1851 Census Extracts for Sedgley
Folios 76 to 100

NOTE. Unless otherwise stated, born in Sedgley, Staffordshire. If no county stated then assume location to be in Staffordshire.
All names appear as interpreted/as appears on film.
Once a surname appears at an address, it is not repeated unless a different surname intervenes.
If any people following a surname have an unqualified surname, then it is to be taken as the last mentioned surname that appears before it. Also, surnames appear in upper case.
Until a different address name appears, it is the same as the previous one.
Households will be separated by a series of full stops (including households within 1 building).
I apologise for any omissions/mistakes and obviously take no responsibilities/liabilities for them.

This information very kindly transcribed by "Anonymous"


2 April 1851. Enumerator Richard Parkes.

F76/Page 1.

Bilston Street.

Levi Round.H.M.49.Blacksmith.

Hannah do.wife.52.

Charlotte do.daur.U.25.Dress Maker.

Mary do.daur.U.22.Tailoress.

Sarah do.daur.U.20.

William J do.son.Roll Turner.

Joseph do.son.U.13.

Elizabeth Parkes.G-child.5.

John Bradley.H.Wid.56.Nail Maker.

David do.son.U.17.         do    do

William Dalloway.H.M.51.Ag Lab.Salop.Bridgenorth.

Lydia do.wife.49.Nail Maker.Worcs.Dudley.

John Marsh.H.M.39.Nail Maker.Bloxwich.

Joyce do.wife.39.             do    do          do.

Henry do.son.14.             do    do         

Joseph do.son.12.Blacksmith.

William do.son.6.

Susanna do.daur.2.

Benjamin Freeman.Lodger.U.30.Shoemaker.Northampton.

F77/Page 2.

Bilston St.

William Bradford.H.M.43.Nail Warehouseman.

Mary do.wife.44.Nail Maker.

Mary do.daur.9.

Joseph do.son.9 months.

Mary Aston Fellows.visitor.5.

Louisa Marson.Lodgewr.U.16.Nail Maker.

Thomas Bloor.Lodger.M.34.Waggoner.Utoxeter.

Elizabeth Bagley.H.Wid.39.Proprieter of Houses.

John do.son.U.16.Waggoner.

Mary do.daur.15.Dairy Maid.

Benjamin do.son.11.

James do.son.7.

Richard do.son.5.

Mark Wilkes do.son.2.

William Arison.H.M.26.Nail Maker.

Betsey do.wife.26.             do    do

Joseph do.son.5.

F77/Page 3.

Bilston St.

One house un-inhab

William Davies.H.M.50.Tailor.Salop.Wellington.

Jane do.wife.42.Montgomery.Llan???????

Abraham Fullard.H.M.36.Nail Maker.

Catherine do.wife.32.             do     do.

Abraham do.son.6.

Rachel do.daur.3.

John Bagley.Lodger.Wid.48.Nail Maker.Salop.Shrewsbury.

William Bennet.Lodger.U.25. do do

Joseph Bradley.Lodger.U.20/do do.

Joseph Evans.H.M.33.Cordwainer.

Matilda do.wife.28.Enville.

Charley do.son.9.

Edward do.son.2.

F78/Page 4.

Bilston Street.

Benjamin Cox.H.M.37.Lime Stone Miner.

Sarah do.wife.30.

Harriet do.daur.12.

Hannah do.daur.10.

William do.son.8.

Sarah do.daur.6 months.

John Callagan.H.M.34.Ag Lab.Ireland.

Margaret do.wife.34.Ireland.

John do.son.under one month.

Thomas Casey.lodger.U.20.Ag Lab.Ireland.

Sarah Hall.H.Wid.35.Shoe Binder.

Jane E do.daur.15.

James H do.son.11.

Eliza do.daur.6.

Isaac do.Brother in law.U.25.Wheelwright.

John do.Brother in law.U.23.Sawyer.

Edward do.Brother in law.U.21.Iron Chest Maker.

Thomas Lloyd.visitor.U.41.Wheelwright.Salop.NK.

F78/Page 5.

Bilston Street.

Joseph Barnbrook.H.M.34.Waggoner.Worcs.Tenbury.

Etty? Do.wife.30.Dress Maker.

Mary Ann do.daur.1.

