1851 Census Extracts for Sedgley
Folios 104 to 124

NOTE. Unless otherwise stated, born in Sedgley, Staffordshire. If no county stated then assume location to be in Staffordshire.
All names appear as interpreted/as appears on film.
Once a surname appears at an address, it is not repeated unless a different surname intervenes.
If any people following a surname have an unqualified surname, then it is to be taken as the last mentioned surname that appears before it. Also, surnames appear in upper case.
Until a different address name appears, it is the same as the previous one.
Households will be separated by a series of full stops (including households within 1 building).
I apologise for any omissions/mistakes and obviously take no responsibilities/liabilities for them.

This information very kindly transcribed by "Anonymous"


Enumerator John Edwards. 7th April 1851


F104/Page 1.

Dudley Road.

Jesse Tromand.H.M.22.Chain Maker.Rowley

Sarah do.wife.19.Nail Maker.Worcs.Dudley.

Mary A do.daur.1 month.Rowley.

Hannah Smith.Sister in law.15.Dress Maker.Worcs.Dudley.

Philip Collier.H.M.32.Chain Maker.Oldswinford.

Mary Ann do.wife.32.Oldswinford.

Enice do.daur.7.Oldswinford.

John Aston.H.M.29.Coal Dealer.

Phebe do.wife.27.

Emanuel Binns.H.M.31.Man Lab.Worcs.Lye.

Emma do.wife.31.Worcs.Lye.

Emily do.daur.7.Worcs.Lye.

Mary Ann do.daur.6.Worcs.Lye.

William do.son.2.Worcs.Lye.

George do.son.5 months.

Thomas Westwood.H.M.53.Nail ??????.Worcs.Halesowen.

Hannah do.wife.53.Nail Maker.

Emma Bennet.wife’s daur.U.11?,Nail Maker.

Thomas Tomlinson.son in law.M.30.Miner.

Eliza? Do.wife’s daur.M.29.Nail Maker.

F105/Page 3.

Same House.

Sarah Tomlinson.wife’s G-daur.7.

Mary/Mercy?A do.wife’s G-daur.5.

Emily do.wife’s G-daur.2.

Joel do.wife’s G-son.2 months.

F105/Page 3.

Dudley Road.

Dixon? Dixon.H.M.2626.Chain Maker.Kingswinford.

Anna Maria do.wife.21.Tailoress.Kingswinford.

Dixon do.son.8 months.

William Elwell.H.M.21.Chain Maker.Stourbridge.

Jane do.wife.23.Wednesfield.

Thomas Chetter.H.M.68.Late Farm Serv.Salop.Ellesh???.

Mary Ann do.daur.U.33.Dress Maker.Kingswinford.

Thomas do.son.10/16?.App to Nail Factor.Kingswinford.

William Harbage.H.M.45.Nail ????.Stourbridge.

Flora? T do.wife.42.Stourbridge.

Joseph do.son.U.20.Shoe Maker.Worcs.Dudley.

Sarah do.daur.7.Kingswinford.

Mary Ann do.daur.4.Stourbridge.

Jane Watton.H.Wid.44.

Hannah do.daur.U.19.Dress Maker.

Mary Ann do.daur.Nail Maker.

F106/Page 4.

Same House.

Richard do.13.Chain Maker.

John do.son.8.

Moses do.son.6.

F106/Page 4.

Dudley Road.

John Jukes.H.M.27.Nail Maker.

Susanna do.wife.22 .do    do.Worcs.Bromsgrove

John do.son.11.

Myra dp.daur.1.

John Tinsley.H.M.66.Nail Maker.

John Aston.G-son.16.Nail Factor App

Henry Green..H.M.33.NialFactor Clerk.Rowley Regis.

Hagar do.wife.26.Rowley Regis.

Emma do.daur.5.Rowley Regis.

Hannah do.daur.3

Mary do.daur.11.

Ellen M Holland.serv.16.Ox??.Lynenham?

John Edwards.H.M.41.Grocers ClerkEnumerator.Salop.Grinshild.

Elizabeth do.wife.42.

Charles White? do.son.11.Worcs.Dudley.

Emma Jane do.daur.5.

Mary Ann do.Sister.36.Governess.Salop.Grinsild.

F106/Page 5.

Same House.

Richard Lloyd.lodger.U.25.Nail & Chain Merchant Clerk.MontgomeryBerriew.

F106/Page 5.

Dudley Road. Peg Alley.

John Jukes.HM55.Nail Maker.

Hannah do.wife.58. do do.

Richard so.son.U.33. do do.

Thomas Bird.H.M.42.Nail Maker.

