1851 Census Extracts for Sedgley
Folios 163 to 221

NOTE. Unless otherwise stated, born in Sedgley, Staffordshire. If no county stated then assume location to be in Staffordshire.
All names appear as interpreted/as appears on film.
Once a surname appears at an address, it is not repeated unless a different surname intervenes.
If any people following a surname have an unqualified surname, then it is to be taken as the last mentioned surname that appears before it. Also, surnames appear in upper case.
Until a different address name appears, it is the same as the previous one.
Households will be separated by a series of full stops (including households within 1 building).
I apologise for any omissions/mistakes and obviously take no responsibilities/liabilities for them.

This information very kindly transcribed by "Anonymous"


F163.Page 16.

Pale Piece.

Thomas Hopson.H.M.35.Hawker.

Rosannah Hopson.wife.M.38.

Joseph Brookes.H.M.29.Bricklayer.

Louisa do.wife.28.Nialer.

Hannah do.daur.8.

Enoch do.son.6.

Louisa do.daur.8m.

Joseph Hill.H.M.40.Carpenter.Salop.Ludlow.

Hannah do.wife.40.Gornal.

Joseph do.son.12.Gornal.

Ruben do.son.11.Gornal.

Sarah Ann do.daur.9.Gornal.

Cecilia do.daur.7.Gornal.

Rowland do.son.5.Gornal.

George do.son.3.

Elizabeth do.daur.3m.

Elizabeth Hyde,H,Wid.70.Buckinghamshire.Gt Mal???.

William Dakes.lodger.Wid.62.Lab.Salop.Clay Hills.

Thomas Gribble..HM.42.Nailer.Ireland.Ku???

F163.Page 17.

Same House.Pale Piece.

Fanny do.wife.42.Nailer.South Wales.

Julia do.daur.9.Bristol.

John Hickey.lodger.U.Nailer.Ireland.????wick.

Caroline Wright.lodger.M.29.Worcs.Droitwich.

Jonah do.son.5.Worcs.Dudley.

Sarah do.daur.3.Worcs.Dudley.

Emma do.daur.?.Infant.Runcorn(.Chelmley?)

F163.Page 17.

Pale Piece.

Job Flavell.H.M.52.Lab.Gornal Wood.

Esther do.wife.49.Gornal Wood.

Job do.son.U.15.Iron Miner.Gornal Wood.

William do.son.U.13. Iron Miner.Girnal Wood.

Esther do.daur.U.10.Gornal Wood.

Isaac do.son.U.5.Gornal Wood.

William Samson?.H.M.57.Lab.Lancashire.

Fanny do.wife.56.Plymouth.Devonshire.

Henry Brettle..H.M.79.Nailer.Lye Waste?

Hannah do.wife.59.Nailer.

Charlotte Meridith.daur.M.29.Nailer.

Hannah. do.††††† ††††† do.7.

Ellen do††††††††††††††† do.3.

Moses do.son1.

F164.Page 18.

Pale Piece.

Thomas Clarkson.H.M.26.Lab.

Rebecca do.wife.29.Nailer.

Thomas do.son in law.7.

Sarah do.daur.2.

Benjamin Walker.H.M.50.Lab.

Maroa do.wife.43.Nailer.

Ann do.daur.15.do.

Joseph Guest.H.M.21.Iron Miner.Gornal Wood.

Jane do.wife.23.Brickmaker.††††††††††† ††††††† do††††††† do

Joseph do.son.2 mns.†††††††††††††††††††† do††††††† do

Sarah Hopson.H.Wid.57.Nailer.

Elizabeth do.daur.U.21.Tailoress.

Richard Darbey.H.M.29.Nailer.

Jane do.wife.23. ††††† †††††do.

John do.son.6?

John Rogers.H.M.35.Iron Miner.

Harriett do.wife.35.

Elizabeth do.daur.11.

Maria do.daur.10.

F164.Page 19.

Same House.

Thomas do.son.8.

Sarah do.daur.6.

Rachel do.daur.4.

Mary Ann do..daur.1.

F164.Page 19.

Pale Piece.

Benjamin Bradley.H.M.51.Lab.

Hannah do.wife.48.Nailer.

Hannah do.daur.U.19.Brick Maker.

Mary Ann do.daur.13?. do do.

Sarah do.daur.11.

One house un-inhab

Edward Flavell.H.M.40.Lab.

Rayley do.wife.36.Nailer.

Mary do.daur.U.16.Retailer of Sand.

Eliza do.daur.U.14.Nailer.

Hannah do.daur.12.do.

Emma do.daur.10.do.

Maria do.daur.8.do.

Pamela do.daur.2.

F165.Page 20.

Pale Piece.

Thomas Fellowes.H.M.35.Nailer.

Mary do.wife.30.

Mary Ann do.daur.11.

Hannah do.daur.5.

Edward do.son.2.

Elizabeth Malpass.visitor.27.Brickmaking.

Richard Malpass.do.3mns.?.illigitamate son of Elizabeth Malpass.

Levi Brittain.H.M.29.Coal Miner.Fulwood.Bristol.

Harriett do.wife.27.

Levi do.son.5.

Elizabeth do.daur.2.

Thomas Allen.H.M.32.Iron Miner.

Elizabeth do.wife.26.

Isaiah do.son.12.

Ann do.daur.9.

Mark do.son.3.

Sarah Parker.daur in law.6.

???iclla do.daur.5.

Eliza Allen.daur.11mns.

F165.Page 21.

Pale Piece.

Thomas Heath.H.M.35.Iron Stone Miner.

Ann do.wife.35.Nailer.Worcs.Dudley.

Isaac do.son.14.Iron Stone Miner.

Emma? Do.daur.12.Nailer.

Betsy do.daur.9.

Ellen do.daur.6.

Sarah Ann do.daur.3.

One house un-inhab

Sarah Harper.H.Wid.69.Pauper fomerly Nailer.

Nancy do.daur.U.28.Nailer.

Ellen do.daur.U.23. do.

Sarah Jane do.daur.20.do.

Henry W do.G-son.19.Iron Miner.

Joseph Rogers.H.M.44.Iron Miner.

Mary do.wife.44.

Thomas do.son.U.19.Iron Miner.

Esther do.daur.U.16.Banks Girl.

Eliza do.daur.14.

Joseph do.son.11.

William do.son.4.

Samuel do.son.2.

F166.Page 22.

Pale Piece.

Joseph Oakley.H.M.39.Iron Stone Miner.

Maria do.wife.32.

Thomas do.son.12.Fire Clay Miner.

Sarah do.daur.10.

Rhoda do.daur.6.

John do.son.4.

Ellen do.daur.2.

William do.son.1.infant.

Daniel Payton.H.M.23.Coal Miner.Warwick.Birmingham.

Pheoby do.wife.29.

John do.son.5.

Jane do.daur.1.

Thomas Harvey.H.M.53.Iron Miner.Worcs.Dudley.

Phoebe do.wife.50.

Edward do.son.26.Blacksmith.

James do.son.21.Iron Miner.

Enoch do.son.15. do do.

Phoebe Jane do.daur.10.

F166.Page 23.

Pale Piece.

Sarah Powuerf.H.M.46.Nailer.(This surname taken from Index)

John Flavell.lodger.M.78.Pauper.

Sarah do.wife.65. ††††† ††††††do.

Joseph Bennett.H.M.25.Nailer.

Emma? Do.wife.20. do.

Richard do.son.11mns.

William Elwell.H.M.62.Nailer.

Mary do.wife.62. do.

Hannah Parker.lodger.U.23. do.

Enoch do.son.5.

Racel do.daur.2.

Sarah Flavell.H.U.40.Bank Woman.

Jane do.daur.19.Wood & Screw wormer.

Mary Ann do.daur.15.Brickmaking.

Simeon do.son.13.Ge? D?

Sarah do.daur.11.?????? child.

Edward Fownes.lodger.U.45.Nailer.

Elizabeth do.sister.U.27.do.

Susannah do.niece.4.

Maria do.†††††† do.2.

F 167.Page 24.Pale Piece.

Edward Weaver..H.M.29.Wheelwright.Hereford.??????

Sarah do.wife.28.Salop.????.

Aurhur do.son.4.

Edward do.son.3?

Ann Hartland.servant.12.

Thomas Darbey.H.M.64.Nailer.

Sarah do.wife.65. do.

Joseph do.son.U.23. do.

Thomas do.jnr.H.M.29. do.

Sarah do.wife.32. do.Salop.Albrighton.

Elizabeth do.daur.7.Salop.

Mary Ann do.daur.5. Salop.

John do.son.4. Salop.

