1851 Census Extracts for Sedgley
Folios 128 to 162

NOTE. Unless otherwise stated, born in Sedgley, Staffordshire. If no county stated then assume location to be in Staffordshire.
All names appear as interpreted/as appears on film.
Once a surname appears at an address, it is not repeated unless a different surname intervenes.
If any people following a surname have an unqualified surname, then it is to be taken as the last mentioned surname that appears before it. Also, surnames appear in upper case.
Until a different address name appears, it is the same as the previous one.
Households will be separated by a series of full stops (including households within 1 building).
I apologise for any omissions/mistakes and obviously take no responsibilities/liabilities for them.

This information very kindly transcribed by "Anonymous"


3 April 1851.Enumerator Chaís Jukes.

F128/Page 1.

Ruiton Lane.(very faded)

William Hill.H.M.40.Victualler.Tipton.

Martha do.wife.40.

Louisa Webb.niece.11.

Benj Westwood.H.M.70.Chain Maker.Worcs.Lye Waste.

Mary do.wife.54.Worcs.Dudley.

Mary do.daur.U.17.Worcs.Lye Waste.

One house un-inhab

Willm Blackham.H.M.46.??? stone quarry man.Gornal.

Phebe do.wife.44.Nail Maker. Gornal.

Sarah do.daur.U.21.do do .Gornal.

Joseph do.son.16.Bricklayers Lab. Gornal.

Anne do.daur.13.Gornal.

Benjamin do.son.8.Gornal.

Caroline do.daur.3.Gornal.

Sarah Tomlinson.Wid.70.

Willím do.son.M.39.Bricklayer.

Mary Anne do.wife.M.44.Warwick.Coventry.

Mary Anne do.daur.U.28.Nail Maker.

Sarah do.daur.4.

F129/Page 2.

Ruiton Lane.

Richard Tomlinson.H.M.40.Bricklayer.

Mary Ann do.wife.44.

Fanny do.daur.13.

Enich do.son.10.

Ricíd do.son.7.

John do.son.3.

Willím do.son.2 months.

Willím Clarkson.H.Wid.43.Lab.

Elizabeth do.daur.U.15.

Sarah do.daur.13.

John do.son.9.

David Stanley..H.M.67.Hamd Grinder employing2 men 2 women.

Hanah do.wife.77.

Joseph Grainger.lodger.U.57.Lab.

Mary Ann Hartland.serv.U.19.

Enoch Burton.H.M.31.Lime Stone Miner.

Caroline do.wife.30.

Ellen do.daur.11.

Sarah do.daur.9.

Obey? Do.son.3.

F129/Page 3.

Same House.Ruiton Lane.

Willím do.son.1.

Elizíh do.daur.2 months.

John Tomlinson.H.M.52.Bricklayer.

Sarah do.wife.48.

Thomas do.son.U.26.Bricklayer.

Ricíd? son.U.23.††††††††† do.

Joseph do.son..U.20.Bricklayers Lab.

Catherine do.daur.14.Nail Maker.

Wiiliam do.son.11.Bricklayers Lab.

John do.son.9.

Sarah do.daur.6.

Jane? Do.daur.4.

Enoch do.son.3 months.

Thomas Harris.H.M.68.Lab.Pattingham.

Margaret? do.wife.69.Salop.Shrewsbury.

Joseph do.son.U.28.Coal Miner.

Peter Do.son.U.20.do†††† do

Ann do.daur.U.16.Brick Maker.

Hannah Penn.visitor.12.

Elizíh Waters.M.23.Brick Maker.

F130/Page 4.

Same House.Ruiton Lane.

James Waters.son in law.M.21.Nail Maker.

Thomas Hughes.B???????.4.Seisdon.

Mary Ann Waters.daur.13 months.

F130/Page 4.

Ruiton Lane.

Wilím Thompson.H.M.50.Glass Maker.

Sarah do.wife.52.Brierley Hill.

Ricíd do.wifeís son.U.18.Glass Maker.Worcs.Dudley.

Willím do.son.13.Chain Makers Appen.

Benjn do.son.7.

James Law.H.M.45.Cow Keeper & Animal

Hannah do.wife.49.

John do.son.11.

Joseph Bines.H.M.26.Coal Miner.

Jane do.wife.25.

John Millard.H.M.67.Lab.

Hannah do.wife.66.

James Hickman.H.M.50.Nial Maker.

Mary do.wife.43.Kingswinford.

Geo do.son.8.

Isaac Stanley.lodger.U.19.Stone Miner.

Thomas do.lodger.U.17.Nail Maker.

F130/Page 5.

Same House.Ruiton Lane.

Harriet Hickman.daur.8 months.

F130/Page 5.

Ruiton Lane.

Levi Harper.H.M.37.Bricklayer.

Hannah do.wife.34.

Joseph do.son.15.Bricklayers Lab.

Levi do.son.13.††††††††††† do††††† do.

Henry do.son.8.

Willím do.son.8 TWINS.

Sabina? do.daur.4.

Mary Ann do.daur.2.

SamílMullet.H.M.50.Nail Maker.

Ann do.wife.55.††††††††††† do†††††† doWorcs.Dudley.