Elizabeth do.wife.46.do do. Tipton.

William do.son.U.20.Nail Maker.

Thomas do.son.16. do do

Sarah do.daur.15. do do.

Emma do.daur.13. do do.

Henry do.son.7. do do.

Edward do.son.1.

Matilda Woodall.H.M.46.Nail Maker.Rowley.

Simeon Tibbets.son.U.19.Chain Maker. Rowley.

Fanny do.daur.17.Nail Maker.Rowley.

Sarah A do.daur.3.

James Tromans.lodger.U.18.Chain Maker.Rowley.

Josiah Haywood.H.M.22.Nail Maker.Burntwood.

Mary Ann do.wife.19.Dress Maker.

Thomas do.son.6 months?

F107/Page 6.

Dudley Road.Peg Alley.

John Standley.H.M.78.Nail Maker.

Ann do.wife.78.              do   do.

Thomas Bennett.lodger.31.Miner.Worcs.Dudley.

Hannah do.lodger.27.Dress Maker.

F107/Page 6.

Dudley Road.

Wulliam Lowe.H.M.56.Victualler.

Sophia do.wife.53.

Edwin do.son.U.18.Salder’s App.

Elizabeth do.daur.15.

Thomas Bradley.H.M.39.Nail Maker(???5 deed?)

Sarah do.wife.40.              do       do

Hannah do.daur.12.

Richard do.son.10.Chain ??ker.

Joseph do.sin.5.

Harriett do.daur.2.

James Sadler.H.M.55.Miller.Womborn.

Mary do.wife.50.

James do.son.19.Chain Maker.

William do.son.16. do do.

John do.son.12. Chain St??ker.

Thomas do.son.10. do do.

F107/Page 7.

Dudley Road.

Thomas Haywood.H.M.53.Nail Maker.Darlaston.

Elizabeth do.wife.51. do do.Burntwood.

Eliza do.daur.U.24. do do.Burntwood.

Maria do.daur.19..do do.Hammerwich.

William do.son.14. do do.Hammerwich.

George do.son.12.Hammerwich.

F107/Page 7.

Chain Alley.

Thomas Russell.H.M.43.Nail Maker.Pelsall.

Sarah do.wife.47. do do.Darlaston.

Charles do.son.U.18. do do.Darlaston.

Joseph do.son.15. do do.Darlaston.

Tamar do.daur.13.do do.Darlaston.

Phebe do.daur.9. do do.Darlaston.

Jane Hickman.lodger.13.do do.

John Hickman.H.M.48.Nail Maker.

Sarah do.wife.46.            do     do.

John do.son.U.28.Chain Maker.

James do.son.26.Nail Maker.

Thomas do.son.21.do do.

Hannah do.daur.16. do do.

Mary Ann do.daur.15.do do.

F108/Page 8.

Same House.Dudley Road.Chain Alley.

Sarah do.saur.11.

Samuel do.son.5.

Martha do.daur.2.

Thomas Harbage.lodger.U.22.Nailer.Worcs.Stourbridge.

Emma Woodall.daur.10.Rowley.

Elizabeth do.daur.7.Rowley.

Mary Ann do.daur.5,Rowley.

John do.son.2.Rowley.

Hannah do.daur.4 months.

Phebe Short.lodger.Wid.68.????? woman.Worcs.Dudley.

Benjamin Price.H.M.27.Chain Maker.Rowley.

Caroline do.wife.24.Dress Maker.Rowley.

Mary Ann do.daur.6.Rowley.

Thomas do.son.4.Rowley.

William do.2.

Thomas Tromans.H.M.61.Nail Maker.Rowley.

Mary do.wife.61.Worcs.Cradley.

Jabez do.son.U.26.Chain Maker.Rowley.

Fanny do.daur.15.Nail Maker.Rowley.

Elizabeth Smith.daur.30. do do.Rowley.

F108/Page 9.

Same House.Dudley Road.

Lucy  do.G-daur.6.Rowley.

Thomas do.G-son.11.Rowley.

F108/Page 9.

Dudley Road.

Benjamin Walker.H.M.M.23.Stone Miner.

Hannah do.wife.23.Nail Maker.

Caroline Jukes.lodger.19.Nail Maker.

Benjamin Watton.H.M.28.Carpenter.

Ann do.wife.29.

Joseph (W?) do.son.1.

Mary do.visitor.age?


James Parry.H.M.37.Master Carpenter,employing 1 man.Salop.Shrewsbury.

Elizabeth do.wife.29.

Prudence H do.daur.8.

William D do.son.5.

Elizabeth do.daur.2.