F78/Page 5.

High Street.

Abel Fletcher.H.M.39.Miller.

Catherine do.wife.34.

Sarah A do.daur.4.

Edward Hughes.serv.U.19.

Sarah Wilks.serv.11.

Rachel Morgan.H.Wid.52.Nail Maker.

Henry do.son.U.19            do      do

Eliza do.daur.11.

William Shipman.H.M.73.Nail Maker.

William do.son.U.34.             do    do

Job Short.H.M.59.Bricklayers Lab.

Charlotte do.wife.64.Nail Maker.

Joseph Southall.lodger.Wid.46. Nail Maker.

John          do.        do.U.19.         do      do

F79/Page 6.

High Street.

Joseph Ellis.H.M.33.Nail Maker.

Sarah do.wife.33.      do       do

Ann do.daur.8.

Rachel do daur.6.

Mary do.daur.4.

Jane do.daur.2.

Henry do.son.2 months.

John Hartill.H.M.51.Nail Maker.

Sarah do.wife.52.             do     do

William do.son.U.22. do      do

Phoebe do.daur.U.20. do     do.

Ann do.daur.U.18.      do     do

Elizabeth do.daur.U.16.do   do

Jane do.daur.14.         do      do

John do.son.12.         do      do

Edward do.son.8.

F79/Page 7.

Brick Kiln Street.

Thomas Walters.H.M.40.Nail Maker.

Hannah do.wife.38.           do     do

John do.son.U.16.          do     do

David do.son.14.               do     do

Sarah do.daur.12.             do     do

Eliza do.daur.10.

Cornelius do.son.7.

Joseph do.son.5.

George do.son.2.

Hannah do.daur.3 months.

William Passmore.H.M.37.Bricklayers Lab.Wombourn.

Mary do.wife.38. Nail Maker. Womborn.

Eliza do.daur.U.17. do do.Womborn.

Frank do.son.15. do do.Womborn.

Pathena do.daur.12. nnurse.Womborn.

Joseph do.son.9.Nail Maker.Womborn.

William do.son.7.Bricklayers Lab.Womborn.

Jane do.daur.5.Womborn.

Elizabeth do.daur.2.Womborn.

F80/Page 8.

Brick Kiln Street.

Josepf Lees.H.M.32.Nail Maker.

Sarah do.wife.24.       do     do

William Hickman.son in law.5.

Catherine Lees.daur.3.

Thomas do.son.1 month.

Thomas do.lodger.Wid.58.Bricklayers Lab. At Sea.

Reuben do.lodger.U.20.Nail Maker.

Edward Richards.H.M.27.Coal Miner.

Elizabeth do.wife.24.Nail Maker.Salop.Shrewsbury.

John do.son.2.

Ann do.daur.4 months.

Hannah Hughes.Lodger.U.23.Nail Maker.

Joseph Webb.H.M.54.Bricklayers Lab.

Lydia do.wife.54.Nail Maker.

F80/Page 9.

Brick Kiln Street.

Josiah Bradley.H.M.42.Lime Pit Lab.

Maria do.44.Nail Maker.

Mathew do.son.U.18.Waggoner.

Rebecca do.daur.U.16.Nail Maker.

Maria do.daur.13.         do      do

Jane do.daur.10.Nurse.

Edward do.son.7.

Joseph Timmins.H.Wid.45.Ag Lab.

Sarah do.daur.U.17.Nail Maker.

William do.son.14.Coal Miner.

Two houses un-inhab.

John Baines.H.M.30.Nail Maker.

Elizabeth do.wife.27.Yorkshire.Rotherham.

Henry do.son.4.Yorkshire.Rotherham.

Mary do.daur.2.Yorkshire.Rotherham.

Joseph Witton.H.M.28.Nail Maker.

Mary A do.wife.24.       do      do

Elizabeth do.daur.4.

Job do.son.4 months.

F81/Page 10.

Brick Kiln Street.

Sarah Bradley.H.Wid.51.Shoe Binder.

Hannah do.daur.U.17.House Maid.

John do.son.16.Shoe Maker.

Joseph do.son.13.

Sarah do.daur.10.

Benjamin do.son.8.

Edward Hartill.H.M.52.Nail Maker.