Edward do.son.?.Infant.

Joseph Hobson.H.M.41.Lab.Gornal.

????? do.wife.44.Nailer.Gornal.

Hannah Flavell.visitor.U.19.Nailer.Gornal.

Elizabeth do. do.16.servant.Gornal.

F167.Page 25.

Pale Piece.

Henry Thomas.H.Wid.33.??? Coal Miner.Gornal.

Benjamin do.son.9.Gornal.

William do.son.7.Gornal.

Hannah do.daur.4.Gornal.

Joanna Bradley.H.Wid.64.Gornal.

John Nailor.H.M.41.Iron Miner.Gornal.

Rebecca Naylor.wife.38.Nailer.Worc.Dudley.(surnames are spelt as I have wrote them)

Henry Watton.H.M.47.Brick Maker.Gornal.

Mary do.wife.45.Gornal.

Joseph do.son.20.Gornal.

Sarah do.saur.17.Gornal.

Henry do.son.14.Gornal.

John do.son.11.Gornal.

Thomas Flavell.H.M.48.Limestone Miner.Gornal.

Elizabeth do.wife.46.Gornal.

Eliza do.daur.U.35.Tailoress.Gornal.(it does say 35 for age)

James do.son.U.20.Limestone Miner.Gornal.

Emma do.daur.U.16.Nailer.Gornal.

Pheobe do.daur.12.Gornal.

F168.Page 26.

Same House.

Elizabeth Flavell.daur.12.

Thomas do.son.10.

George do.G-son.2.Tailoressís son.

F168.Page 26.

Pale Piece.

William Davies.H.M.45.Coal Miner.Ha?????.Flintshire.

Mary Davies.wife.45. ††††††††††††††††††††††† do †††††† †††††do.

Jane do.daur.U.22.Nail Forger.

Robert do son.13.

Thomas do.son.10.

One house un-inhab

Thomas Fownes.H.M.38.Miner.

Sarah do.wife.37.

Emma do.daur.11.Nailer.

Jane do.daur.9.

Elizabeth do.daur.4.

Maria do.daur.6mns.

Sarah Malpass.M in law.Wid.81.Yorkshire.Leeds?.

Richard do.lodger.M.?9.(39?).Blacksmith.

John do.son.3.illigitimate s/o E.lizabeth Malpass.

F168.Page 27.

Pale Piece.

One house un-inhab

James Toy.H.M.78.Greenwich Pensioner.

Ann Toy.wife.64.Nailer.

Benjamin Malpass.H.M.44.Iron Stone Miner.

Sarah do.wife.42.Nailer.

Thomas do.son.U.22.Miner.

Benjamin do.son.U.19.Miner.

William do.son.U.15. Miner.

Elizabeth do.daur.U.13.Nailer.

John do.son.11.Miner.

Ann do.daur.7.

Absolem do.son.5.

Enoch do.son.2.

Janes Fellowes.H.Wid.73.Nail Maker.

Hannah do.daur.U.29. do do.

Sarah Jane do.daur.10. do do.

Catherine do.daur.10.do do.

Edward do.son.8.

Mary Ann do.daur.4.

F169.Page 28.

Pale Piece.


Joseph Timmins.H.M.33.Nailer.

??????? do.wife.24.do.

Isaac do.son.10.Chain Doll????.

Isaih do.son.5.

Alfred do.son.4.

David Westwood.son in law.4.

Albert Timmins.son.1.

Elizabeth Hyde.H.Wid.32.Gornal.

Elizabeth do.daur.12. †††† †††††††††do.

William do.son.10.††††††† †††††††† do

Sarah do.daur.3. †††††† †††††††††do

Samuel Humphrey.son.1.†††† do

Nathaniel Badger.H.M.35.Hawker.

Sarah do.wife.40.

Edward Marsh.son in law.U.18.Hawker.

Henry do.son in law.U.16. ††††††† ††††do

Richard do.son in law.15.†††††††† ††† do

Teresa Badger.daur.12.†††††††††† ††† do

Thomas do.son.10.††††††† ††††††††††††††† do

Nathaniel do.son.6.

Sarah Jane do.daur.3.

F169.Page 29.

Pale Piece.

Ann Badger.H.M.21.

Thaoms do.son.2.

William do.son.1.

Joseph Taylor.H.M.40.Nail Maker.

Mary do.wife.48.

James Wasdell.son in law.U.18.Hawker.

Henry Taylor.son.13.Nailmaker.

Thomas do.10. ††††††††††† do do.

Richard Stead.H.M.27.Hawker.Nottingham.

Ann do.wife.38.Staffordshire.

John Badger.son in law.10. do.

Rosannah do.pauper.U.81. do

Joseph Hickmans.lodger.U.26.Boiler Plate Roller.do.

Eliza Marsh.lodger.22.Nailer.

Henry do.3.

Michael do.1.infant.

F170.Page 30.

Pale Piece.

William Hughes.H.M.36.??????? at Blast Furnace.

Charlotte do.wife.29.Nailer.

Sarah do.daur.10.

Mary Ann do.daur.

John do.son.4.

Pheobe Ann do.daur.1.

4th April, 1861. Enumerator James Guest. Registrar Richard Parkes.

F174.Page 1.

Dudley Road.

Thomas Hundrill.H.M.45.Tailor & Draper.

Mary do.wife.25.

Jane do.daur.2.

Ellen do.daur.

Benjamin Parker/Parkes?.H.M.51.Collector of Poors Rates.

Esther do.wife.53.

William do.son.U.17.LandSurveyors Apprentice.

Benjamin do.G-son.8.

John Peacock.H.M.34.Builder.Employing 12 men.

Ann do.wife.24.

Mary do.daur.2.

Sarah do.daur.1.

Esther Beardsmore.serv.11.

Rowland Hughes..H.M.29.Butcher & Publican.

Jane do.wife.28.

Henry Smith do.son.7.

Hannah Fisher do.daur.5.

Mary Thomas.serv.15.

F175.Page 2.

Dudley Road. Mrs Smiths Building.adjoining.

William Littlewood.H.U.18.Chain Maker.Worcs.Stourbridge.

Henry do.brother.11.South Wales.

Joseph do.brother.10.Worcs.Stourbridge.

James do.brother.7.no place of birth recorded.

John do.visitor.13.no place of birth recorded.

From Home. One house un-inhab

Reuben Blunt.H.U.24.Chain Maker.Worcs.Dudley.

Selina do.sister.21.Dress Maker. ††††††††††† do ††††††††††† do


Mrs Smiths Building.

Thomas Blackham.H.M.32.Brick Layer.

Mary do.wife.27.

Herbert do.son.3.

Sarah Elizabeth do.daur.1.

Sarah Hodgetts.visitor.U.21.Nailer.

Mary Lewis.visitoe.U.15.Nailer.

F175.Page 3.

Mrs Smiths House, adjoining houses.

Edward Fellowes.H.M.36.Mining Lab.

Sarah do.wife.34.

Mary Bradley.daur of wife.U.16.Nailer.

Josepg do.son of wife.13.Mining Lab.

Sarah do.daur of wife.11.Nailer.

Sabinah do.daur.of wife.9.Nailer.

Thomas do.son of wife.7.

Tamar do.daur of wife.4.

Henry do.son of wife.2.

Orchsrd House. Dudley Road.

James Guest.H.M.34.Plumber employing 1 man,1 boy.

Catherine Eliza do.wife.31.

James Henry do.son.5.

William Edward do.son.4.

Josíh John do.son.1.

Elizabeth Woodhall.serv.17.

Sarah Rhoden/Rhodes.H.Wid.60.Flour & Provision shop.

Elizabeth Mills.daur.U.35.Dress Maker.Worcs.Dudley.

Ann Caswell.H.M.40.Milliner.

F176.Page 4.

Dudley Road.

Joseph Hale.H.M.34.Mining Lab.

Harriet do.wife.28.Nailer.

Joseph do.son.13.Boatman.

James do.son.U.20.Mining Collier.

Eliza do.daur.10.Brick Maker.

Charlotte do.daur.5.Nurse.

Henry do.son.2.

William do.son.3 months.

Joseph Hickman.H.M.39.Bricklayer.

Mary do.43.

William do.son.16.Bricklayers Lab.

James do.son.12. ††††††††††† do ††††††††††† do

Walter do.son.11.††††††††††† do ††††††††††† do

Mary do.daur.3.

Susannah do.daur.2.

John do.son.4 months.

James Hickman.H.U.27.Mine Lab.

Mary Joiles.U.26.Nailer.

Joseph do.don.9.

William do.son.10?months.

F176.Page 5.

