1851 Census Extracts for Sedgley
Folios 51 to 72

NOTE. Unless otherwise stated, born in Sedgley, Staffordshire. If no county stated then assume location to be in Staffordshire.
All names appear as interpreted/as appears on film.
Once a surname appears at an address, it is not repeated unless a different surname intervenes.
If any people following a surname have an unqualified surname, then it is to be taken as the last mentioned surname that appears before it. Also, surnames appear in upper case.
Until a different address name appears, it is the same as the previous one.
Households will be separated by a series of full stops (including households within 1 building).
I apologise for any omissions/mistakes and obviously take no responsibilities/liabilities for them.

This information very kindly transcribed by "Anonymous"


1851 Census fiche two

Enumerator 8th April 1851. John Webb Phillips.


F51/Page 1.

Cumpston Row.

Benjamin Cox.H.M.25.Boatman.

Phoebe do.wife.24.

John do.son.3.

Thomas do.son.3months.

John Prichards.H.M.34.Iron Stone Miner.Salop.NK.

Mary do.wife.41.

John Hale.H.M.34.Limestone Miner.

Nancy do.wife.32.

Elizabeth do.daur.6.

William do.son.3.

Mary do.daur.2m.

Hannah Cox.sister in law.U.23.Seamstress.

John Cox.H.M.73.Received P Releaf.former Coal Miner.

Mary do.wife.73. Receives P Relief.

Mary Ann Baker.daur.M.29.Nailer.

Joseph do.son in law.28.Limestone Mine.

Thomas do.G-son.4.

Mary Ann do.3.

Catherine do.1.

F52/Page 1.

Cumpston Row.

Enoch Guest.H.M.38.Ag Lab.

Nancy do.wife.38.

Fanny do.daur.U.16.Nailers App.

Sarah Ann do.daur.11.Nurse at home.

Nancy do.daur.4.

Joseph do.son.1.

Robert Burden.H.M.29.Limestone Miner.

Mary do.wife.29.

Julia do.daur.10.

Henry do.son.5.

Sarah do.daur.4m.

John Lister.H.M.39.Iron Chest Fitter.

Mary do.wife.41.

William do.son.U.18.Iron Chest Fitter j’yman.

Sarah do.daur.U.17.Tailoress.

Jane do.daur.U.15.

Jospeh do.son.12.Iron Chest Fitter (App)

Edwin do.son.8.Scholar.

F52/Page 3.

Cumpston Row.

James Lister.H.M.30.Iron Chest Maker.

Sarah do.wife.34.

Mary Ann do.daur.10.

George do.son.8.Scholar.

Catherine do.daur.7. do.

Alfred do.son.5.do.

William do.son.3.

Stephen do.son.1.

New Town..

Mary Baker.H.Wid.53.Washer Woman.

Jane Hall.daur.M.26.Nailer.

William do.son in law.M.27.Iron Stone Miner.

Daniel Baker.son.U.21.Apprentice Lab.

Mary Ann do.daur.U.19.Nailer.

Susannah do.daur.U.17.Dress Maker.

Elizabeth Hall.G-daur.3.

John do.G-son.1.

Thomas do.G-son.6m.

James Nicholls.H.M.41.Ag Lab.

Sarah do.wife.38.

Thomas do.son.17.Ag Lab.

F53/Page 4.

same house.

Joseph do.son.10.Ag Lab boy.

John do.son.9.Scholar.

Daniel do.son.7. do.

Susannah do.daur.5. do.

Ellen do.daur.1.

John Thopson.H.M.44.Lab, Unloads boats(Iron Stone)

Sarah do.wife.43.

John do.son.15.                    do             do             do

James do.son.8.Scholar.

John Darbey.H.U.68.Retired Shoe Maker.

William Baker.H.M.29.Lime Stone Miner.

Hannah do.wofe.34.

George do.son.5.Worcs.Dudley.

Sarah do.daur.2.

William Guest.H.M.31.Lime Stone Miner.

Fanny do.wife.27.

Mary Ann do.daur.5.

Caroline do.daur.2.

William do.son.2m.

F53/Page 5.

New Town

Edward Cox.H.M.65.Lime Stone Burner.

Elizabeth do.wife.63.

Joseph do.son.U.29.Lab at Iron Works.

William do.son.27.Lime Stone Miner.

Julia do.daur in law.M.19.Nailer.

William Burden.H.M.40.Stock Taker at Iron Forge.

Harriet do.wife.34.

John do.son.14.Iron Roler.Lab.

Ann E do.daur.9.

Mary do.daur.9. do.

William H do.son.3.do.

Joseph Parkes.H.M.65.Boatmanout of work.Supplied ????.

Mary do.wife.61.

William do.son.U.23.Boatman.

John Fellows.Brother in law.Wid.64.Retired Boatman.