George Butler.H.M.30.Nail Maker.Worcs.Bromsgrove.

Mary do.wife.30.           do     do.

John do.son.9.

Dinah do.daur.5.

Emma do.daur.11 months.

F109/Page 10.

Dudley Road.

Thomas Watton..H.M.44.Boatman.

Mary do.wife.41.Tettenhall.

Thomas do.visitor.10.

Edward Williams.H.M.50.Inn Keeper.

Elizabeth do.wife.48.

Edward do.son.U.20.Hawker.

Sarah do.daur.U.18.

Thomas do.son.16.

Sarah do.G-daur.3.

John Watton.H.M38.Boatman.

Hannah do.wife.35.

Hannah do.daur.15.Help.

Mary do.daur.18.     do.

Sarah do.daur10.

Emma do.daur.8.

Betsy do.daur.6.

Eliza Jane do.daur.1.

David Wootton.H.M.30.Shoe Maker.Willenhall.

Martha do.wife.25.Dress Maker.Salop.Shifnal.

Herbert do.son.2.Wolverhampton?

F109/Page 11.

Dudley Road. Same House.

Harriett Mersey.visitor.Wid.25.Dress Maker.Wolverhampton.

James E do.visitor.2 months.Wolverhampton.

F109Page 11.

Dudley Road.

Benjamin Butler.H.Wid.64.Bricklayer.

William do.son.U.20. Bricklayer.

Mary do.daur.U.19.

Joseph do.son.12.Chain Maker.

Henry do.son.G-son.2.

Thomas Aston.son in law.M.35.Miner.

Sarah do.daur.33.Nail Maker.

Mary Ann do.G-daur.8.

Sarah do.G-daur.6.

Maria do.G-daur.4.

Edward do.G-son.2.

John  ?allow.G-son.6.

Benjamin Naylor.H.M.56.Lab.

Mary Ann do.wife.40.

Joseph do.son.U.17.Lab.

Benjamin do.son.13.

Elizabeth do.daur.8.

Jane do.daur.3.

F110/Page 12.

Same House.Dudley Road.

Rebecca do.daur.3.

Eliza do.daur.1.

House Union  (S???) House void.

John Wild.H.M.45.Ag Lab.La?.Montgomery.

Ann do.wife.44.Montgomery.Aston.

Mary do.daur.U.21.Salop.Ford.

Richard do.son.11.Bricklayers Lab.

Ann do.daur.12.

Thomas do.son.10.

Frances do.aon.6.

Martha do.daur.4.

Herbert do.son.1.

William Westwood.H.M.25.Mannfer? Lab.

Catherine do.wife.25.Nail Maker.Swindon.

Elizabeth do.daur.3.

Martha do.daur.3months.

Moses Williams.h.m.53.Cordwainer.

Sarah do.wife.54.

Betsy Hyde.visitor.11.

William do.visitor.4.

F110/Page 13.

Dudley Road.

Joseph Clark..H.M.60.Whitesmith.

Rebecca do.wife.50.Staffs.?????by.

Sarah do.daur.U.16.

Phebe Sheriden.daur.M.Dress Maker.

Joseph do.G-son.2.Ireland.

John do.G-son.5 months.

Elizabeth Richardson.G-daur.11.

Thomas do.G-son.7.

Mary Ann do.G-daur.5.

Hannah Wolverson.H.M.32.

Mary do.daur.9.

Marths do.daur.5.

Rachael do.daur.1.

Sarah do.visitor.M.42.Rowley.

John Ascroft.H.M.31.Master Blacksmith.

Sarah do.wife.24.Montgomery.

Amelia do.daur.11 months.

John Jeavons.H.M.52Bricklayer.

Phebe do.wife.43.Nailer.

Hannah do.daur.U.19.do.

F111/Page 14.

Same House.Dudley Road.

Elizabeth do.daur.U.17.Tailoress.

Jane do.daur.12.Nurse.

James do.son.10.

Charlotte do.daur.4.

Mary A do.daur.3.

F111/Page 14.

Dudley Road.

Sarah Westwood.H.Wid.39.Nail Maker.

George do.son.14.Bricklayers Lab.

Sarah do.daur.12.Nurse.

Ann do.daur.9. Nurse.

John Meredith.H.Wid.49.Miner.

Mary do.daur.U.22.Bank Woman.

Ann do.daur.U.19.Char Woman.Chester.Alsagar.

Sarah do.daur.13.Nurse.

Eliza do.daur.10.Nurse.Kent.Folkston.

John Rollason..H.M.39.Stone Mason.

Elizabeth do.wife.38.Nail Maker.