Mary do.wife.49.           do    do

Elizabeth do.daur.U.20.   do   do

Leah do.daur.U.18.         do   do

Kesiah? Do.daur.U.15.  do    do

Sarah do.daur.9.

Richard Atkins.H.M.30.Nail Maker.Burntwood.

Elizabeth do.wife.32.     do      do

Joseph Simner.son by wife.U.18.Puddler of Iron.

George Jones.son by wife.12.Furnace Boy.

William do.son by wife.10.Nail Maker.

Charlotte Atkins.Lodger.U.18.Nail Maker.

F81/Page 11.

High Street.

John Jeffs.H.M.51.Road Lab.Salop.Kinley.

Elizabeth do.wife.51.Salop.Claverley.

John Wilkes.H.M.57.Cooper.

Elizabeth do.wife.57.

Harriet do.daur.U.34.

Temperance do.daur.U.26.Hay/Stay? Maker.

Joseph do.son.U.25.Cooper.

Sabina J do.daur.U.22.Dress Maker.

Enos do.son.16.Errand Boy.

Ann do.G-daur.2.Womborn.

Eliza J do.G-daur.2.Wolverhampton.

Isaac Newey.H.M.47.Inn Keeper.

Zillah do.wife.46.

Samuel Pennings.Lodger.U.45.Groom Coachman.Enville.

Hannah Guest.serv.U.18.

F82/Page 12.

High Street.

Phoebe Toy.H.Wid.48.Maltster.Victualler.

Eli do.son.U.22.Butcher.

Charley do.son.U.20.Roll Turner.

Isaehar do.son.U.16.

Esther do.daur.11.

Ann Box.niece.U.21.Annuitant.

Joseph Oakley.serv.U.74.Maltster.

Job Nott.H.M.46.Shoe Maker.

Sarah do.wife.47.Nail Maker.

William do.son.U.23. do do.

Job do.son.U.19.       do do

Rebecca do.daur.U.17. do do.

Sarah do.daur.9.

Selina do.daur.6.

Bethsheba do.daur.3.

F82/Page 13.

High Street.

John Fellows.H.M.35.Nail Maker.

Sarah do.wife.34.        do     do

Esther do.daur.13.      do     do

Louisa do.daur.7.

Elizabeth do.daur.2.

William Hughes.H.M.60.Butcher.

Elizabeth do.wife.62.Salop.Alverly.

Sarah Caddick.lodger.20.Nail Maker.Salop.Alverly.

William Southall.H.M.56.Nail Maker.

Jane do.wife.48.                do     do

Thomas do.son.U.24.       do     do

Henry do.son.U.22.         do     do

Job do.son.12.                 do     do

F83/Page 14.

High Street.

John Lavender.H.M.35.Nail Maker.Worcs,Dudley.

Harriet dowife.35.          do     do

Joseph do.son.10.

Edward do.son.7.

Phoebe do.daur.6.

John do.son.4.

Mary J do.daur.1 month.

Joseph Ashcroft.H.M.35.Coal Dealer.

Sarah do.wife.33.

Alfred do.son.10.

Herbert do.son.8.

Richard do.son.5.

John do.son.2.

Daniel do.son.9 months.

Robert Griffiths.H.M.35.Brewery Man.Bedfordsh.Luton.

Sarah do.wife.32.Salop.Averly.

Richard do.son.10.dumb.

Harriet do.daur.9.

Mary A do.daur.8 months.

F83/Page 15.

High Street.

John Cooper.H.M.46.Ag Lab.Salop.Stockton.

Mary do.wife.43.Nail Maker.

Richard John do.son.U.17.Waggoner.

Thomas do.son.15.Waggoner.

William do.son.13.

Edward do.son.9.

Jane Guest.Lodger.Wid.76.Salop.Tinsell.

Edward Cresswell.H.M.41.Coal Miner.

Elizabeth do.wife.41.Nail Maker.

Eli do.son.10.Colliery Lab.

Uriah do.son.8.

Mary A do.daur.5.

Jabez do.son.2.

Phoebe do.daur.6 months.

John Cresswell.H.M.30.Nail Maker.

Harriet do.wife.30.          do     do

Christopher Barnes.H.M.36.Excavator.Gloucester.Chel????

Amelia do.wife.35.

F84/Page 16.

