

Frances Harper.H.Wid.38.

James do.son.18.? Iron Maker.

Mary Ann do.daur.11.

Naomi do.daur.5.

Sarah Fullwood.lodger.52.

George Wilde.H.M.34.Lab.Salop.Ford.

Catherine do.wife.34.

Job do.son.12.

Timothy do.son.9.

Martha do.daur.5.

Mathew do.son.1.

Richard Lewis.H.M.33.Groom.Carmarthan.Lland???y.

Luoucia do.wife.25.Salop.Addlesbury.

Richard do.son.4w/m?.born ?.not Sedgley.

Sophia Hartill.H.Wid.46.Launderess.

Sarah H??kes.visitor.13.

Sarah Smith.visitor.5.

Jonah Fullard.H.M.34.Lab.

Eleanor do.wife.25.

Mary Ann do.daur.3.

F40/Page 17.

Dudley Road.

Benjamin Stanley.H.M.27.Butcher.

Sarah do.wife.27.

Hannah Susannah do.daur.5.

Elizabeth do.daur.4.

Daniel Moses do.son.2.

Mary Ann do.daur.5 months.

Mary Broom.serv.17.

Richard Pinches.H.M.30.Plumber & Painter.2 men employed.Salop.

Sarah do.wife.29.

Mary Catherine do.daur.4.

Elijah Bird.apprentice.18.Painer & Plumber.Stoubridge.

John Jones.H.M.35.Bricklayer.

Francis? Do.wife.33.

Ber????? Do.son.11.

Sarah Henrietta do.daur.9.

Mary Ann do.daur.7.

Thomas do.son.5.

Joseph do.son.2.

John do.son.2 months.

F41/Page 18.

Dudley Road.

John Weaver.H.M.40.Boot & Shoe Maker.Huddersfield.

Sarah do.wife.39.Dudley.Worcs.

Eberneza do.son.17.Accountant.

Mary Ann Reed do.daur.15.

Theophilus do.son.7.Lab.

Jemima do.daur.5.

????? do.serv.2.

Joseph Glaze.apprentice.13.Shoe Maker.Bettle Lane.

Edward Parry. ????. 12.Shoe Maker. ††††††††††† ††††††††††† Do.

William Hobday.H.28.?????. Wolverhampton.

????? Field.visitor.15.born ?. not Sedgley.

James Mapp.H.M.32.???? Draper?. Not born Sedgley.?

Anne do.wife.33.Worcs.Dudley.

Ellen Eliza do.daur.5.

Sarah Ann do.daur.2.

Ann Mapp.Sister.26.not born Sedgley.

Jane Bennett.serv.14.

F41/Page 19.

Dudley Road.

Janah Jones.H.M.49.Tailor/Draper.employing 2 men.Trysull.

Sarah do.wife.47.Shareshill.

Lucy do.daur.14.

Daniel do.son.12.Lab.

Sarah Anne so.daur.7.

Alfred (looks like Hock) do.son.5.

William Higgs.journeyman.24.Tailor.Salop.Claverley.

Samuel Wilde.Apprentice.13.Salop.??field.

Ebe Johnson.H.M.68.Lab.

Elizabeth do.wife.62.

William do.son.40.Lab.

Moses do.son.20.Lab.

Thomas Broom.visitor.45.Lab.

Job Johnson.H.M.38.Lab.

Sarah do.wife.32.Lab.

F42/Page 20.

Dudley Road.

Benjamin Hyde.H.M.56.Farmer.20 acres.1 Lab.

Lecila do.wife.59.Farmers wife.

Thomas do.son.27.Farm Lab.

Mary do.?????.25.Wolverhampton.

Henry Hickman.visitor.10.

Benjamin Thomas.visitor.9.

George Jenkins.H.M.52.Victualler 7 Malster.

Sarah do.wife.47.Warwick.

Catherine do.daur.23.

Sarah do.daur.19.

Susan do.daur.17.

Louisa do.daur.14.


Sophia do.daur.5.

Frances do.daur.2.

George Gibson.21.Assistant.Warwick.Castle Bromwich.

Matilda Clarkson..???.20.House serv.Willenhall.Staffs.

Rebecca Law. †††††Do.17.††† do††††† do.

F42/Page 21.

High Street.

William Birchall.H.M.60.Saddler.

Mary Ann do.wife.35.Warwick.Brom.

William do.son.4.

Mary Ann do.daur.1.

Sarah Hickman.serv.15.Penkridge.

F43/Page 23.

Bilstone St.

John Egginton.H.M.31.???? Provision dealer.Wombourne.

Jane do.wife.31.

Hannah do.daur.4.

Anne do.daur.2.

Walta do.son.1.

Hannah Whitehouse.serv.17.Hereford.Stotesdean.

George Shakespear.H.M.38.??????.Warwick.

Mary Ann do.wife.37.Wednesbury.

John do.son.15.Warwick.Henley.

Mary Male do.daur.13. do. do.

William do.son.10.††††††† dodo.

Alfred do.son.4.††††††††† †† do do.

Jane Maria do.daur.1.†††† do do.

George Snape.H.M.25.Miller.Glos?????.Acton.

Anabella do.wife.21.Monmouth.

F43/Page 23.

Bilstone St.

Noah Wilkes.H.M.32.Nail Maker.

Sarah do.wife.30.Nail Maker.

Joseph do.son.9.

Rachel do.daur.7.

Samuel do.son.4.

Esther do.daur.2.

Elizabeth do.daur.1w/m?

Elizabeth Cox.Mother in law.64.???? Shipping.Ledbury.

Mary Ellis.visitor.50.

William Higgins.H.M.26.Coal Miner.

Elizabeth do.wife.26.Nail Maker.

Mary do.daur.6.