Susannah do.daur.12.

Samuel do.son.10.

Isaiah do.son.7.

Thomas do.son.3.

F111/Page 15.

Dudley Road.

Moses Flavell.H.M.38.Labourer and Ag.

Harriet do.wife.39.Nail Maker.

Elizabeth do.daur.14. do do.

Moses do.son.9.Labourer and Ag.

John do.son.6.

Mary do.daur.3.

William Hartill.H.M.50.Stone Getter.

Hannah do.wife.43.

Thomas do.son.U.23.Stone Getter.

William do.son.U.17.Bricklayers Lab.

Benjamin do.son.15.      do           do.

Helen do.daur.13.Nurse.

Hannah do.daur.11.Nurse.

Mary do.daur.9.

Margaret do.daur.7.

Samuel do.son.5.

James do.son.4.

Isaac do.son.2.

John Cox.H.M.28.Bricklayers.

Susannah do.wife.33.Nail Maker.

F112/Page 16.

Dudley Road.

James do.son.10.Chain Blower.

Joseph do.son.8.

Sarah do.daur.5.

John do.son.1.

F112/Page 16.

Dudley Road.

William HartilL..H.M.82.Shoe Maker.

Sarah do.wife.82.

Mary Hill.H.Wid.71.Nail Maker.

Phebe? Pugh.G-daur.M.29.Tailoress.

Elizabeth do.GG-daur.1.

?an Blakam..H.M.38.Screw Maker.

Mary do.wife.35.

John do.son.4.

Hannah Hickman.sister in law.U.19.Dress Maker.

Benjamin Walker.H.M.45.Stone Mason.

Catherine? Do.wife.44.

Mary do.daur.14.Dress Maker.

Jane do.daur.11.

Ann do.daur.5.

William Flavell.lodger.U.20.Stone Mason.

F112/Page 17.

Dudley Road.

John Parker.H.U.51.Stone Quarry Man/Mas? Employing12 men.

Susannah do.sister.U.39.House Keeper.

Jemima Hill.Aunt.Wid.74/94?

Thomas Raybould.H.M.48.Miner.

Mary do.wife.48.

Thomas do.son.U.18.Miner.

Joseph do.son.12.Miner.

Mary do.Mother.Wid.80.

Ann Pugh.serv.16.

William Lewis.H.M.61.Carpenter.

Hannah do.wife.61.

Thomas do.son.U.23.Carpenter.

Henry do.son.U.21. do.

Cornelius Blackam.H.M.53.Cordwainer.

Elizabeth do.wife.U.40.Worcs.Oldbury.

Samuel do.son.14.Wolverhampton.

Sarah Ann do.daur.12.Tipton.

William do.son.10.

Joseph do.son.8.

F113/Page 18.

Same House.Dudley Road.

Mary A do.daur.5.

Helen do.daur.3 months.

Clara do.daur.2.

F113/Page 18.

Dudley Road.

Elisha Meanley.H.M.27.Carpenter.Worcs.Dudley.

Ann do.wife.28.

Sarah JeavonsServ?.U.13.

James Meanley.H.Wid.59.Engineer.

Sarah J do.daur.U.20.House Keeper.

James .do.G-.son.8.

James Betton.H.M.73.Ag Lab.Salop.Pontesbury.

Selitin? Do/.wife.63.

Henry Palmer.lodger.M.23.Miner.

Betsy do.lodger.M.22.

Mary Ann do.lodger.1.

Thomas Rhodes.H.M.57.Late Bankers Clerk.

Eliza do.wife.33.Proprieter of Houses.Worcs.Dudley.

Sarah do.daur.U.27.Worcs.Dudley.

Esther do.daur.U.215.Worcs.Dudley.

Harriet Hickman.U.23.

F113/Page 19.

Dudley Road.

Sarah Turner..H.Wid.63.Victualler.

Jane Mills.sister.Wid.54.Assistant.

John Hilton.brother.U.53.Assistant.

John Jukes.lodger.U.43.General Agent.

Jane Probert.U.24.House Serv.Heref’d.Lantwardene.

John Taylor..H.M.54.Lab Farmer.Ellenhall.

Mary Ann do.wife.28.Ecceshall.

Mary Ann do.daur.9.

Thomas John do.son.5.

Elizabeth Hilton.H.U.32.Dress Maker.

Lucy do.sister.31.             do        do

John do.brother.19.Porter?

Henry Freeman..H.M.31?.Mas Blksmith emply 2 men & 1 boy.Worcs.Chaddesley Corbet.

Ann do.wife.29.Worcs.Oldswinford.