Sarah do.daur.U.23.†††† do†††††† do.

James do.son.U.11.

John Carter.H.M.23.Miner.

Rosannah do.wife.25.

Phebe Ann do.2y 8 months.

John do.son.13 months.




F131/Page 6.

Ruiton Lane.

James Aston.H..M.28.Coal Miner.

Ann do.wife.22.Seamstress.

James do.son.4.

John do.son.1.

Ricíd Bowater.H.M.27.Nail Maker.

Eliza? Do.wife.22.††††††††† do††††† do

Ricíd Bowater.H.M.64.Lab.

Sarah do.wife.54.

Edwíd Loyde.H.M.42.Nail Maker.

Elizabeth do.wife.49††† . do†† do.

David do.son.U.21.Lab.

Joseph do.son.U.18. Nail Maker.

Hanah do.daur.14.††††† do†††† do.

Emma do.daur.11.

Susannah Haston.lodger.66.Pauper & Nail Maker.

Thomas Westwood.H.M.46.Nail Maker.Rowley.

Mary do.wife.58.†††††††††††††††††† do†††† do.Salop.Shifnal.

John Pearce.lodger.U.30.Lab.Worcs.Ledbury.

Willím Flavell.lodger.U.20.Stone Miner.

F131/Page 7.

Ruiton Lane.

John Flavell.H.M43.Stone Mason.

Elizabeth do.wife.43.

Benjn do.son.U.20.Nail Maker.

John do.son.U.18.Stone Mason.

Heníy do.son.16.Nail Maker.

Elizabeth do.daur.13.

Priscilla? do.daur.9.

William do.son.10 months.

Thomas Guest.H.M.26.Clay Miner.

Mary do.wife.23.Nail Maker.

Rachel do.daur.5.

John do.son.3.

Sarah Ann do.daur.8 months.

Henry Green..H.M.52.Lab.

Mary do.wife.55.Derbyshire.

John do.son.U.23.Limestone Miner.

Benjn do.son.U.21.

Moses do.son.18.Lab.

Caroline do.daur.16.(no place of birth recorded)

F132/Page 8.

Same House.

Herbert Green.son.13.

F132/Page 8.

Quarry Hole.

Elisah Taylor.H.M.39.Chain Maker.

Elizabeth do.wife.43.Nail Make.Swinford.

Eliza do.daur.11.Nurse Girl.

John do.son.9.

Susannah do.daur.6.

Mary Ann do.daur.2.

Willím Blackham.H.M.40.Lab.

Mary Ann do.wife.36.Nail Maker.

Ann do.daur.15.†††††††††† do†††† do.

Joseph do.son.11.†††††† do†††† do.

Thomas do.son.8.

Hanah do.daur.5.

Maria do.daur.3.

Mary do.daur.2 months.

David Allen.H.M.27.Miner.

Susannah do.wife.22.Nail Maker.

Absolem Do.son.2.

Sarah Jane do.daur.1 month

F132/Page 9.

Quarry Hole.

Willím Porter..H.M.38.Lime Stone Miner.

Mary do.wife.38.

Willím do.son.18.††††††††† do†††† do†††† do.

Pamila do.daur.13.Nail Maker.

Emanuel do.son.11.Lab.

Isaiah do.son.8.

Enoch do.son.5.

Sarah do.daur.1,

Thomas Underhill..H.M.45.Lab.

Ann do.wife.29.Nil Maker.

John Worton..H.M.35.Nail Maker.Bristol.Somerset.

Mary do.wife.39.††††††††† do†††† do.

Hannah do.daur.12.

Thomas do.,son.10.

James do.son.6.

Esther do.daur.4.

Elizabeth do.daur.2.

Caleb do.son.5 months.

Willím Rolinson.lodger.20.White Stone Quarry Man.

Josíh Helson.lodger.57.Nail Maker.Belport.Derby.

F133/Page 10.

Quarry Hole.

Benjamin Werstwood.H.M.58.Lab.

Elizíh do.wife.56.San Seller.

James Williams.nephew.7.

Sarah Aris.lodger.U.64.Nail Maker.

John Harper.H.M.45.Lab.

Sarah do.wife.44.

John do.son.U.20.Bricklayers Lab.

Sarah Ann do.daur.U.16.Nail Maker.

Henry do.son.11.Lab.

Chaís do.son.9.

Emma do.sau.4.

Joseph Harper.H.Wid.66.Puper.Nail Maker.

Eliza do.daur.31.Nail Maker.

Rhubin do.G-son.13.Stone Miner.

Joseph do.G-son.5.

??? do.G-daur.2.

Sarah? Williams.wife.M.40.

Elizíth do.daur.U.22.Nail Maker.

Moses do.son.U.18.Bricklayers Lab.

Willím do.son.9.

F133/Page 11.

Same House. Quarry Hole.

Sarah Williams.daur.5.

John do.son.2.

F133/Page 11.

Quarry Hole.

Chaís Fulwood.H.M.37.Dealer in Sand.

Phebe do.wife.34.

Hannah do.daur.14.

Mary do.daur.12.

Thoís do.son.9.

Simon do.son.7.

Lydia do.daur.3.