High Street. One house un-inhab.

Thomas Wedgle.H.M.49.Blacksmith.

Sarah do.wife.47.Nail Maker.

William do.son.U.19. do do.

John do.son.U.17. do do.

Mary do.daur.14.Nurse.

James do.son.9.

Mary Ellis.H.Wid.51.Nail Maker.

William do.son.U.18. do     do

Thomas do.son.10.     do     do

John do.son.8.

Samuel Collins.son in law.21.Roller of Iron.

Sarah do.daur.21.Nail Maker.

Samuel do.G-son.2.

F84/Page 17.

High Street.

John C Williamson.H.M.47.NailWarehouseman.

Mary do.wife.54.Nail Maker.

Thomas do.son.U.21.Sawyer.

John do.son.U.18.Nail Maker.

Hannah do.daur.12.

Jane do.daur.7.

John Southall.Lodger.U.46.Nail Maker.

Charley Anson..H.M.65.Nail Maker.Salop.Oldbury.

Ann do.wife.58.               do    do

David doson.U.20.Limstone Miner.

John C do.son.U.16.Nail Maker.

Samuel Anson.H.M.28.Limestone Miner.

Ann do.wife.25.Nail Maker.

Isaac Parkes.wife’s son.8.

Sarah A Anson.daur.5.

Charly do.son.3.

Amelia do.daur.1.

F85/Page 18.

High Street.

Martha Higgins.H.U.30.Nail Maker.

Joseph do.son.5.

F85/Page 18.

Square,High Street.

Benajmin Porter.H.M.32.Nail Maker.

Mary do.wife.27.              do     do

William do.son.4.

Moses do.son.1.

Joseph Marsh.Lodger.M.32.Nail Maker.

Ann do.              do.31.         do      do

John do.             do.8.Nurse.West Bromwich.

Sarah do.           do.5.

Elizabeth do.      do.1.

Amy Nicholls.H.U.30.Nail Maker.

Mary do.daur.6.nurse.

Joseph do.Lodger.U.34.Nail Maker.

John do.lodger.13.          do      do

James Pink.lodger.U.30. do     do

Ann Slater.lodger.U.30. do      do

Esther do.lodger.14.      do      do

F85/Page 19.

Square, High Street.

James Nicholls.H.M.34.Nail Maker.

Hannah do.wife.34.        do     do

Joseph do.son.11.

Mary A do.daur.5.

Susanna do.daur.3 months.

Edward Davies.H.M.45.Maltster.Montgomerysh.Gilsfield.

Mary do.wife.44.Dairy Woman.         do Leighton.

Joseph do.son.U.15.Caol Miner         do.Leighton

Elizabeth do.daur.11.nurse.                do.Leighton.

Mary do.daur.9.nurse.                        do Leighton.

Sarah do.daur.5.Salop.Priery Lee.

John do.son.1.

F85/Page 19.

High Street.

Elizabeth Shipman.H.M.62.Nail Maker.Salop.Bridgenorth.

Simon Newey.son.U.30.       do     do

Isaac Newey.H.M.26.Nail Maker.

Emma do.wife.22.        do     do

Rachel do.daur.2.

Elizabeth do.daur.1 month.(nothing recorded for place of birth)

F86/Page 20.

High Street.

Thomas Baines.H.M.28.Nail Maker.

Ellen do.wife.28.             do     do

Rachel do.daur.2.

James do.son.3 months.

Samuel Allport.lodger.M.38.Nail Maker.Lye Waste.

Mary do.lodger.M.38.             do    do Lye Waste.

Joseph Wedge.H.M.46.Cartes & Coal Dealer.

Elizabeth do.wife.38.

John do.son.13.

Maria do.daur.10.

James do.so.8.

Mary do.daur.5.

Harriet do.daur.6 months.

Joseph Langston.H.M.31.Nail Maker.

Charlotte do.wife.23.          do     do.

Isaac Jeavons.lodger.M.33. do    do

Mary do.lodger.M.30.

F86/Page 21.

High Street.

John Langston.H.M.70.Nail Maker.

Eleanor do.wife.56.

Ann do.daur.U.23.Nail Maker.

Benjamin do.son.U.18.Moulder.

Joseph do.son.11 months.

Isaac Hughes.H.M.25.Nail Maker.