Mary Ann do.daur.5.Worcs.Bradley.

Geo Barlett.(no relationship recorded)U.17.Lab Blacksmith.Worcs.Oldswinford.

Thomas Collins..H.M.41.Butcher.

Mary Ann do.wife.51.

John do.son.17.(no occupation recorded)

Thomas do.son.14.

F114/Page 20.

Same House.

Sarah J do.daur.12.

F114/Page 20.

Dudley Road.

William Barrows.H.M.36.Iron Master.Warwick.Birmingham.

Helen do.wife.22.Germany.

Emily M do.faur.2.

Sarah D Evans.visitor.U.13.Germany.

Mary Carrier.U.18.serv.An????.(not Sedgley)

Sarah Kendall.28.serv.Worcs.Bromsgrove.

Geo Hardwick.35.serv.Salop.Sightley.

John Davies..H.M.37.Cordwainer.

Phebe do.wife.38.

Sam’l do.son.10.

John Rollason.H.M.36.Stone Mason.

Sarah do.wife.32.

Jos’h do.son.14.Stone Mason.

Jesse do.son.12.

Albert do.son.10.

Charles do.son.7.

Ernest A do.son.5.

Jason John do.son2.

Arthur A do.son.3 months.

F114/Page 21.

Dudley Road.

John Palmer.H.M.50.A.B.Presbyterian Minister.Ireland.Waterford.

Jane do.wife.33.Classical Maths? Teacher.Worcs.Dudley.

Henry do.son.13.Pupil.Worcs.Dudley.

Gilbert Cooper.12.Pupil.Worcs.Oldbury.

Edward do.11.Pupil.Worcs.Oldbury.

Joseph Brookes.11.Pupil.Worcs.Oldbury.

Selina Pearson.U.19.serv.Dudley Port.

Richard Harris/Hems?.U.17.serv.Warwick.

Richard D???? Dingle.H.U.25.Schoolmaster.B.A.Cornwall.Callington.

Elizabeth do.sister.U.27.Cornawall.Callington.

Sarah Jones.U.15.serv.Salop.Wellington.

Ann Bradley.H.U.54.Birmingham.

Joseph do.son.U.26.Tipton.

Charles do.son.21.???? Agent.Tipton.

Harriet do.daur.U.18.Tipton.

John do.son.11.Tipton.

Jane Lewis.U.19.serv.Bilston.

John Willingham.U.19.serv.Worcs.Clent.

John Hall.H.M.56.Nail Factor.

Catherine do.wife.57.

F115/Page 22.

Same House.Ruiton Road.

Henry do.son.U.31.Nail Factor.

Catherine do.daur.U.26.

Mary Oafield.U.40.serv.

John Hickman.H.M.37.Mine Lab.

Mary Ann do.wife.35.Nail Maker.

Sarah Jane do.daur.14.Nurse.

Mary do.daur.10.

Benjamin do.son.8.

Helen do.daur.6.

Alice do.daur.3.Noah do.7 months.

Thomas Jordan.Father in law.M.64.Stone Quarry Man.B????inh Lane.

Mary do.Mother in law.M.64.

One house un-inhab

Thomas Hunt.H.M.33.Stone Mason.Worcs.

Mary Ann do.wife.35.

Elizabeth do.daur.12.

Thomas do.son.10.

William do.son.7.

F115/Page 23.

Ruiton Road.

Joseph Price.H.M.37.Mine Lab.

Susannah do.wife.32.Nail Maker.

Mary Ann do.daur.14. do do.

Elizabeth do.daur.12.

William do.son.8.

John do.son.5.

Thomas do.son.3.

Henry do.son.1.

John Parker.lodger.72.Labourer.

Joseph Williams.H.M.50.Provision Shop.

Mary do.wife.51.

Louisa do.daur.U.19.

John do.son.11.

Joseph do.son.8.

Michael Tooth..H.M.49.Carpenter.Salop.Sherriff Hales.

Eliza do.wife.54.Worcs.Oldswinford.

Thomas do.son.22.Painer do.Birmingham.

Joseph Oakley.H.M.69.Sand Seller.

Mary do.wife.66.            do      do

Zachariah Hobson.lodger.M.28.Collier.

F116/Page 24.

Same House.Ruiton Road.

Sarah Hobson.lodger.M.26.

Alice.do.            do.8.

Joseph do.         do.3.

Sarah Jane do.   do.5 months.

Ruiton Road, Back of Bull Butchers Inn.

John Westwood.H.M.25.Stone Mason.

Sarah do.wife.26.Stone Mason.