Joseph do.son.5.

Eliza do.daur 10 months.

Thomas Harris.H.M31.Stone Miner.

Elizíth do.wife.32.

?ubon? do.son.11.Lab.

Mary do.daur.7.Nurse.

Joseph do.son.4.

Abiather do.daur.3.

Benjín do.son.11 months.

F134/Page 12.

Quarry Hole.

Thomas Hale.H.M.50.Nail Maker.

Elizíth do.wife.49.††††††† do†† do

Ambrose do.son.U.18. dodo

Harriet do.dsur.14.††††† do†† do

David do.son.12.†††††††† do†† do

John Smith.H.M.44.Day Lab.

Mary do.wife.42 Nail Maker.

Ann do.daur.11.

Daniel do.son.8.

James Bennet.H.M.43.Nail Maker.

Marths do.wife.42.††††††† do††† do

Jane do.daur.U.18.††††††† do††† do

Edwíd Hobson.h.m.21.Nail Maker.

Mary Ann do.wife.21. do do

Sarah Smith.wife.M.29.Nail Maker.

Benjín do.son.5.

John do.son.3.

Mary do.daur.1.(no birth place recorded)

Mary Timmins.niece.13.Nurse.

F134/Page 13.

Quarry Hole.

Willím Green.H.M.25Clay Miner.

Catherine do.wife.24.Nail Maker.

Alisha? do.daur.3.

Sarah Jane do.daur.1.

Sarah Tomlinson.wifeís Mother.47.

Sarah Blackham.wifeís sisterU.22.Nail Maker.

Richíd do.wifeís brother.U.20.Stone Miner.

One house un-inhab

Richíd Bowater.H.M.64.Railway Lab.

Sarah do.wife.54.

Joseph Harper.H.M.41.Coal Carrier.

Mary do.wife.40.

Lydia do.daur.11

Ruiton Lane.

Samuel Hickman.H.M.54.Nail Maker.

Mary do.wife.54.†††††††††††††† do††††† do.

John Mullet.son in law.21.Miner.

Ellen do.daur.M.21.Nail Maker.

Samíl do.G-son.3 months.

F135/Page 14.

Ruiton Lane.


Hannah do.wife.34.Nail Maker.

Mary Ann do.daur.9

Thoís do.son.6.

Sarah Ann do.daur.3.

Josíh Fullwood.lodger.U.70.Pauper.Nail; Maker.

Samíl Hickman.H.M.26.Nail Maker.

Selina do.wife.23.

John do.son.4.

Mary Jane do.daur.1.

Willím Price.H.Wid.40.??????Master?

Joseph do.son.18.Lab.

Jane do.daur.17.Nail Maker.

Thomas do.son.14.Lab.

Rich do.son.10.

Samíl do.son.7.

Henry do.son.3.

F135/Page 15.

Ruiton Lane.

John Hickman.H.M.43.lAB.

Mary do.wife.42.

Josíh do.son.U.18.Lab.

John do.son.U.17.Lab.

Hannah do.daur.12.

Thomas do.son.10.

Samíl do.son.6.

Enoch do.son.4.

Ann do.daur.1.

Isaiah Hale.H.M.23.Stone Miner.

Mary Ann do.wife.23.

Esther Oakley.H.Wid.51.

Hannah do.daur.U.30.

Joseph do.son.U.28.Lab.

One house un-inhab

James Hickman.H.M.43.Lab.

Mary do.wife.44.

John do.son.M?.19.Coal Miner.

Old Park

Sarah Williams.H.Wid.70.Sand Dealer.

Jane Hale.niece.U.15.Sand? Maker.

F136/Page 16.

Same House.Old Park.

Thomas?elcroft.H.M.24.Coal Dealer.

Mary Ann do.wife.22.Seamstress.

Sarah Ann do.daur.11 months.

John Hall.H.M.60.Nail Maker.

Ann do.wife.63.

John do.son.28.Nail Maker.

Wilím Oakley.son in law.M.26?.Coal Miner.

Hannah do.daur.M.24.Nail Maker.

Willím? do.G-son.4.

Phebe (Ann?).G-daur.2.

Two houses in-hab

Thomas Hickman.H.M.36.Nail Maker.

Elizíh? do.wife.37.††††††† ††††††† do†† do

John do.son.10.

Susannah do.daur.4.

Caroline do.daur.1.

Sarah ?Wardhall.lodger.U.16.Nail Maker.

Eberneza Worton.H.M?.27.Nial Maker.

Eliza Winchurch.visitor.W.23.Bristol.

Catherine Jones.visitor.U.23.

F136/Page 17.

Old Park.

Thomas Southwick.H.M.39.Lab.Worcs.Cradley.

Ann do.wife.38.Willenhall.

Maria? Do.daur.U.17.Brickmaker.Worcs.Cradley.

Geo do.son.12.Coal Miner.Oldbury.

Mary Ann do.daur.9.Wombourn.

Elizíh? do.daur.daur.8.Wombourn.

Jane do.daur.5

John R Sewell.H.Wid.31.???? Nail Maker.Isle of France.

Henrietta Eliza? Sarah.daur.6.Worcs.Evesham.