Teresa do.niece.U.23.Retired Boatmans daur.

William Tipper.H..M.68.Lime Stone Burner.

Thomas so.son.43.                    do            do

Ann Clark.daur.M.36.

Thomas do.son in law.M.33.Coal Miner.

F54/Page 6.

same house.

Sarah do.G-daur.7..

Mary Ann do.G-daur.4.

F54/Page 6.

New Town.

William Parkes.H.M.49.Boat Loader.Bar house keeper.

Fanny do.,wife.48.

Ruben do.son.U.20.Lab.(Brick Maker)

Sarah do.daur.15.

John Thompson.H.M.28.Gen Lab.Salop.Halesowen.

Mary Ann do.wife.25.

Reuben Carter.H.M.28.Lime Stone Miner.

Sarah do.wife.28.washer woman.

William do.son.5.

Elizabeth Thompson.H.M.63.Small House Propietor.

Mary Evans.H.Wid.29.out of employ.Salop.Halesowen.

Margaret do.daur.5.

William do.son.7.Scholar.

Ann do.daur.3.

Doctors Lane.

Benjamin Hill.H.M.23.Ag Lab.Chirbury.

Catherine do.wife.26.

John do.son.1.

Thomas do.son.14 days.

F54/Page 7.

Doctors Lane.

Moses Jones.H.M.39.Banksman at Coal Pit.Bilston.

Elizabeth do.wife.40.

Sarah Shuker.step daur.U.21.Banks Woman.

David Jones.son.U.15.Iron Stone Miner.

Mary A do.daur.10.

Daniel do.son.7.

Hannah do.daur.4.

John Cumpston.H.M.45.Lime Stone Miner(Buffy)employ 15 men.Propr small houses.

Maru do.wife.48.Wednesbury.

Richard do.son.U.24.Lime Stone Miner.

William do.son.U.19.                do   do

Naomi do.daur.14.

Emma do.daur.9.

Sarah Ann Evans.neice.U.19.Wednesbury.

Bilston Street.

William Matthews.H.M.48.Furnaceman at Iron Works.Salop.(Kimberton?)

Phoebe do.wife.40.Salop.Wellington.

William do.son.13.Hollow ware foundre Lab.Worcs.Dudley.

John do.son.10.Tipton.

Mary Ann do.daur.8.Nurse at home.

Joseph do.son.5.Gornal.

F55/Page 8.

Same House.

Sarah Ann do.daur.3.Wordsley.

Margaret do.daur.1.        do

F55/Page 8.

Bilston Street.

Nancy Bowater.H.Mar.60.Boatmans wife.(Husband form home)

Thomas do.son.U.28.Brickmakers Lab,Wombourne.

Sophia do.daur.U.18.Dress Makers appr.

Emma do.daur.6.

John Cox.H.M.40.Lime Burner.

Ann do.wife.41.

Henry Carrier.lodger.Wid.76.Pauper.Ag Lab.

Richard Burden.H.M.39.Lime Stone Miner.

Fanny do.wife.40.

Sarah do.daur.13.Nurse at home.

William do.son.11.Lime Stone Miner.

Richard do.son.9.

James do.son.7.

John do.son.5.

Winifred do.daur.3.

Joseph do.son.1.

James Harper.H.M.40.Nailer.

Jane do.wife.42.             do

F55/Page 9.

Same House.

Jane do.daur.11.

Joseph do.son.4.

Daniel Johnson.nephew.U.16.Moulder at Hollow Ware Foundry.

F55/Page 9.

Bilston Street.

Joseph Davies.H.M.30.Ag Lab.Hereford.Stoke Lacy.

Hannah do.wife.26.Worcs.Helm?????

John do.son.1.

Daniel Marsh.H.M.34.Ag Lab.

Mary do.wife.33.Nailer.

Hannah do.daur.10.

Isaac do.son.8.

Daniel do.son.6.

Elizabeth do.daur.3.

Sarah do.daur.1.

James Baker.H.M.61.Lab at Hollow Ware Foundry.

Mary do.wife.60.

Thomas do.U.25.Moulder at Sugar Pans ?????

Mary Ann do.daur.U.17.Servant.

Joseph Walkers.H.M.71.Screw Forger.Burton Upon Trent.

Sarah do.wife.71.

Joseph do.son.U.31.Screw Forger.Journeyman but unable to work.cripple.

F56/Page 10.

Bilston Street.

William Glover.H.M.57.Hollow Ware Firm Foundry Lab & A Pursioner

Sarah do.wife.51.Somerset.Cros?????

Joseph do.son.U.21.Iron Roler.journeyman.Kent Woolwich.

Ann F do.daur.U.16.works at the Iron foundry. do        do.

Elizabeth U do.daur.U.14.Tailors Appren.       do    do

Sarah do.daur.10.

Benjamin Southall.H.M.38.Canal Lab.