Dudley Road.

One house uninhab.

William Shinton.H.M.34.Plasterer.Salop.Witchurch.

Sarah do.wife.34.Staffs.Stoke.

Eliza do.daur.12.

Sarah do.daur.7.

Esther do.daur.4.

Catherine do.daur.3 months.

Richard Britle.H.M.44.Canal Lab.

Sarah do.wife.41.

Joseph do.son.16.Coal miner.

Hanah do.daur.14.Brickmaker.

Betsy do.daur.12.Nailer.

Richard do.son.6.

Mary Joils.Mother.Wid.64.

William do.brother.U.24.Iron Stone Miner.

Stephen Flavel.H.M.55.Braizier.

Pheobe do.wife.51.Sussex.Brighton.

F177.Page 6.

Dudley Road.Lodgers.

Thomas Jones..HM.33.Brazier.

Sarah do.wife.31.

Phiobea?? Do.daur.7.

Albert do.son.5.

Shith??k do.son.3.

A???? do.son.9 months.

Deborah Turley.H.U.34.Groc.

Susannah Jones.serv.U.14.N.K.

Thomas Vernum.H.M.25.Bellow Maker.S?????shire.Whit????(not Staffs)

Hannah do.wife.24.Brierley Hill.

Henry do.son.1 mn.

Henry do.visitor.M.55.Belloew Maker.Bristol.

Elizabeth do.visitor.M.43.Bellow Maker.S??????shire.Petterbr?.

Jame Guest.H.M.28.Iron Stone Miner.

Elizabeth do.wife.23.no birth place recorded.

William do.son.2. †††††††† ††††do†††† do†††† do

Nancy do.daur.4.††††††† ††† do†††† do†††† do

Jane do.daur.4mns.††† do††† do†††† do

F177.Page 7.

Dudley Road.

Peter Greathead.H.M.38.Bellows Manufacturer.employing 3 men.WarwickBirmingham.

Frances do.wife.40.

Edward do.son.13.

John do.son.11.

Silas do.son.3.

Samuel do.son.1.

Julia Lewis do.daur.16.

Rachel Parker/Parkes.H.Wid.30.no place of birth recorded.

John do.son.6.††††††††††† ††† do†† do†† do†† do†††† do

Jane do.daur.10. †††† †††do†† do††† do†† do†††† do

Emilly do.daur.3.

Joseph Wellings.H.U.30.Blacksmith.South Wales.

John Merrit.lodger.U.25.Blcaksmith, employing onr man. Do do.

Deborah Porter.H.,Wid.66.Nailer.

Maria Tomlinson.daur.U.25.Nailer

Lydia Porter.daur.U.21.Dress Maker.

Mary Jane Tomlinson.daur.2.

Daniel do.visitor.U.23.Iron Stone Miner.

F178.Page 8.

Dudley Road.

Joseph Porter.H.M.42.White Smith.

Aves? Do.wife.44.

Edwin do.son.15.†††††††† do††††† do

Henry do.son.12.

James do.son.9.

David do.son.6.

Richard do.son.3.

John Clark.H.M.32.Carpenter.Hereford.Browyard.

Ann do.wife.32.Avenbury.

Elizabeth do.daur.9.Warwick.Brom????.

Theophilas Caddick.H.M.53.Cordwainer.

Mary do.wife.62.Schollmisstress.Eccleshall.

Theophilas do.son.U.18.Bellowmaker.

Jane Podmore.visitor.U.16.Farmers daur.

Moses Bradley.H.M.39.Iron Stone Miner.No birthplace recorded for this household

Mary do.wife.38.

Ann do.daur.16.Dressmaker.

John do.son.14.Iron Stone Miner.

Harriet do.daur.12.

Elizabeth do.daur.9.

F178.Page 9.

Same House.

Moses Bradley.son.5.

Eliza do.daur.3.

Samuel? Do.son.1.

F178.Page 9.

Dudley Road.

Thomas Fellowes.H.M.41.Bricklayer.

Elizabeth do.wife.42.

Joseph do.son.12.

George Russel do.son.6.

Joshua do.4.

Sarah Venebles.Mother in law.Wid.77.Annuitant.

Joseph do.Brother in law.U.40.

John Venebles.H.Wid.50.

Harriet do.daur.U.21.

Ann do.daur.U.20.

Elizabeth do.daur.U.19.

Edwin Reynolds.H.M.35.SchoolMaster.National.Staffs.Walsall.

Emma do.wife.28.Scholl Misstress.Wolverhampton.

Ann Aston.sister in law.U.36.Scholl Mistress.

F179.Page 10.

Dudley Road.

John ?ewkins.H.M.43.Lab.

Elizabeth do.wife.39.

Ze(f?)hussiah? Do.son.16.Lab.

John do.son.15. †††††† ††††††do.

Martha do.daur.8.

Sarah do.daur.3.

S?????y do.son.6mns.

John Webb.H.M.41.Lab.

Mary do.wife.39.

Elizabeth do.daur.14.Dressmaker.

Hannah do.daur.12.

George do.son.7.

Ruth do.daur.4.

John do.son.2.

John Jones.H.M.30.Ironstone Miner.Worcs.Dudley.

Esther do.wife.39.

Richard so.son.10.

Thomas do.son.7.

John so.don.4.

Mary do.daur.2.

F179.Page 11.

Dudley Road.

James Welkington Bennettt.H.M.29.Police Constable.Tettenhall.

Ann do.wife.36.Tipton.

George James do.son.3.Tettenhall.

Thomas do.son.2.Tettenhall.

Harriet Hope.daur in law.7.Tettenhall.

Joseph Wilkes Browne.H.M.48.Surgeon.Liecestershire.????????.

Mary Ann do.wife.38.

Mary Ann do.daur.9.

Joseph do.son.8.

Loisah Browne.daur.4.

Richard do.son.1.

Mary Ann Nightingale.serv.U.26.Salop.Donnington.


Robert Green.serv.U.14.Errand Boy.Salop.Alesley?.

Edward Bumford/Burrisford.H.Wid.44.Show Maker.Montgomery.Newtown.

Elizabeth do.daur.U.17. ††††††††††† ††††††††††† do †††††† ††††††††††† do

Sarah do.daur.10. †††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† do †††††† ††††††††††† do

Henry do.son.1.††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† do †††††† ††††††††††† do

Abraham Chesterton.U.20.Shoemaker.Journeyman.

F180.Page 12.

Dudley Road.

William Bagley.H.M.35.Iron Stone & Lime Stone Miner.

Hanah do.wife.31.employing 20 men.

Thomas do.son.13. do miner.

William do.son.11. do Miner.

Susannah do.daur.5.

Ruth do.daur.8.

Rachael do.daur.3.

Elizabeth do.daur.3mns.

James Payton.H.M.41.Cole (as it is spelt) Miner.

Sarah do.wife.34.

Hanah do.daur.11.

Richard do.son.8.

Enoch do.son.6.

Sarah do.daur.3.

Mary do.daur.7mns.

Samuel Helwell.H.M.42.Cole Miner.

Pheobe do.wife.41.

Isaac do.son.18.Cole Miner.

James do.son.12. do do.

William do.son.8.

F180.Page 13.

Same House.

Job Payton.son.5.

Mary do.daur.10.

Rachil do.daur.4 mns.

This is saying that Isaac.James & William follow the name Helwell.

Job, Mary & Rachil, Payton.

F180.Page 13.

Dudley Road.

John Clark..H.M.45.Butcher.

Mary do.wife.36.

John do.son.16.Mine Lab.

Eliw? Do.daur.14.

Benjamin do.son.12. Mine Lab.

Thomas do.son7.††††††††††† do do

Isaac do.son.4.

William Clark.H.M.37.Cole Miner.

Elizabeth do.wife.34.

Benjamin do.son.Quarryman.

Mary do.daur.9.

John do.son.7.

Henry do.son.4.

Ann Prince.H.Wid.57.Baker.N.K.

Elizabeth do.daur.U.18.Nailer.Flintshire.Hasting.

Martha do.daur.U.16†††† .do†††††† ††† do††† ††††† do

F181.Page 14.

Dudley Road.

Reuben Naylor.H.M.age39 also says K.N.Ironstone Miner.

Sarah do.wife.23.

Thomas do.son.5.

Silas do.son.3.

Hannah do.daur.11 months.

James Smith.H.M.34.Nailer.

Elizabeth do.wife.30. do.

Susannah do.daur.9.

Maria do.daur.5.

Richard do.son.1.

Edward Naylor.H.M.30.Ironstone Miner.

Ann do.wife.25.

Mary do.daur.5.