Ricíh Thomís do.son.1.

Thomas Eginton.serv.U.26.

Fred? Jones.workman?.U.32.Horse Nail Maker.Henmouth.

Geo Harris?.do.U.36.†††††† do††††† do†††† do.York.Thorp.

Wilím Sewell?..do.M.27.††† do††††† do†††† do.Derby.Belper.

Miles? McEntire.do.Wid.32.do do†††† do.Eninburg.

Thoís Garrate.do.U.19.††††††††† do do do.Worcs.Dudley.

John Jackson.do.U.19.†† do do do.Lincoln.Grantham.

John Rhodes.M.28.†††††† do do doWorcs.Dudley.

James Booth?.do.M.39.do do do.Derby.Belper.

House un-inhab

F137/Page 18.

Old Park.

Thomas White.H.Wid.56.Horse Nail Maker.Worcs.Evesham.

Ann do.daur.13.Worcs.Evesham.

Ann do.wife.47.(no birth place recorded)

John Williams.H.M.Wid.37.Dealer in Sand.

Sarah do.wife.25.

Elizíh Lewis.daur.16. (this is how it is wrote, as a separate household)

Sarah Ann do.daur.12.

Jane do.daur.8.

Emma do.daur.5.

Mary do.daur.

House un-inhab

F137/Page 18.

Ruiton Lane.

Isaac ??????.H.M.23.Coal Miner.

Sarah do.wife.26.Nail Maker.

Elizíh do.daur.2.

Benjn Banes.H.M.40.Lab.

Sarah do.wife.50.

Peter do.Father.Wid.80.Pauper.(Nail Maker)

F137/Page 19.

Ruiton Lane.

David Bayless.H.M.62.Stone Mason.

Mary do.wife.63.

Mary Ann do.G-daur.9.Claverley.Salop.

Joseph Brittle.H.M.28.Stone? Miner.

Sarah do.wife.26.

Mary Ann do.daur.1.

Willím Timmins.H.M.51.Boatman.Tipton.

Ann do.wife.46.Tipton.

Hannah do.daur.U.23.

Sarah do.daur.U.20.

Willím do.son.19.Boatman.

John Payne..H.M.43.Lab.

Rebecca do.wife.44.Worcs.Kingswinford.

Alfred so.son.U.19.Lab.

????? do.son.U.17.Lab.

Arthur do.son.U.13.Chain Maker.

Edwin do.son.10.Chain Maker.

Rebecca do.daur.9.

Sarah Ann do.daur.5.

F138/Page 20.

Ruiton Lane.

Richíd Oakley..H.M.40.???? Seller.

Jane do.wife.38.†††††††††† †††† do†††† do

Josíh do.son.U.20.†††††† ††† do†††† do

Mary do.daur.U.18.††††††† do†††† do

Henry do.son.U.12.††††††† do†††† do

John do.son.U.8.††††††††††† do††††† do

Richíd do.son.6.

Hannah do.daur.1y 6m.

John Williams.H.M.36.Saywer?. Hawker of Nails.

Sarah do.wife.31.

Isaac do.son.8.

Hannah do.daur.8.

Eliza do.daur.6?

John do.son 1m.

House Un-inhab

Willím Clewes.H.M.34.Brick Maker.Leicestershire.?utterworth.

Hannah do.wife.29.Staffs.???kford

Hannah do.daur.8.Salop.Bridgenorth.

John do.son.4.

Mary Ann do.daur.2.

F138/Page 21.

Same House.Ruiton Lane.

Sarah do.daur.1m.

F138/Page 21.

Ruiton Lane.

4 Houses Un-inhab.

John Stanley.H.M.25.?????.Hawker of Nails.

Mary do.wife.22.Nail Maker.

John do.son.3.

House Un-inhab.

Charlotte Williams.H.Wid.40.Pauper?.

Jane do.daur.10.†††††††††††††††††††††† do

Isaac do.son.8. ††††††††††††††††††††††† do.

John Bradley.brother.U.37.Nail Maker.


F138/Page 21.

Duke William.

Hannah Smith.H.Wid.53.Victualler.Shop Keeper.

Jane Bagley.niece.13.

Ester Hide.serv.U.18.

House Un-inhab

Isaac Williams.H.M.29.Lab.

Sophia do.wife.21.

Ann do.daur.4.

Elizaíh do.daur.1.

F139/Page 22.

Ruiton Lane.


Francis do.wife.44.

Benjn do.son.8.

Thomas? Hide.H.M.39.Lab.

Maria do.wife.37.Sand Seller.

Mary do.daur.U.17. do do.

Jane do.daur.U.14. do do.

Henry do.son.9. do do.

Hannah do.daur.7.

Thomas do.son.5.

Elizaíh do.daur.4.

John do.son.1.

Isaac Hughes.H.M.51.Brickmaker.

Elizíh do.wife.50.

Daniel do.son.U.20.Brickmaker.

Thoís do.son.U.17.

Sarah? Do.daur.14.

Elizíh do.daur.10.

Henry do.son.6.

F139/Page 23.

Ruiton Lane.

Daníl Lockley.H.M.32.Coal Miner.Tettenhall.