Elizabeth do.wife.24.    do     do

Jane do.daur.2.

Samson Parker.H.M46.Wheelwright.

Mary do.wife.49.

Esther do.daur.U.17.Nail Maker.

Mary do.daur.15.Dress Maker.

Emma do.daur.10.

Joseph Fellows.H.M.87.Nail Maker.

Elizabeth do.wife.79.       do    do

Thomas do.son.U.35.     do    do

Titus Bennet.lodger.Wid.59.Ag Lab. (birth place not recorded)

F87/Page 22.

High Street.

James Meridith.H.M.50.Nail Maker.

Sarah do.wife.48.             do     do

John do.son.U.20.           do     do.

William do.son.U.18.      do     do

Edward do.son.15.          do     do

Thomas do.son.11.

Sarah do.daur.2.

Thomas Langston.lodger.M.27. do do.

Mary A do.             do.M.25.     do do

Banjamin do.          do.5

James do.               do.3.

William do.            do 1 month

Edward Bradford.H.M.40.Nail Maker.

Elizabeth do.wife.40.         do      do

Joseph do.son.U.19.         do      do

George do.son.11.            do      do

Henry do.son.6.

John do.son.3.

F87/Page 23.

High Street.

Elizabeth Baines.H.Wid.65.Nail Maker.

Mary Ann Hughes.G-daur.14. do do.

Thomas Russell.lodger.M.40. do do.Pelsall.\

Mary do.               do.M.39.    do do

Joseph do.             do.5.

Caroline do.           do.2.

Jacob do.               do.3 months.

Enoch Lees.           do.U.26.Nail Maker.

Rober Tilley.         do.U.48.   do   do(on line underneath states Warrington)

Moses Westwood.H.M.54.Limestone Miner.

Mary do.wife.54.Nail Maker.

Moses do.son.U.18.Limestone Miner.

John Meredith.visitor.9.

Martin Wilkes.H.M.72.Nail Maker.

Elizabeth do.wife.68.     do     do.Warwick.Birmingham.

Rebecca Bagley.niece.U.19.do.do.

Thomas Lees.lodger.U.23. do do.

Titus do.U.18.(birth place,not recorded)

F88/Page 24.

High Street.

George Fellows.H.M.60.Nail Maker.

Sarah do.wofe.59.Domestic duties.Enville.

John do.son.U.20.Nail Maker.

Sarah do.daur.U.16. do do.

Daniel do.nephew.U.38. do do.

Phoebe Wedge.lodger.U.21.do do.

Joseph Bennet..H.Wid.50.Nail Maker.

Joseph do.son.U.22        .do      do

Richard Tamlyn.H.M.30.Victualler & agent for ale.

Louisa do.wife.26.Salop.Wellington.

Mary Selina do.daur.7.Wolverhampton.

Eleanor L dodaur.6.Wolverhampton.

Daniel Richard do.son.4.Wolverhampton.

Elizabeth do.daur.3.Wolverhampton.

Emma do.daur.1.Wolverhampton.

Ellen Burns.serv.U.15.Wolverhampton.

Daniel Johnson.serv.U.20.Wolverhampton.

F88/Page 25.

High Street.

John Law.H.M.56.Proprieter of houses.

Mary do.wife.56.

Stephen do.son.U.34.Lock Smith.

Teresa do.daur.U.27.

Mary do.daur.11.

William Darbey.H.Wid.77.Retired Shoe Manufacturer.

Thomas do.don.U.51.Land & House Proprieter.

Abraham do.Brother.U.71.Late Shoe Maker.

Elizabeth Rose.serv.U.24.

John Price.H.M.22.Puddler of Iron.

Jane do.wife.20.Worcs.Dudley.

Sarah do.daur.4.

John Ellis.H.M.66.Lime Maker.Brewood.

Jane do.wife.55.Wolverhampton.

John do.son.U.16.

Eliza W do.daur.U.22.

Jane Perry.daur of Jane Ellis.U.29.Warwick.Birmingham.

Mary Clark.serv.U.20.

Enumerator Stephen Sheldon.7th April 1851.

F92/Page 1.

Townsend Cottage.

Isaac Jones.H.M.40.Miner.

Ann do.wife.38.