Lydia do.daur.2.

Benjamin Fellows.H.M.54.Publican.

Esther do.wife.53.

Hannah Lees.G-daur.14.visitor.

Jane Southall.serv.18.

F181.Page 15.

Dudley Rd.

John Green.H.M.57.Mine Lab.

Julia do.wife.50.

John do.son.18.Mine Lab.

Benjamin do.son.10.do do.

Ruth do.daur.6.

Deborah do.daur.3.

William Reynolds.son in law.M.23.Ironstone Miner.

Hannah do.wife.20.

John do.son.1.

William Haulding.H.M.39.Mine Lab.Salop.Claverley.

Catherine do.wife.39.

Elen do.daur.12.Brickmaker.

Samuel do.son.10.Mine Lab.

Catherine do.daur.8.

Joseph do.son.5.

Susannah do.daur.3.

William (Lomas?) do.son.1mn.?.

Samuel Haulding.H.M.47.Salop.Claverley.

Elizabeth do.wife.51.

Elizabeth do.daur.12.

F182.Page 16.

Dudley Road.

James Hobson.H.M.44.Limestone Miner.

Mary do.wife.42.

Racael do.daur.16

Alice do.daur.10.

Elizabeth do.daur.8.

James Henry do.son.6.

Joseph do.son.1.

Mary Naylor..H.Wid.49.Publican.

Samuel do.son.19.Limestone Miner.

Isaac do.son.14. ††††††††††† do†††††† do

William do.son.13.

Job do.son.11.

Joseph do.son.8.

Hannah Wasdale.H.Wid.61.

Harriet do.daur.19.Brickmaker.

John Castly?.son-in-law.M.30.Cole Miner.Salop.Newa?le

Elizabeth do.daur..M.23.

Martha do.G-daur.4.

John do.G-son.2.

George do.G-son.6mns.

F182.Page 17.

Dudley Road.

William Hobson.H.M.23.Miner.

Lydia do.wife.23.

Maryann do.daur.4.

Hannah? Do.daur.2.

Hezikiah do.son.2 mns.

Benjamin Parks.H.M.24.Ironstone Miner.

Mary do.wife.21.Dress Maker.

Joseph do.son.1.

John Harris..H.M.40.Ironstone Miner.

Jane do..wife.38.

Edith do.daur.12.

John do.son.9.

Pamiler do.daur.6.

William do.son.1.

James?(faded) Willets.H.M.34.White Smith.

Mary do.wife.34.

John Meridith.H.M.30.Ironstone Miner.

Comfort do.wife.29.

Elizabeth do.daur.10.

Sarah do.daur.7.

Josíh do.son.2.

F183.Page 18.

Dudley Rd.

Esther Guest.H.Wid.79.House Keeper.

Moses Hale.lodger.M.38.Mine Lab.

Hariet do.lodgers wife.37.

James do. do son.9.

Samuel do. do do.4.

Mary do. do do.1.

Mariah Guest.lodger.Wid.55.Nailer.

Maryann do.†††† do.U.27.††††††††† do.

Isaac Williams.H.M.48.Butter & Cheese Factor.

Sarah do.wife.44.

Cioline(Caroline?) do.daur.U.21.

Jane Fellows.visitor.M.19.Dress Maker.

Isaac Williams.son.U.17.Cheese Factor.

Sarah do.daur.13.

John do.son.7.

Elizabeth do.daur.6.

Edward do.son.4.

Ann do.daur.1.

One house un-inhab.

F183.Page 19.

Dudley Rd.

William Mills.H.M.40.Fire Iron Maker employing

Elizabeth do.wife.37. 3 boys 3 men.

Mary Ann do.daur.17.Tailoress.

Julia do.daur.15.

Elizabeth do.daur.10.

Maria? Do.daur.7.

Thirza do.daur.6.

Pheobe Ann do.2.

Benjamin Law/Lowe?H.M.60.Mine Lab.

Elizabeth do.wife.59.

Ann do.daur.15.Nailer.

Elizabeth Dutton.Mother.Wid.70.visitor.

Alice Jinks.visitor.6.

Joshua Bunn.H.M.28.Ironstone Miner.

Elizabeth do.wife.27.

Mary do.daur.4.

Job do.son.2.

F183.Page 19

Cricket Meadow.

Joseph Wall.H.29.Nailer.(doesnít state M or Wid)

Ellen do.daur.14.

Sophia do.daur.13.

F184.Page 20

Same House. Saysí Dudley (looks like Meadow)

John Wall.son.10.

Hannah do.daur.6.

F184.Page 20.

Dudley Road.

John Cartwright.H.M.59.Victualler & Farmer 21 acres & Lab.

Elizabeth do.wife.58.

Richard do.son.U.32.

Phoebe Ann do.daur.19.

Elizabeth do.daur.M.33.

Julia do.G-daur.11mns.Warwick.Birmingham.

Joannah Wedge.serv.U.19.Bilston.

Sarah Ann Cook.serv.U.15.Deepfields.

Phoebe Cartwright.G-daur.9.Warwiick.Birmingham.

Mary Blakeway.H.M.55.Salop.Wellington.

John do.son.U.21.Iron Miner.Girnal.

James do.son.U.17. do do.

Edward do.son.13. do do.

Selina do.daur.4.

Hannah do.daur.visitor.11.

Edward Oakley.H.M.47.Lime Stone Miner.

Jane do.wife.40.Brickmaker.white brick.

Ann do.daur.12. Brickmaker Labourer.

F184.Page 21.

Same House.

Richard dale Oakley.10.Mine Lab.

Sarah Wakelam.visitor.19.Brickmaker.

Edwaed do.19.Worc.Dudley.

F184.Page 21.

Dudley Road.

John Smith.H.M.34.Cole Miner.

Elizabeth do.wife.32.

Thomas do.son.10.Cole Miner.

Susannah Evans.serv.11.

Ann Smith.daur.3mns.

Thomas Cartwright.H.M.43.Victualler.Maltster.

Mary do.wife.41.

Joseph Hale.visitor.Wid.66.Brick Maker.

Elizabeth Blackham.serv.20.

F184.Page 21.

Jews Lane.

John Whiton?.H.M.59.Miner employing 4 men.Salop.N.K.

Mary do.wife.58.

Sarah do.daur.36.Mine Lab.

Enoch do.son.30. do do.

???ala do.daur.21.Bricl Maker.

Maryann do.daur.16.Mine Lab.

F185.Page 22.

Jews Lane.

Isaac Millard.H.M.50.Mine Lab.Wednesbury.

E;lizabeth do.wife.49.

John do.son.25.Mine ??????.

Prudence do.daur.20.Brickmaker.

Esther do.daur.18.

Elizabetjh do.daur.15.Brickmaker.

Thomas do.son.9.

Isaac do.son.12.Mine Lab.

Mary Hannah do.daur.5.

John Wilkes..H.M.34.Pauper.

Matilda do.wife.32.Nailer.

Amelia do.daur.11.

George do.son.9.Mine Lab.

Eliza do.daur.5.

Mary do.daur.3.

Luke do.son.7mns.

James Perry.H.M.34.Butcher.Provision Merchant.

Ann do.wife.32.

Henry do.son.9.

Thomas do.son.7.

F185.Page 23.

Same House.

John Perry.5.

Sarah Lavender.U.23.

James Perry.2.

Joseph Hulse?.H.M.24.Mine Lab.

Maryann do.wife.23.Salop.Mal????.

Edward Hemmings.H.M.30.Mine Lab.

Mary do.wife.40.

John do.son.9.Mine Lab.

Joseph do.son.7.

Samuel do.son.5.

William do.son.3.

Sarah do.daur.9mns.

Joseph do.Brother.U.23.Bricklayer.


Thomas Bradley.H.M.27.Bricklayer.

Caroline do.wife.24.Brick Maker.

F186.Page 24.

Jews Lane.

Thomas Wall.H.M.36.Nailer.

Lydia do.wife.31.

William do.son.8.

Mary do.daur.4.

John do.son.1.

John Brettle.H.M.27.Cole Miner.

Betsy do.wife.27.

Ruth do.daur.3.

Charity do.daur.2.

Hannah do.daur.3mns.

Edward Tomlinson..H.M.34.Miner.

Elizabeth do.wife.33.

Ann do.daur.11.

Susannah do.daur.9.

Edward do.son.6.

Mary do.daur.2.

Thomas Train..H.M.30.Miner.Employing 18 men.

Naimi do.wife.29.

Mary Ann do.daur.5.

Richard do.son.3.

F186.Page 25.

Same House.

Silas do.son.1.