Elizabeth do.wife.38.Works at the Brickyard.

William do.son.9.works at the Iron Works.

Benajmin do.son.6.

Julia do.daur.2.

David Bennett.H.M.37.Canal Lab.Iron Stone & Coal.

Mary do.wife.35.

John do.son.12.

Sarah do.daur.5.

David do.son.10.works with father.

Thomas Hardy.H.U.47.Agg Lab.

F56/Page 11.

Bilston Street.

Ruth Butler.H.Wid.53.Nailer.

Elizabeth do.daur.U.22. do

Lot do.son.U.16.Iron Stone Miner.

Mary A do.daur.14.Iron Stone Loader.

Joseph do.son.11.Iron Stone Miner.

George do.G-son.2.

Benjamin Hill.H.M.39.Lab at Iron Works.

Mary do.wife.34.

Ann do.daur.U.15.Nurse at home.

David do.son.10.

Eli do.son.6.

Herbet do.son.3.

James Fullwood.Father in law.M.67.(Pauper)Lab at Iron Works.Salop.Wellington.

Sarah do.Mother in law.M.65.

Charles Slater.Orphan.6 months.

Jemima Cox.cousin.U.60.Pauper.

Joseph Elwell.H.M.36.Brick Maker.

Elizabeth do.wife.38.

John do.son.U.15.works with father.

Ruth do.daur.13.

F57/Page 12.

Same House.

Joseph Elwell.son.6.

Job do.son.2.

F57/Page 12.

Bilston Street.

Thomas Screen.H.M.36.Iron Stone Miner.

Mary do.wife.36.

William do.don.11.Carries Pikes for Colliers.

Sarah do.daur.9.

Thomas do.son.6.

Henry do.son.4.

Mary A do.daur.1.

William Hadley.H.M.53.Carpenter* (Master)

Mary do.wife.45.

Philip Fieldhouse.stepson.U.16.Lab Iron Works.Slitting Mill.

William Hadley.son.2.

Thomas Lavenfer.H.M.67.Nail Forger.journeyman.Worcs.Woodside.

Mary do.wife.68.                                                       do        do

Edward do.son.U.21.Nail Forger.journeyman.

F57/Page 13.

Bilston Street.

Peter Mitchell.H.M.58.Blacksmith.jouneyman.Tettenhall.

Susannah do.wife.51.Wombourne.

John do.son.U.30.Blacksmith,journeyman. Wombourne.

Mary do.daur.U.20.

Susannah do.daur.U.18.serv.

Rhoda do.daur.14.

Maria do.daur.11.

Thomas do.son.8.

George do.G-son.1.

Thomas do.G-son.1.

Thomas Lloyd.H.M.34.Cordwainer.(Master)

Louisa do.wife.24.

Sarah do.daur.4.

William do.son.2.

Joseph Tomlinson.H.M.34.Inspector of Police.Blymhill.

Elizabeth do.wife.35.Weston.

William Morris.H.U.21.Police Constable.Barton.

John Lewid.H.M.42.Cordwainer.(Master)Salop.Bridgnorth.

Mary do.wife.40.                                        do        do

Elizabeth do.daur.U.16.Nailer.Wolverhampton.

F58/Page 14.

Same House.

Emma do.daur.12.Nailer.

Susannah do.daur.8.

John do.son.2.

John do.Fther.Wid.76.Retired Inn Keeper.Salop.Kinlet.

F58/Page 14.

Bilston Street.

Jane Jones.H.Wid.42.Nailer.Salop.Worthing.(maybe should be Worthen)

Richard do.son.13.Iron Stone Miner.

Mary do.daur.9.Nailers App.Wednesbury.

Charles do.son.8.          do.with Mother. do

Joseph Cole.H.M.51.Iron Stone Miner.

Hannah do.wife.50.

William do.son.U.28.Ground Bailiff(Mines)

Joseph do.son.U.19.Iron Puddler.

Samuel do.son.U.17. do     do

Benjamin do.son.U.16.Limestone Lab.

John do.son.13.

Thomas do.son.8.

Caroline do.daur.3.

F58/Page 15.

Bilston Road.

Sarah Westwood.H.Wid.39.Nailer.

Samuel do.son.U.15.Blank Maker at Japan Manufactury?(app)Bilston.

James do.son.12.                                do        do             do    do

Simeon do.son.10.Nailer at home.

Ann Maria Southall.niece.U,26.Nailer.

Meshach Walters.H.Wid.48.Screw Forger & Hollow ware Founder.

Joseph do.son.U.24.Engine Smith,journeyman.

Francis do.son.U.17.,Grate fitter.journeyman.

Elizabeth do.daur.12.

John do.son.9.

Emma A do.daur.4.

One house unhab

Joseph Porter.H.M.68.Ag Lab.

Mary A do.wife.48.