Phebe do.wife.22.

Elizíh do.daur.2.

Mary do.daur.9m.

Mary Ann Hughes.visitor.U.23.Penn.

Willím Davis.H.M.55.Cordwainer.

Elizíh do.wife.52.

Ricíd do.son.U.25.Bricklayer.

Samuel do.son.U.15.Bricklayer.

Phebe do.G-daur.6.

Esther Hancox.H.U.24.Shop Keeper.

Elizah Russell.visitor.U.15.

House Un-inhab

F139/Page 23.

Ruiton Chapel Road


Isaac Jones.H.M.42.Cordwainer.(Jones in index, but looks more like Fones)

Jane do.wife.44.

John do.son.U.17.Bricklayer.

Thomas do.son.U.15.Cordwainer.

Isaac do.son.11.

Moses do.son.9.

William do.son.6.

Mary Ann do.daur.2.

F140/Page 24.

Chapel Road.

John Badger..H.M.27.Coal Miner.

Rebecca do.wife.33.

Willím do.son.6.

F140/Page 24.

Cottage Ruiton Lane.

John Hartill.H.M.25.Free Stone? Quarryman.

Phebe do.wife.23.

Mary Ann do.daur.2.

F140/Page 24.

Independent Chapel House.

Edwíd Jones.H.M.26.Free? Stone Quarryman.Worcs.Dudley.

Susannah? Do.wife.26.

Elizabeth do.Mother.Wid.50.Salop.Brosley.

John do.son.7m.

Rev Thoís Adams.lodger.29.Independent Minister of Ruiton Chapel.???.Barwood

F140/Page 24.

Hermit Row.

Josíh Hickman.H.M.67.Nial Maker.

Hannah do.wife.63.

Thomas do.son.U.28.Lab.

Joseph Jukes.H.M.26.Coal Miner.

Mary do.wife.24.Nail Maker.

Samíl do.son.4.

F140/Page 25.

Hermit Row.

House un-inhab.

Caleb Beardsmore.H.M.35.Stone Miner.

Hanah? Do.wife.33.Nail Maker.

Isaiah do.son.11.

Mary Ann do.daur.7.

Joshua do.son.4.

Caleb do.son.8m.

Thoís Jukes.H.M.42.Carrier

Margaret do.wife.39.

Phebe Elizíh do.daur.U.19.Governess at home. Bilston

Josíh Wilkes Jukes.son.U.18.Engine Fitter.Bilston.

Mary Ann do do.daur.15.

Chaís do.son.9.

Bernard do do.5.

Louisa Jane do.daur.2.

Margaret Ever? do.daur.3m.

Lydia? Stubs.serv.28.

F141/Page 26.

Hermit Row.

Job Hide.H.M.23.Coal Miner.

Sarah do.wife.22.Nail Maker.

Eliah do.son.1.

Mary Moss.wifeís Mother.M.64.

Samíl Elwell.H.M.35.Stone Miner.

Elizabeth do.wife.35.Worcs.Dudley.

Josíh do.son.4.

Rachel do.daur.1.

John Allen.H.M.28.Stone Miner.

Elizíh do.wife.26.Nail Maker.

Hannah do.daur.8.

David do.son.6.

Thoís do.son.4.

Henry do.son.1.

James do.son.20m?

John Bills.H.?.23.Clay Miner.

Emma do.daur.7.

Geo do.son.5.

Mary do.daur.4.

Josíh do.son.1.

F141/Page 27.

Hermit Row.

Mary Elwell.H.Wid.57.Nail Maker.

Alisha? do.daur.U.23. ††††do††† do

Willím do.son.U.14.Miner.

Alice Hill.H.Wid.58.Nail Maker.

Winifred Baker.lodger.U.41. do do.

Benjn do.lodger.10.

House Un-inhab.

John Davis.H.M.32.Coal Miner.Flintshire.Harding.

Mary do.wife.32.

Elizíh do.daur.11.

Mary do.daur.9.Nurse Girl.

John do.son.11.

Edwíd do.son.2.

Martha do.son.14 days

The name Martha is underlined and in the part where the address is wrote, by this name is wrote Zuer-. Thatís what it look like.

James Parker.H.M.62.Lab.

Ann do.wife.63.Nail Maker.Worcs.Dudley.

Willím Merchant.H.M.27.Coal Miner.

Elizah do.wife.28.Nail Maker.Worcs.Dudley.

Geo F do.son.14m.(no birth place recorded)

Sarah Jane do.daur.3.(no birth place recorded)

F142/Page 28.

Same House.

Ursula Woodhall.sister.10.Nurse.

F142/Page 28.

Hermit Row.

House Un-inhab

Thoís Rollason.H.M.39.Stone Mason.

Hannah do.wife.40.

Thomas? Do.son.13.Stone Mason.

Essiah do.son.11.

Frederick do.son.9.

Cecile? Do.son.6.

John Toy do.son.4.

Mary Toy do.daur.4m.

Harriet Addenbrook.H.Wid.45.Worcs..Kidderminster.

Willím H do.son.U.21.Bricklayer.

Sarah do.daur.U.19.

Joseph do.son.U.15.Lab.