Henry Ashton.Brother-in-law.U.20.Miner.

F186.Page 25.

Jews Lane.

Elisia Slater.H.M.63.Mine Lab.

Sarah do.wife.56.

Elizabeth Ann do.daur.U.21.

William Jones..H.M.40.Mine Lab.

Mary do.wife.38.

Elis???? Do.daur.11.

Catherine do.daur.8.

Sarah do.daur.4.

Clara do.daur.1.

John Ashton.M.38.Miner Employinh 12 men.

Maria do.wife.34.

Enoch do.son.15.

Esther do.daur.13.

Rachael do.daur.10.

Ann Maria do.daur.7.

Mary Tian.Mother in Law.Wid.67.Nailer.Dudley..

F187.Page 26

Jews Lane.

James Thomas.H.M.30.NK.Lime Stone Miner.

Hannah do.wife.29.Worcs.Dudley.

William do.son.3.

James Henry do.son.1.

William Woodall.Brother-in-law.U.23.Shoe Maker.Worcs.Dudley.

Jane Whitehouse.Sister-in-law.M.20.Brick Maker.††††† do ††††††††††† do

Joseph Waterfield..H.M.30.Miner.Employing 4 men.

Mary do.wife.32.

John do.son.2.

Rachel Phoebe Oakley.Mother-in-law.Wid.6?.Pauper.

Charles Hill.H.M.37.Mine Lab.Devonshire.Cauley?.

Maryann do.wife.36.Warwick.Henley in Arden.

Henry Peacock.H.M.61.Retired Carpenter.?????.West?????.

Emma do.wife.59.House Proprieter.Bilston.

Abel Burton..H.M.39.Miner.

Jane do.wife.37.

John do.son.16.Miner.

Sarah do.12.

Elizabeth do.daur.8.

Thomas do.son.6.

F187.Page 27.

Same House.

Louisa Burton.4.

Abel do.son.1.


Jews Lane.

William Butler.H.M.36.Nailer.Worcs.Bromsgrove.

Phoebe do.wife.29. ††††† †††do.

George do.son.11.

Hannah do.daur.9.

William do.son.6.

Emma do.daur.4.

James Brown.H.M.34.Mine Lab.Northampton.

Elinor do.wife.41.Canterberry.

William James do.son.11.Briak Lab.Worcs.Birmingham.

Charles Brown.9.

Benjamin Aston.H.M.35.Miner.

Elizabeth do.wife.27.

Mahony? Do.daur.7.

Elizabeth do.,daur.4.

Catherine do.daur.2mns.

F188.Page 28.

Jews Lane.

Richard Lees.H.M.25.Pudler.

Rachel do.wife.18.Nailer.

Samuel Jeavon Lees.son.1m.

Phillip Hickin..H.M.26.Miner.

Mary do.wife.24.

Alfred do.son.2.

William do.son.7mns.?

John Timmins.H.M.50.Mine Lab.

Hannah do.wife.45.

Joseph do.son.U.18.Mine Lab.

William do.son.U.15.do do.

Hannah Hide.neice.8.

William Hide.H.M.35.Mine Lab.

Lucy do.wife.34.Nailer.

Jane do.daur.11.

John do.son.6.

Susannah do.daur.3.

William do.son.8mns.

Jane Westwood.Mother-in-law.Wid.77.Pauper.

Edward do.Brother-in-law.Wid.30.Nailer.

F188.Page 29.

Jews Lane.

William Tomlinson.H.M.53.Limestone Miner.Blind.

Hannah do.wife.50.

Joseph do.son.23.Ironstone Miner.

Isaac do.son.20††††††††††† do††††††† do

Catherine do.daur.U.19.Dressmaker.

???th do.daur.9.

Isaac Hickman.H.M.27.Miner.

Susannah do.wife.26.

Hannah do.daur.7.

Sarah Ann do.daur.4.

Josíh do.son.1.

William Tomlinson.H.M.28.Ironstone Miner.

Maria do.wife.27.

Esther do.daur.6.

Hannah do.daur.4.

William do.son.2.

Thomas Tomlinson.H.M.27.Ironstone Miner.

Pheobe do.wife.31.School Mistress.

Samuel do.son.5.

F189.Page 30.

Jews Lane.

Samuel Tomlinson.H.M.29.Ironstone Miner.

Mary do.wife.28.

William do.son.7.

Thomas do.son.3.

Thomas do.Father.58.Limestone Miner.(dosnít state Mar or Wid)

Mary Harris.H.U.34.Mine Lab

Elizabeth do.daur.8.Nurse.

Maria Barns.lodger.U.20.Mine Lab.Worcs.Tenbridge.

William Lees.H.M.44.Ironstone Miner.

Mary do.wife.35.Dress Maker.

Maria do.daur.12.Nailer.

Joseph do.son.9.

Benjamin do.son.5.

Georeg Parks.H.M.31.Brickmaker.

Mary do.wife.28.

Joseph do.son.8.

Emma do.daur.6.

Sarah do.daur.1.

F189.Page 31.

Jews Lane.

Joseph Hale.H.M.29.I††††††††††† ronstone Miner.

Mary do.wife.25.

Samuel do.son.5.

Elizabeth do.daur.3.

Mary Jane do.daur.1.

Benjmain Brettle..H.M.48.Nailer.

Rebeca do.wife.47. ††††† ††††††††do.

Ellen do.daur.U.17. ††††††††do

Ann do.daur.11.††††† ††††††† do

Seth do.son.7.

John do.Father.Wid.83.Retired Nailer.

Henry Whaldron.H.M.24.Limestone Miner.

Elizabeth do.wife.26.Hawker of white sand.

Maria do.daur.5.

Thomas Churmage.H.M.38.Ironstone Miner.

Eliza do.wife.32.

William do.son.11.

F190.Page 32.

Jews Lane.

Benjamin Westwood.H.M.47.Miner.

Jane do.wife.43.

Moses do.son.17.Miner.

Sarah do.daur.12. do.

Benjamin do.son. 10.

William do.son.8.

George do.son.6.

Betsy do.daur.3.

Mary do.daur.2mns.

William Reynolds.H.M.55.Mine Lab.

Mary do.wife.45.

Joseph do.son.12.???????miner.

William do.son.6/10?. do do.

Mary do.daur.4.

Thomas do.brother.U.46.Farm Lab.

Maria Bradley.H.Wid.60.House Keeper.

Jane Raybold.G-daur.U.18.Hawker of white sand.

John Millard.visitor.3.

Jane do.visitor.4.

Hannah Walker.visitor.5.

F190.Page 33.

Jews Lane.

George Whaterfield.H.M.46.Ironstone Miner.

Esther do.wife.45.

Harriet Patten.serv.14.

John do.serv.U.18.Apprentice Miner.

William Hale.serv.U.16. do do.

John Flavell.serv.U.15.†† do do

Benjamin Hale.H.M.58.Shoe Maker.

Hannah do.wife.54.

Daniel do.son.M.26.Shoe Maker.

Mary do.sonís wife.25.Nailer.

Agar do.son.16.Miner.

Thomas do.son.13. do.

Levi do.son.11. do.

Mary Ann do.daur.2.

John do.son.8mns.

Thomas Bate.H.M.42.Iron Stone Miner.

Elizabeth do.wife.39.

William do.son.19. do do.

Jane do.daur.16.

Benjamin do.son.14.Miner.

F200.Page 34.

Same House.(Folio No, goes from 190 to 200)

Ann Bate.daur.11.

Caroline do.daur.6.

Joseph do.son.2.

F200.Page 34.

Jews Lane.

Mary Thomas.H.Wid.50.Pauper.

Samuel Haddington.visitor.U.26.Mine Lab.

Stephen Taylor.lodger.M.31.Nailer.Gloster.Strod??????

Sarah do.wife.33. ††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† do ††††††††††† do

William do.son.10.††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† do††††††† do

Thomas Greenaway.H.M.23.Mine Lab.

Sarah Jane do.wife.23.

Mary Ann do.daur.1.

William Whatton.H.M.25.Mine Lab.

Esther do.wife.23.

John do.son.1.

Edward Hughes.H.M.27.Mine Lab.Worcs.Dudley.

Eliza do.wife.25.

Richard do.son.4.

Isabella do.daur.1.

F200.Page 35.

Jews Lane.

John Jones.H.M.84.Retired Lab.

Mary do.wife.78.

Isaiah do.son.M.50.Mine Lab.

Hannah do.sonís wife.53.

Henry do.sonís son.14.Mine Lab.

Sarah do.sonís daur.16.Nailer.

Joseph do.sonís son.11.Miner.