George do.son.U.21.Chemists Porter.

Henry do.son.U.16.Boatmans Serv.

William do.son.14.     do           do

Eliza J do.daur.11.

F59/Page 16.

Bilston Street.

Thomas Lewis.H.M.26.Iron Roller.

Ann do.wife.28.

Elizabeth do.daur.5.

Emma do.daur.2.

Henry Parsons.H.M.26.Carpenter & joiner.journeyman.SomersetWincanton.

Ann do.wife.27.Salop.N.K.

Susannah do.daur.1.

George Hill.H.M.40.Iron Rail Fitter.Worcs.Witley.

Emma do.wife.38.Worcs.Hartlebury.

Mary Hughes.H.Wid.45.Washerwoman.

William do.son.U.21.Waggoner at Coal Mines.

Mary do.daur.6.

John Whitehouse.lodger.U.24.Waggoner at Coal Mines.N.K.N.K.

George Higgins.H.M.47.Groom.Salop.Childs Ercall.

Sarah do.wife.45.Salop.Newport.

Thomas do.son.u.17.Puddlerat Iron works.journeyman.

Sarah do.daur.U.15.serv.

Henry do.son.11.Iron Roller Lab.

George do.son.8.

Fanny do.G-daur.1.

F59/Page 17.

Bilston Street.

Thomas Simner.Wid.40.Lab unload boats.

Walter Stoddart.lodger.M.35.General collier Lab.Montgomery.

Mary do.wife.33.Salop.Bishps Castle.

William Simner.H.M.63.Ag lab.

Sarah do.wife.60.

William do.son.U.26.Ag lab.

Ellen do.U.18.Dressmaker.

George do.G-son.9.sick (cripple)

Thomas Dalton.H.M.25.Bricklayer.journeyeman.

Susannah do.wife.29.Whitegreave.

Two houses building

Rhoda Evans,H.Wid.43.Nail Forger.

Rebecca Jukes.daur.M.23 do  do.

Thomas Evans,son.U,21.Boatman Lab.

William do.U.16.                do              do

John do.son.11.

Joseph do.son.7.

Hannah do.daur.3.

Isaac Jukes.son.Son in law.M.24.Nail Forger.

William do.G-son..2.

F60/Page 18.

same house.

John do.G-son.1 month

F60/Page 18.

Bilston Street.

Henry Cox.H.M.37.Well Sinker.(Master)

Ann do.wife.51.Nailer.

Joshua Wilkes.H.M.33.Nail Forger.jy’man

Sarah do.wife.28.            do     do

Caleb do.son.9.               do     do

May J do.daur.5.

Isaiah do.son.3.

Joshua do.son.4 months.

John Fownes.H.Wid.48.Nail Forger.

Mary do.daur.U.13.        do     do

Mary Allen.visitor.34.Bankswoman.

Thomas do.nephew.9.

John Evans.H.M.61.Butcher.(Master)

Rebecca do.wife.53.Salop.

F60/Page 19.

Bilston Street.

Thomas Poyner.H.M.44.Blacksmith.Salop.Claverley.

Martha do.wife.35.Salop.Ackleton.

William do.son.9.Bilston.

Georeg do.son.7.

Mary do.daur.5.

Martha do.daur.3.

Louisa do.daur.6 months.

William Edwards.H.M.44.Limestone Miner.

Sarah do.wife.37.

Matthew do.son.U.15.works at Iron Forge.

Samuel Edward do.son.13. do             do

Susannah do.daur.11.Nurse at home.

Augustin (J?) do.son.9.

Ambrose do.son.6.

John C do.son.4.

Josiah C do.son.2.

James Harris.H.M.51.Nailer.

Teresa do.wife.37.             do.

Samuel do.son.U.17.Lab at Iron Works.

Joseph do.son.14.

F61/Page 20.

Same House.

Elizabeth Haris.daur.12.

Ann do.daur.11.Nailers (app)

Enos do.son.10.

Charles do.son.3.

Edward do.son.1.

John do.Brother.Wid.56.Nailer.

Thomas do.nephew.14.Lab at Iron Works.

William Hancocks.H.M.42.Limestone Miner.Penn.

Hannah do.wife.44.Nailer.

William do.son.U.19.Gets out Pig at Iron works.

Thomas do.son.U.17.Loads coal at Iron works.

Edward do.son.U.15.  do     do         do    do

Henry do.son.8.serv.

Job do.son.6.

Samuel do.son.5.

Frederick do.son.2.

F61/Page 21.

Castle Street.

Francis Crow.H.M.37.Ag Lab.Middlesex.London.

Sarah do.wife.38.

Adam do.son.15.Lab at Iron Works.Pattingham.

Emma do.daur.10.Tettenhall.

Elizabeth do.daur.8.

John do.son.5.

Hannah Burnett.H.U.40.Nailer.