Herbert do.son.9.

Henry do.son.8.Handsworth.

John do.son.6.Handsworth.

Kezia do.daur.5.

Eliza do.daur.2.

F92/Page 1.

Wolverhampton Road.

James Whitehead.H.M.65.Cordwainer.Penn.

Elizabeth do.wife.63.Worcs.Stourbridge.

William do.son.U.21.Gardener.

Samuel James.H.M.45.Ag Lab.Worcs.Astlebury.

Dessemore? Do.wife.50.(birth place not recorded)

John Haycox.son in law.Wid.30.Ag Lab.Burford.

Richard Pugh.H.M.60.Ag Lab.Sa;lop.Church Stoke.

Mary do.wife.59.Salop.Ludlow.

Henry do.son.4.Worcs.Bromsgrove.

Susannah do.daur.3.Worcs.Bromsgrove.

F93/Page 2.

Same House.

George Pugh.son.1.Salop.Bromsgrove.(it does say Salop)

Susannah do.Sister.U.62.Salop.Church Stoke.

Emma Dorrell.serv.U.11.Worcs.NK.

F93/Page 2.

Wolverhampton Road.

George Underwood.H.M.42.Brickmaker.Per???.West Hall Lane.

Ann do.wife.40.Nottingham.Clulwell?

George do.son.U.21.Miner.Notts.Clulwell?

Joseph do.son.U.18.do.Notts.Bee????

William do.son.U.15.do.Notts Bee???

Alfred do.son.12. do.Wolverhampton.

Edwain do.son.10.Wolverhampton.

Herbert do.son.6.Wolverhampton.

Charley do.son.3.Wolverhampton.

Arthur do.son.8 months.

One house building

F93/Page 3.

Wolverhampton Road.

Richard Powis.H.Wid.43.Coal Miner.Salop.Old Park.

John do.son.U.17.              do     do

Samuel do.son.U.15.          do     do

Hannah do.daur.13.

Robert do.son.11.

David so.son.9.

Rebecca do.daur.7.

Richard do.son.5.

Jabez Fisher.H.M.30.Engineer.Worcs.Dudley.

Sabina do.wife.28.

Hannah do.daur.7.

Joseph do.son.5.

Mary do.daur.1.

F94/Page 4.

Goldthorn Hill, Fighting Cocks Inn.

Edward Tay.H.U.47.Inn Keeper.

Elizabeth do.Mother.Wid.72.Anniutant.Penn.

Elizabeth A Arthur.niece.U.20.Inn Keeper’s daur.Breemsh?Frecastle?

Elizabeth S Parry.niece.4.Lacemans daur.Wolverhampton.

Henry do.nephew.2.Lacemans son.Wolverhampton.

Mary Jones.serv.U.15.Wolverhampton.

Joseph Kirkman.serv.U.25.Tettenhall.

Ann Parry.Sister.M.39.Lacemans wife.

Walter Pryce do.nephew.10 months.Lacemans son.Wolverhampton.

F94/Page 4.

Goldthorn Hill.

Mary Turley.H.Wod.72.Washer Woman.Wolverhampton.

Benajmin do.son.M.44.Vice Maker.London.

Mary do,daur in law.45.Washer Woman.Tipton.

Abraham do.nephew.8.Wolverhampton.

Maria Showell.lodger.U.39.Seamstress.Warwick.Birmingham.

Reece Price.H.M.71.Pension class K.Royal Marines.Greenwich Hospital.Salop.Ca???am?

Matilda do.wife.53.Salop.Dawley.

F94/Page 5.

Goldthorn Hill.

Joseph Ward.H.M.58.Blacksmith.Bilston.

Fanny do.wife.50.

Phoebe do.daur.25.Dress Maker.

Ann do.daur.21.Governess.

John do.son.U.19.Blacksmith.

Fanny do.daur.U.15.serv.

Samuel do.son.U.13.Blacksmith.

Georeg do.son.11.Sharpner(Blacksmith0

Richard B do.G-son.8.

Jane Foley.h.m.47.Glaziers wife.Wolverhampton.

F94/Page 5.

Goldthorn Hill, Lodge House.

Henry Tinsley.H.M.37.Tailor.Shareshill.

Lucy do.wife.30.Warwick.Aston.