John do.son.11.Lab.

Harriet do.daur.7.

Thomas do.son.5.

F142/Page 29.

Hermit Row.

Elizabeth Harper.H.M.42.

Henry do.son.16.Bricklayer.

Thomís do.son.14. do.

Edwin Hickman do.son.12.

Eliza do.daur.7.

F142/Page 29.

Thompson Quarry.

Thomís Jorden.H.M.39.Bricklayer.

Mary do.wife.37.Tayloress.Westbury.

Elizíh do.daur.14.Nail Maker.

Thomas do.son.12.Taylor(Apprentice0

Mary do.daur.9.

Sarah do.daur.7.

John do.son.5.

8th April 1851.Enumerator Benjamin Parkes.

F146/Page 1.

Sheep Cot Wall.

John Parker.H.U.46.Malster.Grocer Chandler.and Brick Maker.

Martha do.niece.U.21.

Sarah Walker.serv.U.19.

James Birch.H.M.30.Coal Miner.

Elizabeth do.wife.29.

Mary Ann do.daur.9.

Eliza do.daur.8.

Samuel do.son.6.

James do.son.4.

Edward do.son.1.

Richard Davies.H.M.80.Shoenmaker.

Sarah do.wife.80.shoemakers wife.

Mary do.daur.U.50.shoemakers daur.

Richard do.son.M.40.shoemaker.

Hannah Elizabeth do.wife.M.30.shoemakers wife.Worcs.Netherton.

Samuel Paddock do.son.4.

Mary Ann Paddock do.daur.1.

F147/Page 2.

Sheep Cot Wall.

James Turner.H.M.37.Stone Mason.

Hannah do.wife.42.

Benjamin do.son.10.

Enich do.son.8.

John Jukes.H.M.40.Victualler.

Hannah do.wife.57.

Eliza do.daur.12.

William Henry do.son.11.

Elizabeth do.daur.1.

F147/Page 2.

Paradise Row.

Isaac Stokes.H.U.50.Cordwainer.

Hannah do.sister.U.54.House Keeper.

Joseph Fellowes.H.M.26.Lab.

Maria do.wife.22.

Sarah Jane do.daur.2.

F147/Page 3.

Paradise Row.

Elizabeth Raybold..H.Wid.77.Devon.Plymouth.

Thomas Elwell.lodger.M.19.Chain Maker.Worcs.Stoubridge.

Sarah do.lodger.M.19.Wolverhampton.

Sarah do.daur.5m.Wolverhampton.

David Short.H.M.45.Lab.

Hannah do.wife.39.Nailer.

Elizabeth do.daur.U.18.

Richard do.son.U.14.Lab.

William do.son.9.Lab.

Hannah do.daur. age?

John Brooks.H.M.56.Briaklayer.

Sarah do.wife.46.

Enoch do.son.U.14.Lab.

Mary Ann do.daur.7.

David do.son.5.

Hannah do.daur.4.

Julia do.daur.2.

Thomas Hide.step-son.U.19.Lab.

Sarah do.step-daur.13.

F148/Page 4.

Paradise Row.

Enoch Guest.H.M.34.Nail Master.Gornal.

Ruth do.wife.34.P????? Maker.Gornal.

Sarah Ann do.daur.11.Gornal.

George do.son.9.Gornal.

Tresa do.daur.6.Gornal.

Alfred do.son.2.Gornal.

Joseph Middleton.serv.U.18.Nailer.Derbyshire.Belper.

Robert Jones.serv.U.17.Nailer.Salop.Market Drayton.

John Malonie.journeyman.U.32.Nailer.Ireland.Rath Real.

Thomas Raybould.H.M.46.Lab.Gornal.

Jane do.wife.34.Nailer.Gornal.

John H do.son.9.Gornal.

Thomas do.son.5.Gornal.

James do.son.3.Gornal.

William do.son.1.Gornal.

Richard do.son.Relative.U.20.Iron Miner.Gornal.

Joseph Addenbrook.H.M.66.Butcher.

Mary do.wife.77.House Duties.

Mary do.daur.38. do††††† do

F148/Page 5.

Paradise Row.

Thomas Allen..H.M.38.Iron Miner.

Sarah do.wife.38.

Hannah do.daur.14.

Mary Ann do.daur.12.

William do.son.11.

Rachael do.daur.9.

Alfred do.son.4.

Enoch do.son.2.

Thomas do.son.4 months.

Harriet Smith.H.M.41.Blacksmiths wife.

Francis do.son.U.18.Bricklayer.Gloustershire.Stratford.

Joseph do.son.10.

David Baylis.H.M.29.Stone Quarryman.Gornal.

Pamela do.wife.24.Screw Finisher.Gornal.

William do.son.5.Gornal.

James do.son.2.Gornal.

Mary Ann do.daur.7 months.Gornal.

James Cartwright.Lodger.Wid.90.Cordwainer.Gornal Wood.

F149/Page 6.

Paradise Row.

Edward Allen.H.M.58.Nailer.Hatherton.

Mary do.wife.59. †††††††† do.

Emma? do.daur.U.15. do.

Edward Allen.H.M.23.Iron Miner.