John do.son.14.Collier.

Cornelius Wilkes.H.M.60.Cooper (Master)

Ann do.wife.61.Penn.

Henry do.son.M.35.Carter.

Sarah do.daur.U.33.

Richard Harley.H.M.31.Gen Lab at Iron Works.Trysull.

Sarah do.daur.32.Nail Forger.

Elizabeth do.daur.9.Nurse at home.

Mary do.daur.6.

Sarah do.daur.2.

Amelia Wilkes.Lodger.26.Nail Forger.

F62/Page 22.

Castle Street.

John Brittle.H.M.29.Sawyer(journeyman).

Elizabeth do.wife.28.Nail Forger.

Rachel do.daur.5.

George do.son.1.

Stephen Wilkes.H.M.48.Nail Master.

Hannah do.wife.47.

Stephen do.son.U.20. Nail Forger.

Martha do.daur.U.15.

Hannah do.daur.13.

Sarah do.daur.5.

Gavis Wilkes Fellows.G-son.2.

Caroline Wolverson.serv.16.

Joseph Fellows.H.M.26.Nail Forger’s Clerk.

Elizabeth do.wife.24.

Stephen Willks do.son.6 months.

Joseph Hartill.H.U.35.Nail Forger.

Maria do.sister.U.40.Nailer.

Benjamin Bradford.nephew.U.19.Nail Forger.

David Westhead.lodger.U.46.        do     do

F62/Page 23.

Castle Street.

James Baines.H.M.33.Nailer (Master, employ 2 men)

Mary A do.wife.30.Nailer.

Sarah do.daur.14. do app.

Louisa do.daur.12.

Catherine do.daur.7.

Elizabeth do.daur.4.

Ellen do.daur.1.

John Smith.lodger.Wid.46.Nailer (journeyman).Lancashire.N.K.

Jesse Whitehouse.lodger.U.22. do      do.Bordley Green.Birmingham.

John Giles.H.M.45.Screw Forger.

Elizabeth do.wife.42.Nailer.

Elisha do.son.U.16.  do.

Enoch do.son.U.12. do.

Thomas do.son.10. do.

John do.son.7.

Noah do.son.5.

Joseph do.son.

John Farrington.H.M.45.Nailer.Salop.Shrewsbury.

Hannah do.wife.45.Warwick.Birmingham.

F63/Page 24.

Castle Street.

Charles Tildesley.H.M.27.Nail Forger.

Hannah do.wife.25.

Morris Cox.stepson.4.

Rosanna Tildesley.daur.1.

Mary do.Mother.Wid.60.Pauper,formerley Launderess.

Benjamin Newey.H.M.52.Cordwainer & Nail Forger.

Sarah do.wife.52.Salop.Oldbury.

Benjamin E do.son.U.17.Iron Roller.

Henry B do.son.U.15      do     do

Esther H do.daur.11.

William Williamson.serv.U.38.Nail Forger serv.

John Edwards.serv.Wid.39.        do     do     do.

Martin Wilkes.H.M.47.Nail Forger.

Elizabeth do.wife.70.

William Hughes.H.M.60.Lime Burner.

Martha do.wife.46.

Henry J do.son.12.

Eli do.son.10.

Phoebe do.daur.7.

F63/Page 25.

Castle Street.

John Davies.H.M.28.Schoolmaster.(British School).Gornal.

Maria do.wife.27.Warw.Birmingham.

William Boaler.visitor.5.Worcs.Stourbridge.

Joseph     do.       do.4.      do            do

William Meredith.H.M.41.Hucksker.

Sarah do.wife.38.Salop.Minsterley.

James do.son.U.14.Nailer.

Ann do.daur.10.

John do.son.7.

Mary do.daur.3.

Samuel Nicholls.H.U.36.Nail Forger.

Hannah Tailor.lodger.U.30.do do.

Thomas do.lodgers son.1.

George do.     do      do 4.

Ann Cox.lodger.Wid.64.Nail Forger.

Ellen do.lodgers daur.14.

Joseph Derry.H.M.30.Nailer.

Mary do.wife.27.          do

F64/Page 26.

Castle Street.

James Wilkes.H.M.63.Nailer.

Mary do.wife.60.         do.

Eliza Baker.daur.M.25 .do.

Isaiah Wilkes.son.U.23. do.

Sophia do.daur.U.19.     do.

John Baker.son in law.28.Lab.

James Wheeler.H.M.23.Nailer.Harborne.

Ellen do.wife.18.           do.

William Walters.H.M.24.Blacksmith.

Flora do.wife.25.Worcs.Dudley.

Joseph so.so.1.

Mary do.daur.1.

Samuel do.brother.M.22.Blacksmith.

Ruth do.sister in law.23.

John do.nephew.1.

F64/Page 27.

Castle Street.

William Martin.H.M.30.Lab.Salop.Slaveley.