Sarah Jane do.daur.3.

Joseph do.son.3 months.

John Jones.H.M.56.Sawyer.Montgomeryshire.Berriew.

Jane do.wife.48.                           do.Tregenon.

Ann do.daur.U.18.serv.               do Tregenon.

Mary do.daur.U.16.                    do Berriew.

John do.son.13.Lab.                   do Berriew.

Thomas do.son.10.                     do Berriew.

John Holden.H.M.61.Lab.Derby.Rosliston.

Elizabeth do.wife.57.Hau Cross.

Joyce? Hulse.daur.M.31.Derby.Rosliston.

Sarah do.G-daur.5.???? Staffs.

William H do.G-son.3.Tipton.

John do.G-son.10 months.Bilston.

F116/Page 25.

Same House.Ruiton.back of the Bull Butcher Inn.

Joseh Guest.lodger.U.17.Bricklayer.

Benjamin ??????. lodger.U.16.Bricklarer.

Thomas Blunt.H.M.58.Miner.Worcs.Rock.

Ann Maria do.wife.20.Dress Maker.

Alfred do.son.16.Lab.Worcs.Dudley.

Hester do.daur.4 months.

Philip Smith.H.U.69.Yeoman.Worcs.Dudley.

Michael Fellows.H.M.67.Lab.

Hannah do.wife.68.

William do.son.U.24.Bricklayer.

Benjamin do.son.U.21.Stone Mason.

John do.son.U.16.Lab.

Hannah do.daur.14.

John Fellows.H.M.28.Lab.

Esther do.wife.25.

Thomas do.son.2.

Jane do.daur.2 months.

John Flavell.H.M.23.Tinman.

Sophia do.wife.24.

Sarah Jane do.daur.3 weeks.

F117/Page 26.

Same House.

Stephen Flavell.son.3.

F117/Page 26.


Joseph New.H.M.42.Coker.Kinver.

Mary do.wife.43.Nail Maker.

Maria do.daur.U.17. do do.Kingswinford.

Thomas do.son.9.Kingswinford.

Susannah do.daur.6.

William do.son.4.

Daniel Marsh..H.M.48.Butcher & Victualler.

Hannah do.wife.47.

Hannah do.daur.16.

Benjamin do.son.4?.

Ruiton.Lower Gornal Road.

John Hickman.H.M.59.Lab ??? Wks.

Hannah do.wife.59.

Joseph do.son.U.42.Lab.

Moses do.son.U.27.Lab.

Thomas do.son.21.Lab.

William do.son.14.

Hannah do.M.20.Nail Maker.

John do.G-son.2.

F117/Page 27.

Ruiton.Botony Bay.

John Taylor.H.M.68.Nail Maker.

Mary do.wife.75.        do     do

Thomas do.son.34.Lab.

John Hickman.H.M.30.Nail Maker.

Hannah do.wife.32.        do     do

Thomas do.son.9.

Harriet do.daur.5.

Mary Ann do.daur.2.

Ann Blackam.wife’s Mother.Wid.56.Washer Woman.Wednesbury.

Caroline do.wife’s Sis.U.24.Nail Maker.

William do.wife’s Bro.U.22.Stone Quarryman.

Sarah Williams.H.(?).72.Seamstress.

Joseph do.son.M.28.Boatman.

Elizabeth do.son’s wife.27.Nail Maker.

Moses do.son’s son.1.

William do.son’s son.1 month.

Pricilla Mullett.lodger.U.20.Nail Maker.

Elizabeth Westwood.lodger.U.19.Brick Maker.

Edward Westwood.H.M.46.Stone Mason.

Catherine do.wife.40.

F118/Page 28.

Same House.Ruiton.Botony Bay.

George Westwood.son.U.16.Bricklayers Lab.

Moses do.son.15.Blacksmith.

Eliza do.daur.4.

Edward do.son.age ?

Isaac do.son.2.

F118/Page 28.

Ruiton.Botony Bay.

Joseph Taylor.H.M.45.Nail Maker.

Jane do.wife.41.             do    do

Mary do.daur.U.17.       do    do

Ann do.daur.U.15.         do    do

Emma do.daur.12.         do     do

Jane do.daur.10.

Thomas do.son.8.

Elizabeth do.daur.11 months.

John do.son.3.Lame

John Edwards.H.M.34.Nail Maker.Salop.Cosely.

Mary do.wife.28. Nail Maker.

Jane do.daur.9.

Esther do.daur.6.

Sarah do.daur.?(too faded to read)

Joseph do.son. 8 months.

F118/Page 29.

Same House.Ruiton.Botony Bay.