Harriet do.sonís daur.9.Nurse.

Ruth Brettle.visitor.3.

Richard Bennett.H.M.54.Ironstone Miner.

Jane do.wife.57.

Alfred Hunt.wifeís son.U.19.Ironstone Miner.

John do.wifeís son.M.28.††††††† do †††††† ††††do

Pheobe do.Johnís wife.30.

Sarah Jane do.Johnís daur.11.

Fanny do.Johnís daur.9.

S?abella do.Johnís daur.5.

George do.Johnís son.2.

Thomas do.Johnís son.4mns.

Racel do.G-daur.5.

F201.Page 36.

Jews Lane.

James Burton.H.M.42.Ironstone Miner.

Pheobe do.wife.38.

William do.son.U.20.†††† do††††††† ††††† do

Caroline do.daur.12.

Mary do.daur.10.

Reubin do.son.4.

Enoch do.son.1.

John Ritson.H.M.51.Survayor of Farms of 18 acres.Employing 3 Lab.Cumberland.Lan?

Jane do.wife.48.Salop.B????all.

James do.son.16.

Thomas Thorpe Ritson.son.15.

William do do.son.12.

Joahn Henry do.son.9.

Joseph do.11.

John Sheward?.serv.26.Farm Lab.Worcs.Upper ???ley.

Ann Haycock.serv.U.38.Hereford.Fairborough.

F201.Page 37.

Cricket Meadow.

James Hale.H.M.73.Pauper.

Mary do.wife.73.††††† do.

Mary Parks.daur.40.

Elizabeth do.visitor.18.

Joseph do.visitor.3.

Job Davies.H.M.21.Engineer.

Hannah do.wife.21.

William do.son.7mns.

Henry Hurst.H.M.32.Cole Miner.

Urusella? Do.wife.33.

Sarah do.daur.12.

Pheobeann do.daur.8.

Henry do.son.2.

John Astley.H.M.27.Mine Lab.

Marria do.wife.23.

Benjamin Fellows.lodger.M.23.Bricklayer.

Elizabeth do.wife.23.

F202.Page 38.

Cricket Meadow.

Abraham Fellows.H.M.57.Stone Mason.

Mary do.wife.57.

Joseph do.son.25.Bricklayer.

Abraham do.son.18.do.

William Hickman.H.M.27.Miner.

? Do.wife.23.

William Thomas.H.M.28.Miner.

? do.wife.28.

Mary Ann do.daur.6.

John do.son.5.

James Henry do.son.3.

William do.son.2mns.

John Mason.H.M.36.Miner.

Ann do.wife.37.

Nancy do.daur.14.Nailer.

Salina? Do.daur.10.do.

William do.son.9.do.

Harriet do.daur.7.

Hannah do.daur.3.

Elizabeth do.daur.1.

William Astley.Father.Wid.79.Lab.

F202.Page 39.

Cricket Meadow.

Thomas Astley.H.M.29.Miner.

Mary do.wife.27.

John do.son.5.

Thomas do.son.3.

Sarah Jane do.daur.1.

Eliza do.daur.2mns.

Sarah Hancox.H.Wid.74.

Sarah Ann do.visitor.10.

Fransess Davies.H.Wid.44.Dressmaker.

Sarah Ann do.daur.18.††††† ††††††††††† do

Abiather Hancox.H.M.39.Cord Wainer.

Mary do.wife.40.

John do.son.12.

Sarah Ann do.daur.9.

Betsy do.daur.7.

F203.Page 40.

Cricket Meadow.

Joseph Tighe.H.M.44.Screww Maker.Worcs.Dudley.

Lydia do.wife.48.Screw Finisher.

Richard do.son.22.Coal Miner.

Mary Ann do.daur.15.Screw Finisheer.

John do.son.12.Miner.

James do.son.9.

Sarah Bennett,visitor.52.Nailer.

William Meredith.H.M.53.Green Grocer.

Mary do.wife.51.

Joseph do.son.20.Iron Stone Miner.

William do.son.15. do†† do††††† do

David do.son.14.††† do†† do††††† do

Rachel do.daur.12.

Joshua do.son.10.Mine Lab.

Ann do.daur.9.

Emumerator John Peacock.fourth day of April 1851.

F207.Page 1.

Dudley Road.

Nephamiah Round.H.M.40.Butcher.Tipton.

Lydia do.wife.39.Rowley.

Joseph do.son.13.Rowley.

David do.son.11.Tipton.

Lydia do.daur.7.Worcs.Dudley.

William do.son.4. do do.

Gimima? do.daur.3. do do.

One house un-inhab

William Hartland.H.M.45.Bricklayer.

Charlotte do.wife.43.

George do.son.18.Bricklayer.

Elizabeth do.daur.15.

William do.son.12.

Ancecelia? Do.daur.13.

Mary do.daur.10.

Charlotte do.daur.9.

Samuel do.son.6.

Pamela do.daur.3.

Joseph do.son.1m.

F208.Page 2.

Dudley Road.

Joseph Thomas.H.M.27.Stone Miner.

Mary do.wife.25.

Isaac do.son.11mns.

William Attwood.H.M.27.Bricklayer.

Mary do.wife.23.

William do.son.4.

Ann Elizabeth do.daur.1.

Benjamin do.son.1mn.

James Bent.H.M.25.Coal Agent.Worcs.Dudley.

Jane do.wife.22.

Herbert do.son.4mns.

Sarah Law.visitorU.23Dress Maker.

Lidia Harper.serv.12.Woodsetton.

Mary Darby.H.Wid.61.Heather seller.Gornal.

James do.son.22.Cabinet Maker.Gornal.

Mary do.daur.20.Gornal.

Ann Addenbrook.sister.U.44.

F208.Page 3.

Dudley Road.

Thomas Bradley.H.M.48.Brcklayer & Shop Keeper.

Ann do.wife.48.

John do.son.23.Bricklayer.

Hannah Parker.serv.17.

Mariah Cartwright.H.Wid.P??? Mistress.York.?????Field.

Ellen Stacey.serv.U.19.Ettingshall.

William Oakley.H.M.36.Grocer.

Sarah do.wife.42.

Pamelia do.daur.13.

John do.son.3.

Joseph do.son.3mns.

Charlotte Golden.serv.14.

House uninhabited.

William Smith.H.M.29.Butcher.Walsall.

Elizabeth Jane do.23.

Hannah Shenton.H.Widow.59.Seamstress.

Jane do.wife.20.Tailoress.

Joseph Polmore.Lodger.20.Carpenter.

Sarah Lane.lodger.29.

F209.Page 4.

Dudley Road.

William Tomlinson.H.M.34.Coal mIner.

Ann Eliza do.wife.36.Yorksh.????field.

Henrietta do.daur.10.

Joseph do.son.7.

Robert do.son.5.

Ann/Amy? Marsh do.daur.1mn.

Thomas Page..H.M.26.Miner in ???? Stone.Salop.Stoke.

Caroline do.wife.27.Herefordsh.Ashford.

Daniel Jukes.H.M.34.Coal Miner.

Charlotte do.wife.38.Worcs.Bewdley.

Emila do.daur.11.

Thomas Esau do.son.10.

Luiza do.daur.9.

A??hread Goodman do.son.5.

Eliza Jane do.daur.3.

Mary Ann Page.H.Wid.52.Inn Keeper.Salop.Loughton.

Mary Ann do.daur.U.20.Salop.Stanton.

F209.Page 5.

Dudley Road.

James Hayward.H.M.32.Taylor;Master employing 1 man.?etsford.Chester.

Sarah J do.wife.32.Penkridge?

Annie( Clara?) do.daur.14.Penkridge.

Sarah Ann do.daur.3.Wolverhampton.

John Shakespliere.journeyman.U.31.Taylor.Warwick.Worley???????.

Joseph Wright.Apprentice.U.14.Warwick.Leomington.

Leigh Reynolds.serv.U.17.

William Blackham.H.M.36.Shop Keeper.

Mary do.wife.33.

Hannah do.daur.12.

Josdeph H do.son.10.

Honor do.daur.6.

John do.son.5.

George W do.son.2.

Eliza J do.daur.6mns.

Elijah Blackham.H.M.39.Lime Stone Miner.

Hannah do.wife.30.

Elizabeth do.daur.3.

Thomas do.son.1.

F210.Page 6.

Dudley Road.

Joseph Clark.H.M.26.Briaklayer.

Mary A do.daur.24.

Richard Bennett.H.M.56.Nail Weigher.

Maru do.wife.43.

Mary do.daur.12.

Mattilda do.daur.6.

William do.son.4.