Elizabeth do.wife.33.

James do.son.5.

Sarah A do.daur.3.

Thomas do.son.2.

Mary do.daur.3 months.

One house un-inhab

Two houses building

Two houses un-inhab

Richard Hilton.H.M.62.Cordwainer.(Master)

Elizabeth do.wife.60.Shoebinder.

Mary do.daur.14.

John Morgan.H.M.29.Ag Lab.Salop.B?wdler.

Charlotte do.wife.29.Salop.Dilbury.

Alfred W do.son.?weeks.

William Wootton.H.M.34.Limestone Miner.Salop.N.K.

Mary do.wife.32.Nail Forger.

John do.son.8.

Samuel do.son.3.

F65/Page 28.

Castle Street.

Jesson Longville.H.Wid.53.Ag Lab.Himley.

Edward Hall.step son.U.34.Nail Forger.

Stephen do.step son.U.31.Bricklayer (journeyman.).

Jemima do step daur.U.39.Washer Woman.

Ruth do.step daur.26.Nail Forger.

James do.nephew.5.

Elizabeth do.niece.2.

Thomas Dutton.H.M.51.Iron grate fitter.

Nancy do.wife.52.

William do.son.U.18.Bricklayers serv.

Solomon do.U.15.Sev,forgeman.

Mary Rudge.H.Wid.43.Washerwoman.

Joseph do.son.12.Nailer.

Ezra do.son.7.

William Giles.H.M.34.Wood Screw Forger.

Sarah do.wife.28.

Sarah E do.daur.9.

William do.son.3.

George do.son.7 months.

Henry Walters.brother in law.U.19.Iron Puddler (journeyman)

F65/Page 29.

Castle Street.

Richard Griffiths.H.M.20.Iron Forge Puddler.Salop.Eyton.

Rachel A do.wife.19.

John Dean.H.M.38.Baker (Master)Wombourn.

Racel do.wife.34.

Mary Taylor.serv.13.Penkridge.

Edward Watos.H.U.34.Lab, Unloads boats.

Joseph do.brother.M.40.Lab, Raod Maker.

Elizabeth do.sister in law.M.39.

John Catwright.H.M.28.Sawyer journeyman.Wombourn.

Mary do.wife.29.                                               do

George do.son.1 month?.

James Richards.H.M.33.Lab at Iron Works.Bilston.

Elizabeth do.wife.34.Worcs.Stourbridge.

Isaiah do.son.2 months.

William Turner.lodger.Wid.66.Ag Lab.

William do.nephew & lodger.7.

Edwin Hickman.H.M.38.Limestone Miner.Coseley.

Martha do.wife.29.Goldhill.

Joseph Thomas.Apprentise.U.19.Miners App.Wednesbury.

F66/Page 30.

Castle Street.

Thomas Tomlinson.H.M.52.Bricklaer(Master)

Sally do.wife.38.

William do.son.U.20.Bricklayer.jou’man.

Thomas do.son.U.14.    do labourer.

Joseph do.son.12.           do    do

Susannah do.daur.10.

Charles do.son.7.

Edward do.son.3.

Samuel do.son.2 months.

John Rowley.H.M.51.Ag Lab.Salop.Claverley.

Mary do.wife.50.                   do             do.

Sarah do.daur.U.15.

James Ascroft.H.U.27.Famer’s son.

Caroline do.sister.U.19.Dress Maker.

Thomas Hillard.H.M.25.Carpenter 9journeyman)Tipton.

Anne do.wife.27.Witmore.

Robert Jones.H.M.41.Bricklayers Lab.Hampshire.Gosport.

Rachel do.wife.38.Nailer.

F66/Page 31.

Castle Street.

Charles Fellows.H.M.24.Iron Puddler.

Mary A do.wife.22.Nailer.

Herbert do.son.2.

Mary do.daur.1  month.

William Ellis.H.M.26.Farm Lab.Montgomeryshire.Chruch Stoke.

Mary do.wife.28.                               do                    do.

Martha do.daur.1.

William Morris.visitor.U.21.Farm Lab.Montgomeryshire.Kerry.

Charles Clarke. Do.U.25.             do   do.Warwick.

Mark Morgan.H.M.21.Nail Maker.

Mary do.wife.21.

Rachel do.daur.1 month.

Joseph Bradley.lodger.U.22.Nail Maker.

William Phillips.H.M.34.Nailer.Hammerwich.

Mary do.wife.32.Burntwood.

Isaac do.son.10.Hammerwich.

Rose do.daur.6.        do.

Sarah do.daur.1.      do.

Thomas do.lodger.56.Lab. do.

F67/Page 32.

Castle Street.

Joseph Westwood.H.M.27.Sawyer.

Sarah do.wife.24.Dress Maker.

John do.son.1.

Robert Hill.H.M.28.Miner.