Hannah do.wife.23.

Joseph do.son.8 months.

Enoch Allen.H.M.20.Iron Miner.

Sarah Jane do.wife.21.

Samuel Naylor.H.M.30.? Stone Miner.Gornal.

Phebe do.wife.26.Screw ????.Gornal.

Elizabeth do.daur.7.Gornal.

Mary Ann do.daur.5.Gornal.

Hannah do.daur.1.Gornal.

John Oldfield.H.M.40.Chain Maker.Gornal.

Harriet do.wife.34.Nail Maker.Gornal.

Jane do.daur.10.Gornal.

Joseph do.son.9.Gornal.

Richard do.son.6.Gornal.

John do.son.3.Gornal.

F149/Page 7.

Paradise Row,

Thomas Harper.H.M.34.Miner.Gornal.

Anne? Do.wife.29.Nailer.Gornal.

Hannah do.daur.10.Gornal.

Cornelius do.son.8.Gornal.

Eliza do.daur.5.Gornal.

Mary do.daur.2.Gornal.

Samuel Cherwage.H.M.56.Sanstone Miner.

Phebe do.wife.51.

Thomas do.son.U.24.Iron Miner.

Rachel do.daur.12.

Samuel do.son.8.

Emanuel A???.H.M.24.Sandstone Miner.

Mary do.wife.29.Nailer.

Joseph do.son.2y 6m.

John Hyde.H.M.52.Lab.Gornal.

Mary do.wife.42.Gornal.

Henry do.son.U.21.Lab.Gornal.

John do.son.U.19.Lab.Gornal.

Reuben do.son.U.16.Lab.Gornal.

Enoch do.son.U.12.Lab.Gornal.

F150/Page 8.

Same House.

William Hyde.son.U.10.Gornal.

Gaius? Hyde.son.7.Gornal.

F150/Page 8.

Paradise Row.

Sarah Hickman.H.(nothing recorded to M or U)43.

Harriet do.sister.††††† do do do do.38.

Mary Smith,serv.17.

James Tighe..H.M.63.Screw Manufacturer Worcs.Dudley.

Ann do.wife.63.Salop.Halesowen.

John Patrick do.son.U.21.Screw Maker.

James Tighe Rollason.G-son.U.16.Screw Maker.

Benjamin Jordan.H.M.31.Sandstone Miner.

Sarah do.wife.31.

John Jordan.H.M.26.Sanstone Miner.

Ann do.wife.24.

Isaac Bradley.H.M.51.Bricklayer.Gornal.

Nancy do.wife.48.Gornal.

Selina do.daur.U.18.Gornal.

Isaiah do.son.U.16.Bricklayer.Gornal.

Ann do.daur.13.Gornal.

F150/Page 9.

Same House.

Sarah Jane do.daur.U.9.Gornal.

Isaac do.son.U.5.Gornal.

F150/Page 9.

Paradise Row.

William Oldfield.H.M.32.Chain Maker.

Mary do.wife.31.

Richard do.son.9.

Jane do.daur.8.

Thomas do.son.5.

Mary Ann do.daur.3.

Susannah do.daur.1.

Alice Wall.H.Wid.70.Pauper retired Nailer.

Elizabeth do.daur.U.42.Nailer.

Ann Dewes.lodger.Wid.70.Pauper.Tailoress.Worcs.Dudley.

Thomas Davis.H.M.30.Blacksmith.Worcs.Stourbrisge.

Mary do.wife.27.Dress Maker.Gornal.

Joseph do.son.3.Gornal.

Samuel do.son.1.Gornal.

Pamela Burton.serv.U.15.Gornal.

Sarah Law.visitor.U.27.Nurse Maid.Gornal.

It goes from Folio 150 to Folio 160.Pages follow on.

F160/Page 10.

Paradise Row.

Thomas Saunders.H.M.29.Stone Mason.Gornal.

Louisa do.wife.27.Gornal.

Esther do.daur,3.Gornal.

Martha do.daur.8 months.Gornal.

Methodist (Rear?)Co?????? Chapel

†††† do††††††††††††††††††††††††

do School, These two Buildings cut? ?? by the Enumerator,as 30 & 31 Schedues

F160/Page 10.

Sheep Cot Wall.

Samuel Saunders.H.M.54.Quarry Master.9 men.2 boys.Wednesbury.

Mary do.wife.58.Worcs.Dudley.

Rachel do.daur.U.21.Gornal.

William do.son.U.19.Quarry Man.Gornal.

Samuel Wolverston.G-son.5.Gornal.

Sarah Jane Saunders.niece.U.19.Gornal.

William Saunders.H.M.43.Screw Factor.Gornal.

Jane do.wife.42.Gornal.

Mary do.daur.U.20.Gornal.

Emma do.daur.U.16.Gornal.

Joseph do.son.U.14.Gornal.

Rebecca do.daur.U.11.Gornal.

F160/Page 11.

Same House.

Barward do.son.9.Gornal.

Martha do.daur.8.Gornal.

John ??euton do.son.2.Gornal.

Ann Maria Harper.visitor.U.23.Dress Maker.Worcs.Dudley.

Jane Addison.serv.U.21.Newport Gl????