Jonah Timmins..H.M.48.Lime Stone Miner.

Sarah do.wife.54.

Hannah do.daur.14.

Mary do.daur.11.

John Hiackmans.U.38.Excavator.

F210.Page 7.

Dudley Road.

James Ward..H.M.36.Joiner & Builder.Hereford.Webbourn?

Mary A do.wife.34.Milliner & Dressmaker.Hereford.Lenton?

Emily do.daur.12.Hereford.Webbourn.?

Mary do.daur.10.

Clara do.daur.8.

Eunice do.daur.6.

Laura do.daur.4.

John do.son.2.

Hannah Gough.Sister.23.??oger-shoe binder.Hereford.Lenton.

Thomas Lane.nephew.1mn.Worcs.Dudley.

Jermiah Harker.H.M.48.Victualler.Butcher.

Rebecca do.wife.40.

Rachel do.daur.U.18.

Hannah do.daur.5.

Hesikiah do.son.2.

Joseph J Jenkins..H.M.36.Hair Dresser.Worcs.Dudley.

Caroline do.wife.27.Milliner & Dressmaker.Worcs.Dudley.

Emela S do.daur.6.Worcs.Dudley.

Mary A do.daur.1.

F211.Page 8.

Dudley Road.

Simeon Tye.H.M.28.Wood Screw Maker.

Elizabeth do.wife.28.Bonnet Maker.

John do.son.8.

Hannah do.daur.6.

Pheobe do.daur.6mns.

Richard Oldfield.H.M.28.Cahin Maker.

Caroline do.wife.29.Salop.Whitchurch.

George do.son.7.

Thomas do.son.5.

Edward do.son.2.

Shadrach do.son.1.

William Jones.H.M.30.Lab in Mines.

Jane do.wife.25.

John do.son.6.

Thomas do.son.4.

Henry do.son.1.

James Evans.Brother-in-law.U.22.Butcher.

Mary do.Sister-in-law.U.18.Dress Maker.

F211.Page 9.

Dudley Road.

Samuel Lester.H.Wid.43.Enginer.Worcs.Dudley.

Ann do.daur.U.17.House Maid.

Elizabeth do.daur.15.Nurse Maid.Kingswinford.

Samuel do.son.13.Engineer.Kingswinford.

Susannah do.daur.10.Kingswinford.

Levina do.daur.8.

Joseph do.son.4.

Jeremiah do.son.2.

Thomas do.son.4mns.

Thomas Oldfield.H.M.38.Chain Maker.

Sarah do.wife.35.

Esther do.Mother.Wid.66.Trysull.

Lueiza do.Sister.U.26.Dress Maker.

Mary Parker.H.U.51.Proprieter of Houses.

Joseph Spittle.H.M.28.Coal Dealer.Worcs.Dudley.

Sarah do.wife.24.Fire Brickmaker.

Henry do.son.3.

F212.Page 10.

Dudley Road.

Jane Guilliams.H.Wid.45.

Joseph do.son.15.Hawker.

Moses do.son.7.

Thomas Price.lodger.U.23.Hawker.

Joseph Jevons.H.M.24.Coal Miner.

Sarah do.wife.28.

Julia do.daur.2.

Rebeccs do.daur.11mns.

Sarah Parker.H.Wid.53.Proprieter of Hpuses.

Richard do.son.U.18.Brickmaker.

Mary do.daur.12.


John Husey.H.M.71.Chelsea Pensioner.Salop.Wellington.

Ann do.wife.60.

Abel Saddler.H.M.29.Engmeer.

Mary do.wife.,23.

Abel 3.

Thomas do.son.2mns.

James Guest.Brother-in-law.21.Fire Clay Miner.

F212.Page 11.

Dudley Road.

Thomas Hale.H.M.59.Shoe Maker.

Hannah do.wife.44.

John do.son.30.

Mary do.daur.U.23.Nailer.

Paul do.son.U.21.Miner.

Elizabeth Aston.Daur in law.14.Nailer.


John do.son.3.

Isaac Parkes.H.M72.Receiving Parish Relief.formerley Mre Iron Maker.

Sarah do.70.wife††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††

John do.son.U.22.Iron Stone Miner.

Martha Elwell.daur.Wid.33.Receiving Parish relief.

Sarah do.G-daur.serv.14.Servant out of place.

Elizabeth do.G-daur.10.

Thomas do.G-.son.9.

James do.G-son.7.

Joseph do.G-son.5.

F213.Page 12.

Dudley Road.

Isaac Marsh.H.M.40.Gardener.

Hannah do.wife.40.

Jane do.daur.13.

Henry do.son.U.18.Iron Stone Miner.

Thomas do.son.16.†† do†††† do†††† do

Isaac do.son.9.

Mary do.daur.6.

James do.son.4.

William Parker.H.M.51.Lab.

Sarah do.wife.46.

Isaac do.son.U.18.Miner.

Sarah do.daur.15.Brickmaker.

William do.son.13.Brickmaker.

Samuel do.son.9.

One house un-inhab.

F213.Page 13.

Dudley Road.

Emanuel Bradley.H.M.45.Nail Maker.

Nancy do.wife.40.

Samuel do.son.U.20.Nail Maker.

Mary A do.daur.U.17.Dress Maker.

Josiah do.son.16.Nail Maker.

William do.son.14.Iron Stone Miner.

Isaac do.son.9.Nail Maker.

James do.son.6.

Sarah J do.daur.4.

Edward do.son.2.

John Waterfield.H.M.48.Iron Stone Miner.

Elizabeth do.wife.49.Tipton.

Mary do.daur.U.27.

Sabina do.daur.M.23.Brick Maker.

Selina do.daur.M.15.

Pheobe do.daur.U.19.Brick Maker.

Elizabeth do.daur.12.Brick Maker.

Ann do.daur.10.

F214.Page 14.

Dudley Road.

John White.H.M.80.Pauper Brazier.

Sarah do.wife.60.

William Taylor.H.M.22.Lab in Brick Yard.Salop.Chirington.

Sebina do.wife.23.Brickmaker.

Mary do.daur.1.


John Marsh.H.M.50.Maltser.

Mary do.wife.43.

Hannah do.dsur.16.

James J do.son.11.

Betsy do.daur.9.

Maria Ann do.daur.7.

John do.son.5.

Fanny do,11mns.

James Taylor.H.M.46.Lime Lab.Salop. Febertoon?

Sarah do.wife.46.

Thomas do.son.U.14.Mine Lab.

Sarah do.daur.11.

Elizabeth do.daur.9.

F214.Page 15.

Dudley Road.

John Betton.H.M.31.Waggoner.

Sarah do.wide.30.

Elizabeth do.daur.2.

F215.Page 16.

Spills Meadow.

Elizabeth Dawson.H.Wid.73.Retired.Wolverhampton.

Maru do.daur.U.35.Dress Maker.Wolverhampton.

Harriet do.daur.U.32.Dress Maker.Wolverhampton.

Frances do.G-child.(female)

Clara do.G-child.1.

Joseph Roberts.H.M.36.Receivng Parish relief.Mine Lab.Wombourn.

Eliza do.wife.31.

Ellen do.daur.11.

Joseph do.son.10.

Emma do.daur.5.

Sarah do.daur.4.

Charlotte do.daur.1.

Encoh Tomlinson.,.H.M.24.Miner.

Charlotte do.wife.21.

Mary A do.daur.9mns.

Richard Harthill.H.M.28.Stone Mason.

Mary Ann do.wife.30.

Elizabeth do.daur.6.

William do.son.4.

Joseph do.son.2.

John do.son.1mn.

F215.Page 17.

Spils Meadow.

Gibbons Caddock..H.M.56.Blacksmith.

Elizabeth do.wife.40.

Hannah do.daur.U.19.

Eliza Williams.visitor.

Samuel Wright.lodger.U.30.Carpenter.Salop.Bridgnorth.

John Moore.lodger.U.22.Carpenter.Devon.Javistock.

Stephen Lockley.H.M.34.Lab.West Bromwich.

Mary do.wife.33.

Sarah Jane do.daur.11.

Eliza do.daur.9.

Mary do.daur.7.

Richard Cox.lodger.U.17/67?.Lab in the Quarry.

Joseph Turner.H.M.42.Bricklayers Lab.

Mary do.wife.46.

Samuel do.son.14.

Edward do.son.12.

Enoch H do.son.9.

Mary do.daur.6.

F216.Page 18.

Spils Meadow.

Daniel Flavell.H.M.46.Lab.

Hannah do.daur.46.

Sarah do.daur.U.19.

Edwin do.son.10.

Samuell do.son.8.