Mary A do.wife.27.Nail Forger.

James do.so.3.

William A Jeavons.stepson.8.

William Partridge.H.M.54.Nail Forger.Worcs.Halesowen.

Jemima do.wife.53.Worcs.Stourbridge.

Phoebe Gornel.daur.M.21.Worcs.Halesowen.

Edward do.son in law.24.Miner.Worcs.Dudley.

Edward do.G-son.2.                      do     do

Mary do.G-daur.4 months.

Joseph Marson.H.M.41.Nail Maker.

Roshannah do.wife.38.

James do.son.U.19.Nail Maker.

Maria do.daur.U.17. do do.

Joseph do.son.13. do do .

Eliza do.daur.10.

John do.son.8.

F67/Page 33.

Castle Street.

William Pearce.H.M.42.Lab.Salp.Stodeston.

Elizabeth do.wife.40.Lauderess.

Samuel do.son.U.15.Chain Maker.Wombourn.

Thomas do.son.13.     do      do

John do.son.8.

Sarah do.saur.5.

Mary do.daur.2.

John Baguley.H.M.23.Nail Maker.

Sarah do.wife.19.

John Kimberley.H.M.44.Nailer.

Maria do.wife.42.

John do.son.U.18.Nailer.

Elizabeth do.daur.do.

Jane do.daur.U.14.do.

Maria do.daur.12.do.

William do.son.7.

Joseph do.son.5 months.

James Phillips.lodger.U.18.Nailer.

F68/Page 34.

Castle Street.

Francis Sims.G.M.45.Lab.Swindon.

Sarah do.wife.37.Nailer.Worcs.Bromsgrove.Sidemore.

Harriet do.daur.U.17. Nailer.

Sarah do.daur.U.15. do.

Emma do.daur.10.

Sophia do.daur.5.

William do.son.5.

Matthew Whatters.H.M.28.Lab.

Ann do.wife.27.Nailer.

John do.son.5.

George do.son.3.

Elizabeth do.daur.1.

Mary Slater.serv.11.

Benjamin Harper.H.M.51.Nailer.

Hannah do.daur.50.             do.

Martha do.daur.U.20.        do.

Rachel do.daur.U.17.        do.

Betsey do.daur.12.

Benjamin do.son.8.

Sarah Fullwood.visitor.Wid.74.

F68/Page 35.

Castle Street.

William Firmstone.H.M.60.Nailer.Worcs.Bromsgrove.Sid????.

Mary A do.wife.50.                   do      do           do          do

Elizabeth do.Mother.Wid.82.                do         do          do.

Benjamin Fullwood.H.M.45.Lab.

Jane do.wife.45.Nailer.

William Toye.H.M.34.Builder.Salop.W??field.

Mary do.wife.42.Salop.Stableford.

Edward Bradley.H.M.36.Ag Lab

Ann do.wife.36.

Jane do.daur.U.15.

Sarah do.daur.10.

Susannah do.daur.8.

John do.son.5.

William Wilde.H.M.44.Furnacerman.Montgomery.N.K.

Ann do.wife.46.Surry.Kingston.

William do.son.U.18.Iron Puddler.(jy’man)Middlesex.Chelsea.

John do.son.9.Salop.Wem.

Wesley Fellows.U.17.Iron Pudler.(do0.Dudley.

One house un-inhab

F69/Page 36.

Castle Street.

Joseph Childs.H.M.37.Lab.Salop.Oldgate.

Ann do.wife.36.Codsall.

Charlotte do.daur.6.do.

William do.son.4.Tettenhall.

Mary do.daur.1.Codsall.

F69/Page 36.

Mount Pleasant.

Simeon Jeavons.H.M.73.Retired Butcher.

Mary do.wife.67.

Catherine Wise.serv.U.21.

John (F?) Law.H.M.49.Box ? ? maker for Iron Chests.

Elizabeth do.wife.48.Salop.Claverley.

Eliza do.daur.U.25.Box ? maker.

Emanuel do.son.U.20.do do do.

Alfred do.son.U.19. do do do.

Sarah A do.daur.U.17.Milliner.

Edwin do.son.14.

Caroline do.daur.11.

Mary E do.daur.9.

Julia do.daur.4.

F69/Page 37.

Mount Pleasant.

John Simner.H.M.34.Lab on Canal.

Sarah do.wife.33.

Sarah do.daur.11.

Ann do.daur.5.

Catherine do.daur.3.

Elizabeth do.daur.10 months.

Charles Wright.H.M.25.Groom.Brewood.

Jane do.wife.28.Colwich.

Elizabeth Brough.visitor.U.24.Servant. Colwich.

James do.Visitors son.6.

Charles John do. son.1.

Onr house un-inhab

John Jewkes.H.M.41.Nail Forger.Worcs.Dudley.

Maria do.wife.38.            do     do.