Joseph Edwards.Bro.U.23.Bricklayers Lab,

F118/Page 29.

Ruiton.Botony Bay.

John Banes.H.M.41.Lime Getter.

Nancy do.wife.38.

James do.son.15.Lime Getter.

Joseph do.son.10.Iron Stone Miner.

Thomas do.son.8.

Daniel do.son.7.

William do.son.5.

Benjamin do.son.3.

Samuel do.son.1.

Lower Gornal Road.

Isaac Hill.H.M.33.Stone Mason.

Mary do.wife.36.

Francis do.son.12.Stone Mason.

Isaac do.son.6.

Sarah do.daur.5.

Alexander do.son.4.

Joseph do.son.2.

John George do.son.1.

F119/Page 30.

Ruiton.Lower Gornal Road.

Joseph Hill.H.M.35.Stone Mason.

Hannah do.wife.30.

Elizabeth do.daur.6.

John do.son.4.

Joseph do.son.2.

James Bates.H.M.28.? Brick Maker.Glos.Dark Hill.

Charlotte do.wife.29.

James H do.son.3.

William H do.son.2.

Ellen do.daur.1 month.

Ann New.U.18.House serv.Enville.

William Penn.U.18.Lab.NK.

Joseph Sheldon.H.M.60.Lab.

Elizabeth do.wife.60.

William Hill.H.Wid.63.Stone Mason.

Daniel Blackam.son in law.M.37.Bricklayer.

Susanna do.daur.M.35.Dress Maker.


F119/Page 31.

Ruiton.Lower Gornal Road.

Joseph Russell.H.U.28.Lab.

Paul do.Father.M.54.Lab.Himley.

Mary do.Mother.M.54.

John do.Brother.U.24.Cotton Maker.

Richard do.Brother.U.18.Lab.

Edward do.Brother.U.16.Lab.

Jane do.Sister.11.

John Abbiss.Brother in law.M.22.Butcher.

Mary do.Sister.M.28?

Joseph do.Nephew.1.

Eliza do.Niece.1 month.

Henry Wood.son.18.Grocers son.Worcs.Dudley.

Charles do.don.15.Worcs.Dduely.

William do.son.11.Worcs.Dduely.

William Corfield.U.24.Serv Porter.Salop.Hopton Wafers.

Mary Ann Wilcome.U.19.House Serv.Somerset.Coleford.

Paul Thompson.H.M.36.Mills & Butcher.

Amelia do.wife.33.

Joseph do.son.7.

Mary (H?) do.daur.3.

F120/Page 32.

Same House.Ruiton.

James Thompson.son.1.

Isaac do.son.2 months.

F120/Page 32.


William Parsons.H.M.36.British School Teacher.Denbigh

Caroline do.wife.28.Salop.Bridgenorth.

Ebernezer do.son.3.Salop.Ironbridge.

JameS Green.H.M.37.Chain Maker.Kingswinford.

Jane do.wife.34.Kingswinford.

Josiah do.son.13.Chain Sticker.Kingswinford.

James do.son.10.   do       do.Kingswinford.

Samuel do.son.7.

Maria do.daur.4.

Martha do.daur.1.

Thomas Sadler.H.M.55.Lab.Worcs.Dudley.

Ann do.wife.59.

John Harris.son in law.M.24.Nail Maker.

Hannah do.daur.M.21.            do      do

Thomas do.G-son.1.

Eliza J Smith.G-daur.9.

F120/Page 33.



Jacob Baker.H.M.37.Nail Maker.

Catherine do.wife.38. do do.

Mary do.daur.12.Nurse.

Benjamin do.son.5.

Sarah do.daur.2.

Sarah Sadler.lodger.26.Nail Maker.

John Nichols.lodger.27.Lab.

Richard Nichols.H.Wid.74.Nailer.

Peter Wall.son in law.34. do.

Mary Ann do.daur.39. do.

Hannah do.G-daur.1.

Ann Earl.G-daur.U.17.

Mary do.G-daur.11.Nailer.

Sarah do.G-daur.8.

Mary E Nichols.G-daur.4.

James Witton.H.M.63.Nailer.

Mary Ann do.wife.63.Birmingham.

Thomas do.son.32.Idiot.

John do.son.15.Nailer.

William Smith.son in law.M.38.Boatman.NK.

F121/Page 34.

Same House.Ruiton.

Sarah do.daur.M.37.Boating.

Mary Ann do.G-daur.U.16. do.

Isaac do.G-son.5.

Ann do.G-daur.4.

Ann Watton.lodger.2.

James Smith.G-son.4 months.

