Turls Hill
Residents Association

The Turls Hill and Woodsetton Residents Association was formally established at a meeting at the Bramford School,Woodsetton on the 27th September 2001.

The meeeting attended by 150 local residents has been established to 'protect and improve' what remains of the larger area of open land which once defined the village of Woodsetton,one of the nine villages of Sedgley Manor. Membership of the association is open to anyone living in the areas roughly bounded by Parkes Hall and Even Lane in the South,Bilston Street,Turls Hill Lane in the North, Brook Street,Bourne Street in the East and Setton Drive in the West.

The Association has elected an interim Committee which includes members of the Action Group which has been working for the last 12 months and a number of other volunteers who came forward at the meeting.

The Committee is seeking support from the local authority and others to produce a Management Plan for the Area. Nature Conservation,education,leisure and access will be among the issues to be considered. The local community will be fully involved in producing and delivering the plan over the next year. This will guide action in the area and the local communities views on the Dudley Unitary Development Plan which is to be subject to a public inquiry in 2002.

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