Joseph do.son.10.

Jane do.daur.8.

Elizabeth do.daur.,6.

Henry do.son.1.

Frances doson.3 months.

Mary Fox.niece.U.16.visitor.(birth place not recorded)

F95/Page 6.

Goldthorn Hill.

John Myatt.H.M.36.Gardener.Swinneton.

Eliza do.wife.27.Alverley.

John do.son.2.Wolverhampton.

Mary do.daur.under one month.

John W Rowe.H.M.29.Bathman(at Gt Malvern.Middlesex.Marlebone.

Amm do.wife.32.Staffs but not Sedgley,

Ann M do.daur.1.Worcs.St Malvern.

George Smith.H.M.32.Gardener.Worcs.Bealey.

Priscilla do.wife.27.Milliner & Dress Maker.Penn.

One house un-inhab.

F95/Page 7.

Lodge Farm.

Joseph Beddard.H.M.39.Farmer of 180 acres.employing1 Lab.Penn.

Sarah do.wife.38.Penn.

Joseph do.son.12.Penn.

Lucy do.daur.14.Penn.

Ann do.daur.10.

Sarah do.daur.8.

Edward do.son.6.

Joseph Salter.serv.U.42.Farmers serv.Salop.Dunnington.

Richard Cross.serv.U.22.Famers serv.

Charles Reynsford.serv.U.16Farmers serv.Codsall.

Sarah Culwick.serv.U.20.House serv.Tettenhall.

F95/Page 7.

Sedgley Park Farm.

William Reade.H.M.48.Farm Baliff.Salop.

Elizabeth do.wife.44.Longb?????

Richard do.son.U.19.Handsworth.

Thomas do.son.U.16,Hnadsworth.

William do.son.12.Handsworth.

John do.son.10.Handsworth.

Henry do.son.5.Ireland.Catherine Knight.visitor.U.47.Brewood.

F96/Page 8.

Same House.

Georeg Darley.serv.U.23.Warwick.Sutton Coldfield.

William Griffiths.serv.U.19.Wombourn.

Thomas Cou???.serv.U.19.NK.

F96/Page 8.

Hickmere Lands.

William Perry.H.U.38.Farmer of 83 acres.employing 5 Labs.Wombourn.

Mary do.Mother.74.

Maria do.Sister.U.43.Wombourn.

Emma Hadley.serv.U.House serv.18.Standiford.

John Pugh.serv.U.21.Farm Lab.Salop.Bishops Wood.

George Clark.serv.U.13.Farm Lab.Salop.Adbaston.

James Turner.serv.U.12.Farm Serv.Aston.

F96/Page 9.

Sedgley Park School.

James Brown.H.U.39.Catholic Priest.also farming 185 acres.keeping 5 in door farm servants and 3 out door. Do.Wolverhampton.

Thomas Fanegan.vice president.U.37.Catholic Priest.London.

Richard Phelan. U.56.Catholic Priest.. 11.

John Hayne.????urator.U.52.Birchland.

James Vinn,Teacher.U.39.( birth place not recorded)

Dominic Myatt.Prefect.U.42.( birth place not recorded)

James Thrower.Teacher.U.28.(birth place not recorded)

Joseph Cox.Teacher.U.30.Walsall.

Frederick Roache.Teacher.U.25..(birth place not recorded0

Edward Butt.Teacher.U.20.(birth place not recorded)

James Plunkett.Teacher.U.20.(birth place not recorded)

No Birth Place recorded for the following pupils of the school.

Rudolphus Egan.13.

Adam Deysdale.15.

George Bell.14.

Benjamin Cain.11.

James Robinson.14.

Joseph Bell.13.

James Gorbishley.14.

John Lloyd.15.

William Whittaker.14.

F97/Page 10.

Norton Fletcher.15.

Michael Kaye.14.

William Brough.14.

William Askew.14.

Thomas ?.14.

James Murphey.15.

Joseph Smith.12.

Henry Baldwin.12.

James Goodrich.13.

Thomas Brewet.15.

Francis M Cartley.16.

Edward Mackey.9.

Clement Bishop.11.

Thomas Maynell.12.

Thomas Phelen.12.

Philip Lodwidge.12.

Thomas Smith.11.

George Williams.11.

John Wells.10.