F121/Page 34.


Benjamin Nichols.H.M.57.Bevi House?ei??

Maria do.wife.47.

Benjamin do.son.U.19.Chain Maker.

Henry do.son.U.17.Lab.

Elizabeth do.daur.15.Simon do.son.11.

Elizabeth Hatton.daur in law.12.

Samuel Nichols.H.M.33.Travels.Hawker (Nails?)

Elizabeth do.wife.M.29.

Benjamin do.son.6.

Hannah do.daur.4.

Elizabeth do.daur.2.

Henry Southwell.serv.12.Travels.

F121/Page 35.


Joseph Hale.H.M.22.Shoe Maker.

Harriet do.wife.21.Nailer.

Eliza do.daur.1.

Henry Wall.H.Wid.33.Wheelwright.Worcs.

Mary Ann do.daur.12.Worcs.

Albert do.son.9.Worcs.

George do.son.7.Worcs.

Sarah Law.daur.U.32.Farmers daur.

Mary Ann  .daur.U.19.Farmers daur.

John do.son.U.17.Farmers son.

Benjamin Bunn.H.M.35.Tinker?

Hannah do.wife.35.Nailer.

Thomas do.son.13.Chain Maker.

Elizabeth do.daur.5.

Elizabeth Hartill.H.Wid.49.Nailer.

Thomas do.son.13.Chain Maker.

Isaac Hickman.H.M.34.Lab.

Eliza do.wife.33.Nailer.

Esther do.daur.13. do.

Sarah do.daur.7.

F122/Page 36 and Page 37.

Same House.Saws Hill.

Isaac do.son.4.

Elizabeth do.daur.2.

Eliza Westwood.lodger.U.26.Nailer.

F122/Page 36.

Rest of list page is crossed out,

And written on next page.

F122/Page 37.

Thomas Scrivern.H.M.50.Nailer.

Sarah do.wife.44.             do.

William do.son.U.21.Lab.

John do.son.24. Lab.

Sarah do.daur.U.23.Nailer.

Mary Ann do.daur.13.

John do.son.8.

Henry do.son.4.

House un-inhab.

William Timmins.H.M.34.Canal Lab.

Hann? Do.wife.40.Nailer.

William Hartill.wife’s son.15.Chain Maker.

Mary Ann Timmins.daur.7.

Betsy do.daur.4.

Joseph Wilson.H.M.48.Field Lab.

Harriet Ann do.wife.47.Nailer.

John do.son.22.Bricklayer.

William do.son.18.Bricklayer.

F123/Page 38.

Law’s Hill.

Hannah do.daur.15.Nailer.

Thomas Hickman.lodger.19.Bricklayers Lab.

Joseph Wilson.son.5.

Mary Hickman.losger.11.

F123/Page 38.

Law’s Hill.

Mary Lewis.H.M.58.Nailer,

Hannah Hartill?.Mother.M.86.

Mary Bennet.lodger.16.Nailer.

John Hartill.lodger.U.19.do.

Adelaide Blakeway.lodger.1.

Betsy Elwell.wife.M.26.Kingswinford.

Sarah do.daur.5.Kingswinford.

Eliza do.daur.2.

Thomas Lowe.H.M.42.Locksmith.

Mary do.wife.28.Kingswinford.

Naomi do.daur.3.

Hannah do.daur.9.

Eliza Green.lodger.U.19.Nailer.Kingswinford.

William Pendrass.H.M.48.Nailer.Worcs.Bromsgrove.

Elizabeth do.wife.49          . do.Worcs.Bromsgrove.

William do.son.U.17.Nailer.

F123/Page 39.

Law’s Hill.

John do.son.15.Cripple.Worcs.Bromsgrove.

Jane do.daur.10.Nurse.Worcs.Bromsgrove.

Harriett do.G-daur.5.

John Lewis.H.M.23.Chain Maker.

Hannah do.wife.35?.Worcs.Bromsgrove.

Emma do.daur.2.

Dudley Road.

Thomas Hancock.H.M.31.Blacksmith.Salop.????????

Elizabeth do.wife.31.Confechouse.

Elizabeth do.Mother.69.Salop.HoptonWa???

John A do.son.6 months.

William Willets.H.M.58.Nail Ironmonger.Tipton.

Ann do.wife.49.

Mary Ann do.daur.U.21.

John do.son.18.

Caroline do.daur.14.

Sarah Bayliss.U.20.serv.

House Building.

Do         do

F124/Page 40.

Laws Hill.

William Blakeway.H.M.26.Miner.

Sarah do.wife.25.Nailer.

Joseph do.son.1.

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