Phebe? Price.serv.U.11.Nurse Maid.Gornal.

William Cox.H.M.21.Hawker.

Jane do.wife.24.Nailer.

Sarah do.lodger.Wid.53.Nailer.

Mary do.daur.U.17.†††† ††††† do.

Martin Carter.H.M.44.Nail Factor &Publican.Gornal.

Eliza do.wife.33.Upton on Severn.Worcs.

Matilda do.daur.U.17.Gornal.

Elizabeth do.daur.U.10.Gornal.

Abraham do.son.4.Gornal.

John Smith do.son.1.Gornal.

Jabez Blackham.lodger.U.26.Shoe Maker.Gornal.

House ????? or un-inhab

Richard Guest.H.M.24.Bricklayer.Ruiton.

Mary Ann do.wife.23.Nailer.Ruiton.

Jason do.son.9m.Ruiton.

F161/Page 12.

Sheep Cot Wall.

Elizabeth Price.H.Wid.54.Pauper.formerly Nailer.

Hannah do.daur.U.24.Nailer.

Isaac do.G-son.3.Illigit son of Hannah Price.

Benjamin do.son.M.23.Iron Miner.

Sarah Jane do.daur.U.Sand Seller.

Eliza Jane do.daur.15. do do.

Esther do.daur.8.

Elizabeth Thomas.H.Wid.60.Nailer.Rowley Regis.

Mary Ann do.daur.U.23.Pauper.

Thomas Thomas.son.U.19.Iron Miner.

No Body Slept. house un-inhab.

James Marsh.H.M.25.Nailer.

Mary do.wife.21.at home.

F161/Page 12.

Russell Square.

Simeon Bateman.lodger.M.25.General Dealer.Gornal.

Benjamin Darbey.H.M.51.Nailer.

Emma Do.wife.53.††† ††††††† do.Worcs.Dudley.

John do.son.U.21.†††††††††††††† do.

Isaac do.son.U.10.††††††††††††† do.

James Evans.son in law.M.31.Miner.Kinver.

Hannah do.wife.28.

F161/Page 13.

Same House.

Mary Ann do.daur.9.

Rachel do.daur.4.

Emily do.daur.1.

F161/Page 13.

Russells Square.

Noah Forrest.H.M.44.Chain Maker.Worcs.Carless Green.

Mary do.wife.44.Nailer.Netherton.

Noah do.son.U.15.Chain Maker.Lye.

Samuel do.son.12.††† do†††† do.Lye

William do.son.11.†† do†††† do.Lye.

William Perry.nephew.U.23.White Smith.Essex.Colchester.

John††††††† do.††††† do.U.22.Brick Layer.Rowley.

Willaim Darbey.H.M.50.Chain Maker.

Jane do.wife.56.

Abraham Jones.son in law.U.18.Coal Miner.

Benjamin Westwood.H.M.24.Sandstone Miner.Ruiton.

Eliza do.wife.25.Gornal.

Sarah do.daur.2.Gornal.

Edwin do.son.3m.Gornal.

F162/Page 14.

Russells Square.

Noah Bradley.H.M.45.Nailer.

Mary do.wife.43.

John do.son.U.16.Iron Miner.

Sarah do.daur.10.

Harriet do.daur.7.

Joseph do.son.4.

John Holland.H.M.47.Farm Lab.Oxford.Lyadenhand?

Sarah do.wife.44.Oxford.†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† do.

James do.son.25.Farmers Lab.Oxford. do.

Mary do.daur.10.Pauper.Oxford.?elworth

Void one house un-inhab

F162/Page 14.

Pale Piece.

Sarah Marsh.H.Wid.50.Pauper.

Catherine do.daur.U.17.Brick Maker.

John do.son.10.

Samuel Marsh.H.M.49.Nailer.Bloxwich.

Mary do.wife.44.†††††††††††† do.

Enoch do.son.U.15.Iron Miner.Bloxwich.

John do.son.9.Nailer.Darlaston.

Elizabeth do.daur.1.

F162/Page 15.

Same House.

John Morriss.lodger.U.18.Lab.Wednesbury.

Edward do.lodger.10.Lab.

Caroline do.lodger.8.

F162/Page 15.

Pale Piece.

Edward Evans.H.M.40.Coal Miner.Salop.Condo???

Mary do.wife.40.

John do.son.U.18.Coal Miner.

Selina do.daur.13.

Christopher do.son.10.

William do.son.8.

Jane do.daur.6.

David do.son.4.

Edward Elwell.H.M.51.Spade & Shovel Maker.Worcs.Oldswinford.

Ruth? Do.wife.52.Worcs.Cradley.

Eia? Do.daur.U.24.Dress Maker.Worcs.Oldswinford.

Joseph do.son.U.21.Spade & Shovel Maker.Worcs.Oldswinford.

John do.son.17.Lab.Worcs.Oldswinford.

H????? Lownes.H.M.32.Miner.Gornal.(chrisian name wrote over,unable to read)

Sarah do.wife.33.Gornal.

Prudence do.daur.9.Gornal.

Elijah do.son.2.Gornal.

Mary Ann do.daur.9n.

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