Elizabeth do.daur.4.

Joseph do.son.1.

Ann Parkes.lodger.20.Nail Maker.

Rachael do.lodgers daur.8months.

F44/Page 24.

Bilstone St.

Benjamin Ellis.H.M.30/36?Miner in Stone.

Jane do.wife.28.Nail Maker.

Sarah Jane do.daur.8.

Mary do.daur.5.

Selina do.daur.3.

Phoebe do.daur.5 months.

Amelia Caddick.H.18.Nail Maker.

John Green.H.M.28.Tailor.Salop.

Mary do.wife.30.Salop.

Joseph do.son.5.Bilston.Dumb.

Alice do.daur.7months.Bilston.

Isabella Moore.H.Wid.48.Annulitant.Penkridge.

Elizabeth do.daur.10.Wolverhampton.

John do.son.5.Dudley.

Jane Hirk?niece.28.Profession of Nurse.Wolverhampton.

Henry Gamble.H.M.34.Tailor.Salop.Atcham.

Hannah do.wife.37.Wednesbury.

Anne do.daur.8months.West Bromwich.

F44/Page 25.

Bilstone St.

Thomas George.H.M.32.Bricklayer.

Sarah do.wife.28.

Joseph E do.son.8.

Eli do.son.5.

Wm Henry do.son.7 months.

Mary Southall.serv.13.

Daniel Sheldon.H.M.26.Cordwainer.

Betsy do.wife.23.

William Hale.serv.29.Cordwainer.Tipton?.

Edward Bradley.H.M.31.?????? Dealer.

Caroline do.wife.29.

Sarah Ann do.daur.9.

Mary do.daur.5.

Precilla do.daur.2.

Elizabeth do.daur.1w/m?

F45/Page 26.

Bilstone St.

Jerimiah Matthews.H.M.38.L?attle Dealer.Salop.

Catherine do.wife.40.Salop.

William do.son.14.Lab.

Hannah? Do.daur.8.Lab.

Mary Ann do.daur.6.Lab.

Catherine do.daur.4.

Rachael do.daur.1.

John Healley?.H.M.28.Blcaksmith.

Hannah do.wife.26.Nail Maker.

John do.son.2.

Mary Ann do.daur.1.

Thomas Round.H.M.24.Blacksmith.

Ellen do.wife.29.

?illa do.daur.4.

James do.son.1.

William Lloyd.H.M.25.Stome Miner.

Maria do.wife.21/26?.Nail Maker.

John do.son.2.

F45/Page 27.

Bilstone St.

Thomas Evans.H.M.53.Lab.Salop.

Elizabeth do.wife.53.Salop.

John do.son.17.Miner.

Richard do.son.15.Miner.

Samíl do.son.13.Erand Boy.

Mary Amoss.visitor.M.32.

Anne do. ††††††††††† do.3.

Ann Wilkes.H.Wid.47.Himley.

Benjn M do.son.15.Apprentice.Brettle Lane.

Thoís( L?) do.son.15.Miner. †††††††† dodo

Sarah A do.daur.14.Nail Maker. do do.

Phoebe M do.daur.12. †††† ††††do do.

Anne do.daur.11.

Hannah U do.daur.6.

F46/Page 28.

Bilstone St.

Charles Baker.H.M.31.Iron Moulder.

Anne do.wife.38.

Joseph do.son.9.

Thomas do.son.7.

Louisa do.daur.5.

George do.son.3.

Sarah Ann do.daur.1.

Isaiah Baker.H.M.35.Iron Moulder.

Alice do.wife.34.

Thoís do.son.12.Lab.

Isaiah do.son.10.Lab.

Eliza do.daur.3.

Joseph do.son.7months.

David Clement.H.M.40.Coal Miner.

Mary do.wife.36.

Elizabeth do.daur.13.

Samuel do.son.10.

David do.son.7.

Mary do.daur.2.

Phoebe do.daur.2w/m?

F46/Page 29.

Bilstone St.

Joseph Baker.H.30.Factor.

Eliza do.sister.40.

Sarah do.sister.26.

Eliza Salt.serv.17.

Sarah Baker.H.Wid.51.

John do.son.22.Butcher.

Anne Maria do.daur.20.Straw Bonnet Maker.

Martha do.daur.19.Dress Maker.

James do.son.17.Shoe Box Straightener.

Lucy do.daur.16.

Sarah do.daur.

Thomas Bennett.H.M.40.Nail Maker.

Mary do.wife.33.

William do.son.17.Collier.

Anne do.daur.12.

Thomas do.son.9.

F47/Page 30.

Bilstone St.

Charles Williams.H.M.33.Butcher.Hereford.

Mary do.wife.30.Salop.Chetwyn.

Charles H do.son.3.Bilston.

Sarah do.daur.1.

William Smith.H.M.34.Boatman.Salop.Pattingham.

Mary do.wife.32.

Mary do.daur.11.

John do.son.10.

William do.son.3.

Jane do.daur.1.

Dennis Perry.H.M.38.Blacksmith.

Amelia do.wife.37.

Louisa do.daur.16.Nail Maker.

Edward do.son.14.Lab.

Martha do.daur.12.

Mary do.daur.10.

Dennis do.son.5.

Henry do.son.4.

Hannah do.daur.1.

F47/Page 31.

Hurst Hill House.

Joseph Indes?.H.M.43.Farm Lab.

Mary do.wife.50.

Thomas do.son.20.????? Clerk.

William do.son.15.Colliery Lab.

Sarah Jordan.daur.13.

Henry do.son.5.


Durose.H.M.43.Farm Lab.Woolstanton.

Elizabeth do.wife.40.

Thoís H do.son.14.

Elizabeth Ann do.daur.11.

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