Eliza do.daur.5.

Jane do.daur.3.

James Naylor.H.M.56.Lab in LimeStone Quarry.

Mary do.wife.49.

Mariah Morris/Norris?.daur.M.24.

Daniel Naylor.son.U.21.

Ruth do.daur.18.

Job do.son.10.

William Morris/Norris.Son-in-law.M.37.Locksmith.

Joseph Stanly.H.M.39.Iron Stone Miner.

Mary do.wife.39.

Theresa do.daur.U.17.Wood Screw Maker.

Ann M do.daur.11.Naylor.

John do.son.9.

Agnes do.daur.3.

F216.Page 19.

Spils Meadow.

John Shaw.H.M.33.Chain Maker.Worcs.Cradley.

Sarah do.wife.20.Wolverhampton.

Thomas Brittle.H.M.28.Day Lab Excavator.

Mary do.wife.59.Naylor.

Febey Bates.H.Wid.46.Dress Maker.Worcs.Brierler Hill.

George do.son.U.20.Lab.Worcs.Bewdley.

?rayseliaya? do.daur.18.††††† do†††††† do

Richard do.son.16.Stone Mason.

Edwain do.son.13.Coal Miner.

Emanuel do.son.7.Worcs.Dudley.

Eliza J do.daur.5.Worcs.Dudley.

Richard Poole.lodger.U.35.Fire Brick Maker.Worcs.Bewdly.

Joseph Smith.MH.M.35.Banksman.Worcs.Dudley.

Eliza do.wife.39.Bilston.

William do.son.10.Worcs.Dudley.

Sarah B do.daur.7.Worcs.Dudley.

Eliza Ann do.daur.1.

F217.Page 20.

Spils Meadow.

James Hemms.H.M.30.Groom.Waewickshire.

Eliza do.wife.25.Milliner.Tipton.

Mary do.daur.7.Tipton.

Thomas do.son.5.Tipton.

William do.son.3.Tipton.

Isaac do.son.11 mns.

F217.Page 21.


John Harthill.H.M.45.Stone Mason.

Sarah do.wife.46.

Isaac do.son.U.24.Stone Mason.

William do.son.U.22.Bricklayer.

Joseph do.son.19.Carpenter.

Mary do.daur.17.

Elizabeth do.daur.14.

Sarah do.daur.12.

Joseph Brookes.H.M.46.Bricklayer.

Esther do.wife.46.

William do.son.U.20.Bricklayer.

Joseph do.son.17.Bricklayer.

David do.son.12.

Noah do.son.9.

John Raybould.H.M.28.Coal Miner.

Hannah do.wife.26.

Emma do.daur.3.

Fany do.daur.3.

Mary A do.daur.9 weeks.

F218.Page 22.


Fanny Meredith.H.M.52.

Rebeca do.daur.11.

Elizabeth Blackham.lodger.Wid.66.Receiving Parish Relief.Wednesbury.

John Mills.H.M.30.White Smith.

Matilda do.wife.25.Dress Maker.

William H do.son.4.

Maryann do.daur.2.

William Rabould.H.M.34.Coal Miner.

Hannah do.wife.28.

Thomas do.son.7.

William do.son.4.

Samuel do.son.1.

Ann Meredith.H.M.36.Naylor.

Precils do.daur.11.

Jane do.daur.9.

Charles do.son.6.

Hannah do.daur.4.

James do.son.2.

F218.Page 23.


Edwin Blackham.H.M.33.Shoe Maker.

Comfort do.wife.33.

Sarah do.daur.13.

Johnathan do.lodger.U.30.Taylor.

Henry do.lodger.U.25.Lab.

Joshua Fellows.H.M.58.Coal Miner.

Elenor do.wife.58.

Joseph do.son.U.30.Coal Miner.

Uriyah do.son.U.21.Coal Miner.

Samuel do.son.18.Coal Miner.

Daniel do.son.16.Coal Miner.

Joseph Clark.G-son.9.

Joseph Wall.H.M.53.Nail Maker.

Agness do.wife.63.Nail Maker.

William Baker.H.M.39.Lab to Bricklayer.

Elizabeth do.wife.38.

Thomas do.son.U.16.Coal Miner.

Catherine do.daur.13.

F219.Page 24.


William Hughes.H.M.35.Lab.Plintsha?.Kenerton?

Ellen do.wife.41.Anglesea.

Thomas Blackway.lodger.U.28.Blacksmith.Salop.Cleobury.

Edmund Hartsorn.H.M.38.Engineer.

Leah do.wife.29.

Hannah do.daur.8.

Emma do.daur.1 week.

Joseph Massey.H.M.22.Blacksmith.Tipton.

Caroline do.wife.24.

David do.son.2.

William do.son.9mns.

Benjamin Harris.H.M.22.Steel Cutter.Perry Barr.

Pamelia do.wife.18.

William do.son.9mns.

Noah Johnson.H.M.30.Bellows Maker.Wolverhampton.

Elizabeth do.wife.30.Shifnal.

Frederick do.son.9.Wolverhampton.

Jemima do.daur.7.Wolverhampton.

Noah do.son.4.Wolverhampton.

F219.Page 25.


Ellen Williams.H.M.38.Hawker.

Ellen do.su.12.Cleobury?.Bridgnorth.

David do.son.6.London.Bethnal Green.

Hannah do.daur.3.

Sarah do.daur.1.

Joseph Evans.H.M.27.Whitesmith.

Mary do.wife.24.Dress Maker.

Esther do.daur.3.

Henry do.son.1.

Richard Fellows.H.M.55.Miner in Lime Stone.

Martha do.wife.54.

Deborah do.daur.U.26.

Richard do.son.M.21.White Smith.

One house un-inhab.

Joseph Fellows.H.M.30.Miner in Lime Stone.

Susannah do.wife.26.

John do.son.7.Salop.Cleobury.

Sarah do.lodger.M.23.

Melchisedee? Do.son.2mns.

F220.Page 26.


William Southall.H.M.38.Coal Miner.Kingswinford.

Sarah do.wife.36.Salop.???bey.

Emma do.daur.10.

William do.son.6.

John do.son.13.Coal Miner.Rowley.

Joseph Villers.H.M.33.Malster.Warwick.Warton.

Mary do.wife.32.

Elizabeth do.daur.7.

Richard do.son.5.

John do.son.3.

John Porter.H.M.28.White Smith.

Eliza do.wife.25.

Isaac do.son.4.

Enoch do.son.2.

One house un-inhab

F220.Page 27.

Goosey Green.

Thomas Blakeway.H.M.28.Iron Stone Miner.

Elizabeth do.wife.26.Worcs.Dudley.

Mary do.daur.6.

Sarah J do.daur.4.

Henry do.son.1.

Samuel Hodges.Brothe-in-law.U.24.Bricklayers Lab.Worcs.Dudley.

Jonah Webb.H.M.47.Iron Stone Miner.

Harriet do.wife.38.Worcs.Dudley.

William Parker.son of wife.U.18.Iron Stone Miner.

Zachariah do.son of wife.14.Iron Stone Miner.

John do.son of wife.11.Iron Stone Miner.

Betsy do.daur of wife.9.

Sarah Webb.daur.9.

Henry do.son.6.

Reuben do.son.2.

Ellen do.daur.1.

F221.Page 28.

Goosey Green.

Joseph Blackham.H.M.59.Proprieter of houses.formerley Lab.

Honoir do.wife.58.

Joseph do.son.24.Boat Loader & Lab.

Hariet do.daur-in-law.M.19.

William do.G-son.5mns.

Joshua Martin.H.M.40.Ag Lab.Staffordshire.

Sarah do.wife.38.Salop.Acton Bucknel.

Ann do.daur.10.Salop. Con?

Thomas do.son.7.Salop.Con/

Martha do.daur.2.

Arthur Bunn.H.M.70.Lime Stone Lab.Worcs.Dudley.

Elizabeth do.wife.62.

Job do.son.U.24.Bricklayer.

Robert Watts.lodger.U.25.Malster.Northampton.Brackly.

F221.Page 29.

Upper Gornal Parsonage.Eve Lane.

Annersley P Hughes.H.M.41.Perpetual Curate of St Peterís Upper Gornal.Dublin.

Willhelmina do.wife.30.Dublin.

Mary H do.daur.8.Coventry.

Dudley (F?) do.son.1.

Thomas Higginson.Brother-in-law.U.30.Liutenant Army.Dublin.

Maria Smithwhite.serv.U.22.Wolverhampton.

Rebecca do.serv.U.20.Wolverhampton.

End of Ecclesiastical District of St James of the village of Upper Gornal.

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