Jonah Plummer.14.

F97/Page 11.

William Butcher.

John Aston.12.

Arthur Kelly.13.

John Kimsworth.14.

Richard Wilson.11.

John Holland.12.

George Scathwood.13.

John Greenough.14.

Peter Marsland.13.

Alfred Gully.11.

Charles Smith.12.

Bruce Maguire.13.

Charles Mordaunt.13.

Henry Harper.11.

Thomas Simmons.11.

William Hattersley.12.

Thomas Healey.13.

Edward Walmerley.13.

Ross Cully.13.

Benedict Lee.11.

F98/Page 12.

Joseph Michell.13.

Richard Phelan.11.

James J Smith.8.

George Connery.11.

Robert Patterson.11.

Robert Lupton.11.

Thomas McDonald.20.

Henry McLaughton.18.

Francis Hawsford.14.

Herrick Walby.13.

Eugene Buguel.14.

James Richmond.15.

Isaac Goddard.15.

John Eckersley.15.

James Fisher.15.

John Fisher.16.

Thomas Brown.14.

Hugh Mackay.13.

James Hawksford.13.

Edward Daines.13.

F98/Page 13.

Charles Smith.13.

James Morehouse.14.

Marmaduke Langdale.16.

Edward Smith.15.

Michael Maher.20.

Vincent Whitegrave.15.

Francis Wells.14.

Edward Llsley.12.

Joseph Powell.12.

John Williams.15.

William Butler.13.

Robert Hawksford.11.

William How.10.

Frederic Dawson.11.

Charles Bowen.16.

Charles Bell.14.

Edmund Kirby.13.

William T Smith.13.

Charles Hipwood.14.

William Fletcher.13.

Thomas Smith.13.

F99/Page 14.

William Endland.12.

Francis Connery.13.

Charles Aalington?.14.


Joseph Shepard.10.

Philip Cavanagh.14.

Samuel Webb.14.

James Brickerdike.13.

George Pattison.13.

Joseph Moore.10.

Edward Fenn.13.

Frederic Hayes.13.

James Marsland.12.

William Robinson.13.

Charles Torvey.14.

John Dobson.14.

Richard Ward.14.

Alexander Drysdale.15.

Richard Cahill.13.

William Westhead.14.

F99/Page 15.

William Jackson.9.

William Hill.10.

Francis Shybey.9.

Joseph Spencer.8.

John Murphey.11.

Joseph Lodwidge.8.

Henry Cain.8.

Alexander McGregor.12.

Henry Fletcher.9.

William Thornton.10.

Charles Calvert.10.

Edmund Butcher.10.

Michael Laforgue.10.

Vincent Pedrone.10.

John Critchley.10.

Thomas Healey.11.

Anthony Artis.10.

Charles Artis.8.

John Hensler.9.

Henry Partridge.9.

F100/Page 16.

Thomas Guest.10.

Thomas Marsland.9.

Walstan Newman.8.

John Morris.U.46.Servant.Salop.

Ann Bird.U.66. do.Bloxwich.

Sarah Cresswell.U.21.do.Tipton.

Patrick Murray.U.18.do.Stroke Town.

Mary Holland.U.24.do.Ireland.

Hannah Chapman.U.18.Sedgley.

Hannah Southall.U.59.do.Sedgley.

Elizabeth Hasting.U.25.do.Hellthorp.

Sarah Wise.U.18.do.Sedgley.

Ann Westhead.U.37.do.Brewood.

Elizabeth Glover.U.29.do.Brewood.

Mary Hunt.U.38.do.Ireland.

Sarah Dovey.U.59.do.Codsall.

Lucy Cheadle.U.69.do.Aston.

Susannah Huberry.U.27.Codsall.

Ellen Caddick.U.23.do.Salop.Madeley.

James Parkes.U.52.Shoemaker.(birth place not recorded)

F100/Page 17.

John Binyon.U.20.Shoemaker.(birth place not recorded)

Joseph Brindley.U.40.Tailor.     do     do     do    do

Eliza Duffy.U.25.Servant.          do     do     do    do

Henry Hakemore.U.13.Student.Brewood.

Margaret Morgan.Wid.45.Servant.(birth place not recorded)

Mary Taylor.U.37.              do.          do    do  do     do


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