Edward do.son.U.18.  do     do

Phoebe A do.daur.16. do    do

Mary do.daur.14.

William do.son.11.Chain Maker (App)

Betsey do.daur.9.

Eliza do.daur.5.

F70/Page 38.

Same house.

Sarah Jane do.daur.3.

Ann M do.daur.1.

F70/Page 38.

Mount Pleasant.

Daniel Smith.H.Wid.77.Proprieter of houses.

Joseph Parker.lodger.U.15.Carpenter (App)

Richard Humphreyson.H.M.53.Ag Lab.Tettenhall.

Ann do.wife.47.

Richard do.son.U.15.Ag Lab.

Julia do.daur.4.

Ann do.daur.2.

James Johnson.H.M.56.Lime Master & Inn Keeper.

Sarah do.wife.54.

James do.son.U.28.Bellows Maker.

Sarah do.daur.U.24.House Maid.

Ann Maria do.daur.U.22.Straw Bonnet Make.

Phoebe do.daur.U.20.Dress Maker.

Eliza do.daur.U.18.Cook.

Henry do.son.U.16.Lime Burner.

Thomas do.son.14.    do       do

Julia do.daur.11.

Elizabeth Hilton.G-daur.2.

F70/Page 39.

Mount Pleasant.

David Baker.H.U.35.Lime Burner.

Joseph Baker.H.M.54.Lime Dealer.

Elizabeth do.wife.49.Dairy Maid.

Eliza do.daur.U.25.Milliner.

Edward do.son.U.24.Lime Burner.

William do.son.U.22.do       do.

Mary Ann do.daur.U.15.Milliner (App).

Matilda do.daur.8.

William Box.H.M.52.Carpenter(Master0Himley.

Mary do.wife.51.

Thomas do.son.U.24.Carpenter (jy’man)

Eliza do.daur.U.17.Dress Maker.

Emma do.daur.U.15.Bonnet Maker (App).

Mary do.daur.U.10.

Frederick Jones.H.M.38.Pump Maker.

Mary do.wife.33.Wolverhampton.

Isaac do.son.9.

David do.son.7.

Hannah do.daur.2.

F71/Page 40.

Mount Pleasant.

Phoebe Addenbrook.H.Wid.59.Proprietor of Houses.

Henry do.son.U.24.Painter? & Glazier Master.

Samuel do.son.U.21.Tinman. (Jy’man).

Isaac Fullwood.H.M.37.Ironstone Miner.

Sarah do.wife.31.Nail Forger.

Louisa do.daur.U.10.

Jane do.daur.7.

Joseph do.son.3.

Isaiah do.(nothing down for relationship)1.

Cornelius Walters.H.M.69.Furnaceman.

Charlotte do.wife.69.Nail Forger.

Emmanuel do.son.U.24.Lab.

Jesse Longwell.G-son.4.

Thomas Goodman.H.M.68.Pauper,’formerley Lab’Worcs.Shrawley?.

Ruth do.wife.72.                  do            do Launderess.

RichardWalters.H.M.32.Nail Forger.

Mary do.wife.25.Formerley Launderess.Walsall.

John do.son.7.

Sarah A do.daur.1.

Mary A do.daur.2 months.

F71/Page 41.

Mount Pleasant.

William Pugh.H.M.37.Brickmaker.

Hannah do.wife.37.Nail Forger.

Martha do.daur.U.16. do do.

William do.son.U.13.Lab.

John do.son.10.

Joseph do.son.7.

David do.son.5.

Susannah do.daur.2.

Thomas do.son.6 months.

Henry Goodman.H.M.33.Late Furnaceman.

Mary do.wife.33.

Emma do.daur.13.Nailer.

Hannah do.daur.10. do.

William do.son.8.

Elizabeth do.daur.5.

Samuel do.son.4 months.

William Langston.Brother in law.Lodger.Wid.43.Nail Forger.

Enos do.Lodger’s son.8.

F72/Page 42.

Harwickfield House, Wolverhampton Road.

John Gibbons.H.U.73.Farmer of 18 acres, no labourer.

Hannah do.sister.U.77.Farmers sister.

Ann do.sister.U.75.          do        do.

Wolverhampton Road.

John Whitehead.H.M.30.Blacksmith  jy’man.Penn.

Margaret do.wife.43.place of birth NK.

James Randle.H.M.32.Blacksmith jy’man.Gloucest???.Ballow?

Susan do.wife.29.Gloucest???.Wedgberry.Cripple.

Spring Field Cottage.

John Walker Turton.H.Wid.50.Coal Master.

William Price do.Son.U.23.B.A.Oxon.

John Turton.son.U.22.Nail Manufacturer.

Mary do.daur.U.19.

Maria Hodson.serv.U.25.Walsall.

John Palmer.serv.U.23.Salop.Aston Bettesill.

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